Monday, August 10, 2009

Of course, that first part of last night's hit and snooze should have read "three halves". I was a bit pissed off having dragged the auld bahookie into Edinburgh when ideally a night on the sofa interspersed with the odd volley on here would have been preferable. Howe'er, I'm getting a wee bit ahead of myself so let's rewind a touch... Dropped my guests off the station yesterday am and headed back to the bunker before setting out for the Hippodrome. I was determined not to talk myself into not attending that event for some cockamamie reason that didn’t really fly. I’m a past master.

Anyway, The Southwell Collective’s scoring of "Finis Terrae" and the short film "St Kilda – Britains Loneliest Isle" was nothing short of phosphorescent. A decent turnout too which was good. The sextet did an immaculate reconstruction of an imaginary score just like they do on a proper soundstage. There were no limitations as they ventured from that which bordered on prog to full-on Badalamenti. Particularly groovy were the smokey Nico-like tones of the narrator, Isobel Morris. She has a project by the name of Bruise that I haven’t checked out yet but I’m pretty sure it’ll be worth hearing.

Anyway, the collective are doing the Highlands and Islands. I was surprised that it wasn’t stopping in Glasgow which made me all the more lucky to have caught them in a place as unique as The Hippodrome. It’ll be interesting to see how “Playing With The Past” measures up to this. So the culture bar was set pretty high with that

Would love to tell you the Janeane Garofalo thing was the funniest show I’ve ever seen but in all honesty I think it was one of the worst on a whole host of levels. Expectations were low anyway having read some reviews and things but part of me wanted to overturn those. I’ve liked almost everything that I ever saw her do but not this. Can’t really figure out if she was really that unprepared or if that’s part of the “script” but I can categorically state that, making like Richard Ashcroft’s drugs, it does not work.

The venue sucked too and Eugene Merman from Flight of the Conchords struggled with a short opening ramble. The evening was a textbook example of why I don’t go to see comedy very often. The audience didn’t seem to be too enamoured either. So too bad, if you were thinking about going to this – I think there are shows up until Saturday, save your money. Under normal circumstances, I’d say each to their own but I abhor waste and further to that – disappointment is even worse.

I had hoped the reviews were wrong, this one pretty much sums it up. The show is different every night? I wouldn't count on it. A couple of people leave and I'm not convinced it wasn't a ploy. I would have liked to leave too. Not sure about the health and safety aspect of that room she's playing either. It wasn't easy to evacuate under standard conditions (hur hur, he said evacuate). I also think that the "unprepared" vibe is entirely calculated.

It's full on festival antics up at the bunfight that is the Gilded Balloon. It resembles a fairground with every type of food concession on the planet at prices as horribly inflated as a bouncy castle.

Not conducive to a good time really. The emphasis is very much wheel 'em in, Upturn 'em until every conceivable penny is shaken down and schlep 'em out. The city was mobbed so it must have been a good day for them. I have no other hard and fast plans to attend anything except maybe Kim Edgar on Friday. I'm hoping that she won't be accompanied by a certain local musician that I can't abide and by the day of the show I might do that fabled Hutton procrastination thing. Prior to that though you may care to check in at the re-located for the festival only Go-Go!


Festival Special... Thursday 13th August

with Les Bof! Live! (french 60s garage & beat!)

12.30 am til 5am (band going on 1am) in the Park Room, Gilded Balloon (Teviot), Bristo Square.

£7.50 - tickets available on door, and from Gilded Balloon Box Office.

DJ's Tall Paul Robinson, with special guests

Holly & Sarah (Eyes Wide Open - Glasgow)

playing 60s garage beat pop soul mod & ska.

Many thanks to Cornelius Pearce and The Bang Bang Club who are letting us take over one of
their nights.

Finally, still in Edinburgh - they're fucking with another landmark people. You know what to do. (Thanks to Andrew for the link via facebook)