Wednesday, October 31, 2007

RIP - Linda Stein

Update 1/11 - Mr Sherwood sent this link in relation to the LS thing. What a shame. I met Linda Stein on a couple of those early UK trips and I have to say that she was always perfectly nice. I can't claim to have known her but she was absolutely key, like Danny Fields to building the foundation of the NY invasion on the UK.
The post here was fitted with auto destruct to disappear into the ether as All Hallows Eve fizzled out. "The Band That Time Forgot"? Perhaps not.
Hallowe'en greetings to all who enter here...

Working at the weekend might have made a miniscule temporary improvement to my ailing finances, but it wreaked untold damage on that most precious commodity - free time.

However, take a swatch at the cover for the upcoming Primevals return to the ring. The full skinny coming soon.

As we close out October here, all I can do is say that I hope to maybe make inroads on the backlog that's accumulated. Being that we don't peddle stuff with a 6 minute lifespan that oughtta be do-able. As some of you are about to witness the return of The Sonics. I hope it goes well. Actually, the fact that I'm not going to be there pracically bloody guarantees it. If I did then they'd probably have turned into Weather Report. Anyways, Friday sees the UK debut of The Boonaraaas!!! at DWC and that's plenty exciting for an ageing geezer like myself. See you in sunny Tufnell Park?

And, oh yeah, bye bye Trident (link courtesy of Mr McLean)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Suicide: "Live 1977-1978" 6CD Box Set

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Well needs must and all that and for my sins I was at work by 6am this morning.

Not a lot of time to gather the thoughts with regard to the previous two days. Same time tomorrow also and don’t give me that clocks going back bollocks. Although it does ostensibly extend this weekend by 1 hour, I’ve blown it by having to bloody work. So anyways let me try to work this out and while I’m doing that, I’m listening to Miriam Linna’s appearance on the Dave The Spazz extrav from the other night. My broadband connection went south during the actual real time show so I might get distracted here and there.

Until recently, if you'd said TM to me then I might have figured you were talking about trade marks. Or maybe Tom Morton even. However, it's also the abbreviation used for transcendental meditation. Something that I never figured would come up on my radar. But then this tour with David Lynch and Donovan manifested itself. Very strange combination, the transcendental meditation thing seems a bit like spiritual timeshare to me but Lynch is a very charismatic figure. So that lends the premise some weight.

Though my memory works a bit like the lighting in Lynch’s films these days, I guess it was 1978 that a troupe of us went into Glasgow to see Eraserhead. Minds were collectively blown and that started a lifelong fascination with the work of David Lynch. I even watched Dune and that has bloody S**** in it. A triple whammy of Blue Velvet, Wild At Heart and Twin Peaks sealed the deal. It became a mild obsession which even led to a schlep out to Snoqualmie.

So to actually get the chance to see him up close made a bunch of us unfeasibly excited. First part of the show was a Q&A where the situation was that DL would answer any question that was posed to him. Straight out of the traps in Glasgow, a guy up the back rails at him for taking a recent trip to Israel and we’re off. All human life and beyond is noised up during the course of the session. He’s a great performer and completely the character that we wanted to see. Like Elvis or something. It’s difficult to pinpoint just exactly what is so otherworldly about David Lynch and I guess that’s the conundrum right there. It was great and I even got to ask him about Ronnie Rocket, he seemed to be pleased about that. Mr Cruickshank has pictures in the pipeline which I'll share in due course. We don't brandish these camera phones or any digital technology so those might be a while.

Donovan did a potted set of hits and the sound in GFT was amazing. Better than in many a local alleged music venue. What this place is doing in terms of programming lately is nothing short of amazing. Having been born in nearby Maryhill, the wee troubadour went down very well. No disrespect but we’d just seen Gordon Cole's alter ego.

So the place was veritably crackling with electricity of excitement. A bit like Warsaw in Brooklyn will be next Friday night. