Saturday, January 19, 2008

I haven’t felt much like writing lately. The responsibility of updating this thing doesn’t seem to square with the amount of time that’s available. With that comes the pressure of needing to get the word out but not being able to. There’s no statute of limitations on this stuff though so that’s something. You read about something here then it’s a keeper. Sometimes there's so much coming out that it’s hard to keep up never mind being able to consume it all.

I was just about to go into Glasgow thinking that The Pearlfishers show was tonight but its tomorrow (20th). Paul Burch is on tonight but I don’t have the readies to do both. And I need to get a Pearlies cd for Amy Rigby too so that would scratch that itch. Hey, these are good options to have. Getting royally screwed in the day to day employment scenario sometimes pales into insignificance. There’s nothing one can do about it anyways so why spend so much time mothering? I could always buy a lottery ticket, right? I’m done with trying to make any sense of it, that’s for sure. He typed stoically.

Riches come in many forms and these are not always to be measured in hard currency. I should write that Bart Simpson-like until I get it into my skull. There’s certainly no recession dawning in terms of good music to be enjoyed. So some of that will be coming up in due course.

Talking of which, John Kongos is on CAKE (click on the link in the sidebar, directly below DWC). Great to hear that again… the proprieter of this fine portal was responsible for bringing this to the attention of Happy Mondays who baggified it in the early 90’s.

So yeah, plenty of distractions and no work until Tuesday. Good deal!

If you find yourself out Stockholm way on February 9th...