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It's time to hear those records play!

Hard to fathom that it’s been 7 years since the previous Yum Yums record but you know what they say about time flying. As an antidote to these times, this sonic vaccine will be available right around now and a quarter of a century later, Morten Henriksen has gone full ChinniChap and even manages to twin Moss Rock City with Bellshill here and there. 

“She’s Got Everything” is the best Teenage Fanclub song that Norman (Blake) never wrote. An upbeat shindig that'll fasten a dirty big grin across the coupon of all that come into contact with it. "Coupon" is a Scots expression for face.

Available on vinyl from Screaming Apple (act now because those will vanish fast) CD version is coming via Rum Bar (USA)Waterslide (Japan) and House of Rock (Europe)If it's a download you're after then Rum Bar and Waterslide.

It's typical that their first UK show ever has had to be postponed however, the 2020 edition of Pump It Up! will be rescheduled as soon as direction to how that can happen becomes available. Ditto for a celebration in the wee Norwegian idyll where it all began. Meanwhile, you’ll have FTATP so you can work up your moves ahead of time. See you ‘doon the front’ when this distancing malarkey is abolished, ideally in the company of Ms Gry Hartvigsen.


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Devastated to hear that Kathy has departed this increasingly horrible orb upon which we find ourselves. I did wonder why there was no response after I sent her birthday message but there were often months between contact. It seemed like she could just have been having fun. I hadn’t seen her since 1999 when a bunch of us went for Indian food with Gina G, singer of one of the greatest Eurovision songs of all time. When Sid Griffin was here with Peter Case last year we sent her a picture and indeed it was a message from Sid that broke this news. KK was outright lovely and I recall when visiting Grangemouth, she couldn’t get over the difference between the pubs in London and up here. Kathy was also the biggest Robert Palmer fan ever and she worked with The Long Ryders during her tenure at Island Records. She LOVED Maltesers. I’m assuming that she lost her tussle with cancer. My condolences to her family and friends. The photo is from 1992’s In Search Of Elvis tour.
L - R : Kathy Kenyon, Art Fein, Me, Dave Alvin outside the place Art recorded Li'l Art's Poker Party

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The Zantees - Lost Highway (intro)

The Dictators - What’s Up With That?

The Slingbacks - All Pop No Star

The Dahlmanns - I Know You Want Me Back

Young Fresh Fellows - Gear Summer 2013

Al Bloch - Alpha-Omega

Full Toilet - So Fucked

Matt and Kim - Block after Block

Hayley Mary - The Piss, The Perfume

Flaming Hands - The Edge

Lucy and the Rats - September

The Christian Jacobsen Project - Bli Bra Igjen

The Yum Yums - For Those About To Pop

Dollsquad - Six Pack Generation

The Primevals - Best Days

Helen Love - Songs From My Teens

Zelators - Makoki

Borrowed Books - Altona

Ben Vaughn - When Losers Rule The World

The Cornell Hurd Band - The Long Goodbye

The Tuesdays - It’s Up To You

The New Piccadillys - Judy Is A Punk

The Zantees - Lost Highway (intro) (Bomp/Charly) 


The Zantees - Lost Highway (intro)

The Courettes - Night Time (The Boy Of Mine)

The Piggies - She Ran Away

Eric Ambel - All Down The Line

Bithammer! - Urban Guerilla

Danger - Good Times Overload

Matilda - No Friends

Kid Gulliver - Susie Survived Chemotherapy

The Yum Yums - She’s Got Everything

LHD - Boiling Water, Dreamy Girl

The Third Mind - Claudia Cardinale

Family Spree All Stars - 
We Are The Worst (No Hay Rocanrol Me Quedo En Casa)

Ben Vaughn - I Get Vibrations

Baby Shakes - Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again

The Dahlmanns - Already Gone

Gelatinas - Sin Ti

Geoff Palmer & Lucy Ellis - In Spite Of Ourselves

The Courettes - Want You! Like A Cigarette

The Zantees - Lost Highway (outro)


The Zantees - Lost Highway (intro)

Goldie Dawn - What’s Inside (Never Dies)

The Phobics - Waiting For Whatever Comes Our Way

Fuck Y’all - Nookie Bound

The Ratboys - Everybody Loves The Ramones

Crackhouse - Soy Un Terminator Nena

Kill My Coquette - Put Me In Your Movie Quentin Tarantino

The Pandoras - Run Down Love Battery

Bad Scene - Young Savage

Rage To Live - Enough Is Never Enough

The Dahlmanns - Do You Want Crying?

