Monday, June 01, 2009

I think I'm just about caught up on e-mail now but my "address book" is in general disarray. This shit happens and it's not entirely the end of the world. It's taking a little longer to attain any kind of equilibrium (or similar drug) than I anticipated. The weekend seemed to disappear in a heartbeat and today's bugbear was a visit to the dentist. Generally I don't need any restoration work carried out on the laughing tackle but a "pizza" in Barcelona last October sealed my fate so that needed filling.

It was the day that Jeroen and I were orienteering. Doesn't seem possible that was eight months ago but anyway I'm home and my gob is frozen all the way up past my left ear. Stop laughing.

It's that kinda numbness where you try to drink something and it all runs down your chin. So until it eases off I better ease off the liquids. Think I'll work on my TV show ideas. One is "Britain Is Populated By Divots", do you think that could catch on? Or what about this? "Big Conniving, Cheating Bastard Brother" I thought it was pretty snappy but sometimes I have a different angle on reality to a lot of folks these days.

Of course, if the gods were smiling on me I'd be in London for the MattandKimathon tonight but sadly not. Tomorrow, the weather - at least in this part of the world - will hopefully cool down a bit because I'm in a "Dream Weaver" course all day. Nothing to do with the Gary Wright song, it's that fancy software that you create web antics with. Good chance I'm too thick to learn much but we lives in hope, innit? So enough banter, I have Amy Allison cds to package up!