Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another day, another signal of the apocalypse.

This time in the form of the news that The Banana Splits are "coming back" presumably sans "Danger Island" and "Shazan"? There is no imagination anymore. Beyond that of picking something that's gone before and kicking seven shades of shit out of your positive memories out. I mean, I will go to see Get Smart but how can it come close without Barbara Feldon?

Just find a franchise and ride that sucker until it turns into a husk. That new Star Wars cartoon must be the most outright exploitation yet. It doesn't look like a cartoon it looks like a computer game and that is what it's designed to emulate. I don't care how much fun George Lucas says he's having with it. And, I'm fairly sure that "the kids" won't be arsed with it either. On one hand they're too sophisticated and on the other, business has robbed them of the formative years that once bred character. And developed a chin.

Ben sent me a couple of links for Stooges clips this morning. So they're doing S&D and I Got A Right. It's too late as far as I’m concerned but you knew that. And besides who needs that when you’ve got six discs of Suicide to consume.

It's all about balance though and now that Fleagle and co are heading back then Reverend and the Makers are calling it a day. The reasons are somewhat laudible but the group, in my opinion, was terrible. It's guys like Jon McClure that ought to be finding ways to circumnavigate the dying embers of the business rather than letting it defeat the purpose of doing it. The trail doesn’t have to be blazed through “the man”.

I often feel like chucking it. Like there's nothing left to campaign for but then something comes along and the mood ebbs. When I read this today, my first consideration was that it really is no great loss. I'm on to about my eighth now and reckon my mind is pretty muckle not budging from that initial impression. Ultimately who cares though. Purity only exists to be co-opted.

Oh yeah, and the nights are fair drawing in…