Teenage Head - Ain’t Got No Sense

Travis Ramin - Right Hot Dog, Wrong Bun

DM3 - One Time Two Times Devastated

The Dahlmanns - Party Girl

Screeching Weasel - Losing My Mind

New Math - Living on Borrowed Time

Juniper - Punk Rock Boy

The Zantees - Lost Highway (outro)


Thursday, June 04, 2020



Once upon a time, a couple of guys in San Francisco cooked up an idea to form a French '60's covers act. One bet the other he could find some chick who could sing in French to front it.  If he did, the other had to play bass. Our fairy godmother waved her wand... et voila: a tall blonde California girl who'd studied at the Sorbonne appeared before them. The bet was won, more musicians were found and the band called themselves Rue '66. Before long, yet another lovely, tall American gal appeared who could sing in French and shake a mean tambourine besides. Now the band was graced with a harmonizing duo.

They rehearsed, cut some demos and started doing gigs. A horn section offered their services and the band could hardly fit onstage. Audiences seemed pleased, smiling as they recognized some of their old favourites, this time sung in French, and dancing to the 60s go go beat. At one of these shows, a real Frenchman by name of Serge hopped up onstage and joined them for a couple of numbers. The atmosphere suddenly went from euphoria to mania. When the set ended, the crowd yelled for more... they wouldn't let the group step offstage. Serge had literally whipped them into a frenzy. He was subsequently invited to guest appear with the band again. Each time the same thing happened. Even when he stepped in with a band opening for Rue '66,  the crowd went nuts. Finally, Serge became an official member and now the band had no less than three people who could sing in French. The fellow from the start of this tale, who'd lost the bet and had taken up the bass in payment, shook his head in happy disbelief.
The happiness was not to last however as it was known that the talented performer who had just joined was living with a terminal illness. Against all odds, Serge hung on, no doubt strengthened by his love of performing with the band. This situation was not new to the group. Mark Zanandrea, the guy who dared the other that he could find a singer, was also in dire straits, physically. The odds finally began to catch up with him and he left the group and died after awhile. Serge now dug his heels in even further... when he wasn't kicking them up on stage... ever the entertainer. The group's last show with Serge was in San Francisco, the venue sold out... oversold in fact... with people spilling into the space next door just to hear, if not see the performance.  

Rue '66 talked for years about cutting an album. Serge made that happen. Organized it, found the money and helped with the production. He contributed an original song that he'd written in 1968 and co-wrote a new song just for the album. He also adapted French lyrics he wrote for a song the bass player had released back in the 80's with his band, The Trip. Serge played 12 string guitar and sang chansons by Jacques Dutronc and Eric Charden. The songs from the Rue '66 repertoire doubled when he joined because now the band was not only doing the ye ye girl stuff but the guy stuff as well.  

Most of all, Serge Martial kept Rue '66 going. His enthusiasm and hard work never wavered. It truly was an inspiration to all and his tireless efforts were unmatched plus, he was a real charmer. Cyril Jordan of the Flamin' Groovies who sat in with the band occasionally called him his "favorite Frenchman". Serge was truly one of a kind and this author feels greatly blessed to have known him and having been fortunate for getting the opportunity to work with him. 

He really loved the group. Serge was Rue '66's biggest fan.  

Au revoir, mon ami. 

Donald Ciccone (or as Serge called me, "Antoine") 



Monday, June 01, 2020


Over the last couple of months, there’s been a new post here every day and I appreciate the regular visits. At this point, to extend my device distancing regime, those might not be so frequent over the next wee while. In some consolation, I’ve added to the archive NBT back issues, thanks to the assistance of Mr Simon Birrell. I know not how those might look on a phone browser but we’re up to Number 21 so go laugh, cry and all points in between at that stuff. I’d forgotten there was no Number 22 and can’t recall why – one of the benefits regarding the onset of auld age. Issue 23 was next – the Tenth Anniversary Edition with a Thee Roman Gods 45. It’s been a journey and who doesn’t have regrets? We’ll get from 23 to 27 in due course, just no holding your breath – alright? And if after seeing this lot, you don’t care, well that’s dandy too.

Some of the source material hasn’t aged well (the reportage - in my case - perhaps worse) and the PDF images aren’t great. Not having access to the scanner that I started out compounds the problem but the purpose is to entertain and any shortcomings are unavoidable. The plan is to work through other material and to park that, including the recent tip sheets, here too. The initial scan resolution is high but the documents themselves have been reduced so the file size isn’t stupid. These are provided for reference only and if anyone involved wants anything removed then I can do that. My toes have curled a lot. Beyond that, I was genuinely surprised because much of it I didn't remember at all. As I often remark, you cannae unscramble eggs.