Friday, October 26, 2007

Hi Kids,

Well, after the last few weeks of the nation being accustomed to losing, what better way to celebrate than to come along and support you fave losers The Phobics this Saturday?We decend the wonderful 12 Bar for what promises to be a Punk Birthday Spectacular. Not one Birthday either but two, both half centuarians to boot, and both steeped in the history of olde punk rock.

First up, Shanne Bradley, she erstwhile bassist of Nipple Erectors/NIPS/Men They Couldn't Hang et al, and secondly our pal Brian D, friend and onetime roommate of messrs Thunders and Nolan.

Hell, it was Jeff's Birthday the other week and would have been Stiv's last monday so just get in the spirit of the damn thing and keep the drinks coming so I don't lose my voice. It all makes perfect (non)sense.

As for the bands on the bill expect our usual Heartbreakers/Ramones kicking the cr*p out of each other fare around 10:15, with Some Dogs, JD and the Longfellows and Target Zero either side, ending with a midnight set by Viva Las Vegas so Jeff Phobic will be doubly busy.

There are rumours of a few star turns, and turn ups as well, so this may persuade the more stubborn amongst you to forgo your telly and a bag of Kettle chips and swell the happy throng expected. Finally a heads up for The Brian James/Lords of The New Church gig at The 100 Club (big hello and thanks to Carlton by the way) on Halloween Night, tickets are limited to 300 so get in quick.
Been nowhere near a computer so couldn't post the cancellation of the Radio Birdman London show as reported by Brother Joss. Something to do with work permits I unnerstaun'.

My mission, on the other hand, all worked out swimmingly. The GFT Lynch/Donovan scene was made and turned out to be an unbridled gas. Good deal, as the man himself would say, quite rightly... more later. Probably after tomorrow evening's sermon. I never drunk a drop of coffee before Twin Peaks so maybe it's time to give this TM thing a birl?