Thursday, December 28, 2006

The New York Loose should be familiar to long-standing NBT visitors so it goes without saying that this February release will be greeted with great excitement. It's coming your way on Sleazegrinder in the US and via Cargo here in Ms West's adopted home of Blighty. If you're not familiar with them then when you do become acquainted then you'll wonder, like I often do, how the heck this woman never became a punk rockin' icon in an international sense. She's still got it so get with the program...
Note, this was (May 1974) before I discovered The Dictators. Before starting to drink coca cola for breakfast and definitley prior to the man in question being branded "a creep" in a song by the group that would ultimately point my direction in, er, "life". (Thanks Andy!)
July 4th 1976 at The Crestfield Hotel in King's Cross, London. Baseball bats at the ready... L-R: Gordon (Weed) Reid, David (Tich) Seath and Roy (Eric Bloom) Litts parade their Ramones booty!
We went to Selfridges to get t-shirts made. Can't recall what the Thor connection was supposed to be but Dave and I figured that Monroe was close to an an anagram of Ramones. If you ignore the "a", right? Anyway, I still have mine(signed by Joey though somewhat faded), wonder if the Ramones Museum in Berlin would be interested in this piece of folk history?

From 14th December 1980 at The Lyceum in London. Taken by Vivian Rhodes, this photo was the basis for the LOTC "Stay Sick" shirt. I wonder if any of those survived?

Maybe i'll run an old photos spot on myspace, of course it'd have allow me to be logged in for more than 10 minutes at a time but maybe it's time I set myself a challenge.