Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dragging myself out to see “Stoker” turned out to be the wrong decision. It’s not outright awful but its affectations bordering on TV movie leave it floundering. Mostly style, little substance and well, in case you thought there were vampires involved, there are not. Unless you count having your soul sucked out on account of the fairly obvious outcome.
But anyway, it’s a weekend of movies and I’ll be back in the dark this afternoon for something called “Side by Side”. A documentary about the effect that digital cameras have had on film-making. It features several charlatans but also David Lynch.
And in this countdown to the shakedown known as Record Store Day, I’ll try to do something each day on items you might consider buying over the hiked price artefacts. Stores have plenty decent inventory on any given day and its somewhat obscene that they have to dig in to almost non-existent coffers to populate their premises with mostly bogus “collectors” items. Everybody knows that the really great thing about RSD was the home baking anyway. Right?
So yeah, let’s see how this latest intention pans out. This “back to winter” weather leaves room for little else.