Friday, October 24, 2008

Not sure if the e-mail thing is totally rectified or not. There's been a sort of drip delivery over the course of a day. I know I have trouble receiving from aol, comhem and earthlink to name but three. Confidence in the basic business structure is pretty low, it's been in recession for a while much like everything else but hey, the clocks go back this weekend. We have one hour more away from the leg irons of the workplace, what will you do with your additional 60 minutes?

It's time to go a bit insane but frankly I don't have energy or the sheckels but I do know that a lot of you folks are Larry David fans so check this out.

And here is some important information...

There's an analogy about a piss up and a brewery that's not unlike the ongoing bollocks surrounding Wooden Shjips upcoming Glasgow show on November 2nd.

This is no longer happening at Sloans but will go ahead at Nice and Sleazy on that date but after Shellac play just along the road. In an ideal world, someone would have the sense to pair them up and have the Shjips open but y'know how those things go. It would make too fucking much sense.

Anyway, as soon as I find out the time, ticket price, etc. then I'll let you know. Despite the inefficiency of the operation you should really cut along.

Tonight, The Crypt Kicker V are playing at The Hellacopters party in Stockholm. After this weekend it's all over. The band will cease to exist. Finito. However, it was primo fun while it lasted.

Doubtful I'll be back on here tonight but you never know. It's Friday night, time to kick back and... no, sorry it actually reads snib the door and make for the couch. The final episode of The Wire beckons.