Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The small matter of time going in pretty fast and my not being able to be arsed with writing means that we'll be circling the holidays before we know it. I gave up with the shops and trying to buy stuff. At the same time as a big report on "the demise of the High Street". It is a shame but there's f-all to buy (except records and books but them's not for everybody).

Meant to mention that a Beat Room compilation was screened with "Serious Drugs" the other night. Some of that stuff did not stand up, it has to be said but thankfully there was the odd pearl in there like The Pastels "Unfair Kind of Fame".

I came on here to mention something in particular but have completely forgotten what it is. A mixture of old age and the aforementioned cannae-be-arsedness conspiring to flummox me. If it comes back then so will I but really, don't hold your breath.