Sunday, August 26, 2012

RIP - George Gallacher

Pretty difficult to process this at the minute but here's what Lenny Helsing sent me when I messaged him after seeing Holly Calder's facebook post and hoping it would be unfounded...

"Fraser called me this morn. He died in the car on way back from seeing his beloved Partick thistle playing: they won so he would've been happy!"

Thoughts are very much with his friends and family at this time and I'm sure tributes will be rolling in. George was a real gent.

It never rains but it pours and both the actual and metaphorical deluge persists. These things are sent to try us and you better believe I’m being tried, too much going on, too little time. So many records too but little or no energy to consume them and report the consequences, it won’t always be like this but there’s no sign of when that might change. Actually it's not raining outside today though. Not yet anyway.

There’s some screw up with the Drive By Truckers website today. It’s bouncing what can only be described as responses from subscribers to everyone on the list. It’s strange and irritating to see how people react to this. Mostly the latter but until they fix whatever happened then the tap will keep dripping. I’ll be unsubscribing when it’s all done. Much as I like the band, this is a textbook example of why we should be pulling up the drawbridge. Much of an info junkie as I am, I’ve become very picky about what I want in my inbox. Missus.

For now I’m still putting up with Bob Lefsetz pontifications but that might change soon too. Life is too short and instead of maintaining the status quo – stuff is increasing exponentially. Robbie Fulks’ “I like Being Left Alone” is something – nirvana - to aspire to. Not by everybody, I’d have a coterie for sure but there’s no room left in the hell of my noggin for most of the bullshit people think I might be interested in.

Lazy, good for less than bugger all, cut and paste yada will be deleted immediately. The written word has been devalued and worse than that it’s resulted in people grazing text at best. There is still great stuff out there though. Take Mike Edison’s celebration of his catpal Manly, I’m not sure if you have to be a “friend” to read it but it’s genuinely fantastic, written by a genuine human being (lawnmower).

So like I mentioned, that drawbridge will be going up. I’m not sure when or how but I’ve really just about had it up to here (makes gesture above head). And now I got to go turn the radio off because a programme about golf is coming on. Can you believe it? A radio show about a game that is so fundamentally dull in the first place that it’s prescribed to people who have trouble sleeping? Some say good old BBC Radio Scotland. Others, well they try to tell the truth.

These are “different times” and I don’t like ‘em.

The Monorail Film Club resumes today (26th). Sadly I can't make it but maybe you can?

Full details on "Practical Electronica" here...

RIP - Neil Armstrong