Thursday, April 04, 2013

It's still winter but at least it's dry. Plus it's nearly Friday and we don't get diddled out of an hour this time. So things are fairly optimistic on the sliding scale. I heard today that those Young Fresh Fellows are heading for Espana in June. I'm currently trying to justify to myself that I should go and further reinforces the urge just to relocate.

Full details when I know the venues, etc. It would be such a hoot!

Ain't all this North K stuff just a wee bit like living in a Team America scenario? I guess if it wasn't potentially serious, it would have been amusing for 5 minutes. Really wish I had the impetus to start the *bay activity I've been threatening. There's bloody stuff everywhere and if I did it could fund my adventures overseas. And before I forget, I'm not doing Record Store Day this year. Other than getting the Nomads release, it's getting the body swerve. Last year's episode soured the whole thing.

A record store isn't just for the third Saturday in April. Leave the "special edition" snaggers with their scores. If you are taking part then buy something that's not on the "official" list. Like everything else, it all started of as a great idea and was quickly hijacked by greedy bastards for "investment" purposes or worse. Your local store will have something you want the before and the day after. And probably the day after that. You folks all know the script.

Here's Team YFF going full steam during their last visit out this way...