Sunday, December 06, 2009

This week looks like it’ll break all records in terms of visits to this daft portal. Over 4K. Seems like the google search for “The Next Big Thing” drops ‘em off here. Some of them are obviously after some of the places that takes our name in vain. Maybe you are one of the some? Who knows. Anyway I’m hoping some of this good taste will rub off on the casual or mistaken visitor. We be nudging the alleged season of good will after all.

Today I dragged myself out of the bunker to see a French movie called “Home". It’s a sort of meditation on the way progress can affect the idyll and the resultant psychosis. Was it any use? I’d give it a “meh”. I think it was too long. Plus I had to take a diversion because of a closed , flooded road to get there. My intention to search for gifts in a small bookshop that sells children’s books was also foiled because the Sunday opening for Christmas custom hasn’t kicked in yet. So I settled for some milk for cereal tomorrow morning and came home.

Keeping up the French theme, I received the latest issue of the esteemed Dig It! And notice a whole mess of gear that I need to follow up on.

Stuff coming up this week - a trip to the dentist and the return of them New York Dolls...

RIP - Jack Rose