Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Bar Stool Walker by Bruce Anderson & Rich Stim is a collection of primo instrumental themes for an as yet unmade selection of cool movies. Cinematic in stature and drenched in the reverb that I can’t get enough of, these two guys should be sought after.

Anybody who has been disappointed with David Lynch’s recent musical output will find solace here. “Major Pipe” finds Peter Gunn swigging in The Pink Room with some Dave Alvin-sized licks that really swing and then some. “Happy Hour” features the accordion of Mrs Stim – the one and only Angel Corpus Christi to round out its grandiosity.

10 self-penned guitar-strum-mental manoeuvres and a version of Wilson/Love’s “The Warmth of The Sun”. This blighter works at all volumes, from quiet to loud but never embraces the two into one like that rather pompous genre that has sprung up these past few years here and there.

These are signature tunes for celluloid that hasn’t been shot yet and these two guys know their scores. Love the veneer design of the CD too, that’s something you absolutely could not colour match on a picture disc vinyl pressing.

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