Saturday, April 05, 2008

I relented and watched the rest of the Strummer documentary. As it turns out, life after the thing known as The Clash was considerably more interesting. And the additional interview extras actually shed some light as to who the interviewees are. Just as well because the credits on my relatively tiny TV screen are too wee to read. So anyway, not a lot of progress has been made today so we'll see what tomorrow brings in addition to a Sidney Lumet double bill at The Cameo.

Here are the Margaret Dollrod dates... Patrick is working round the clock to complete his interview with the lady herself for your reading pleasure. It'll be along in due course...

6/04 Lucera @ Arcisonica (I)
8/04 Catania @ La Chiave (I)
11/04 La Spezia @ La Skaletta (I)
12/04 Vigevano @ Coffee Pub (I)
13/04 Cuneo @ Circolo dei Briganti (I)
17/04 Firenze @ Ulysee (I)
18/04 Piacenza @ Circolo Arci for Sale (I)
19/04 Bolzano @ Bunker (I)
20/04 Rovigo @ Ungawa Tiki Bar (I)
27/04 Freiburg @ Swamp (de)
28/04 Cologne @ Tsunami (de)
29/04 Liege @ le pot au lait (be)
30/04 Courtrai @ The Pit's (be)
01/05 Paris @ le rocher-Malakoff (fr)
02/05 Bourges @ Cosmic trip fest (fr)
04/05 Clermont ferrand @ Ratpack (fr)
05/05 Tours @ donald's pub (fr)
06/05 TBC
07/05 Toulouse @ Fairfield pub (fr)
08/05 Perpignan @ Divine Com├ędie (fr)
13/05 Rostock @ mau club (de)
14/05 Berlin @ white trash fast food (de)
15/05 Darmstadt @ Bessunger Knabenschule (de)
16/05 Dijon @ deep inside (fr)
18/05 Montpellier @ secret place (fr)

Obviously you should check with the actual places for any further details.