Monday, February 09, 2009

Brother KP on Lux at So Many Records...

Some radio stuff, I was out last night so I missed Dirk's show, anybody know if it's archived?

Anyway, the great Howie Pyro hosts a special INTOXICA tonight... here's a few listen live it is at 9pm california time... there is a chat room & a webcam...there are archives in 2 places... on my myspace page in the top right corner (sorta) in a white box. but way simpler & easier is the actual archive here: the lux show won't be a stretch at all from what the show usually is, as you might imagine...thanks - howie

The 150% pot success that is Robert Johnson tells me that there's a Cramps special on P3 Rock at 22.03 Stockholm Time (That's 21.o3 in the UK) on Thursday.

I know, I said I'd draw a line in the virtual sand and here it is


Unless something I think you need to see or hear comes up.

RIP - Blossom Dearie

(thanks to DTS for the info and links - The reaper needs to lay off for a bit...)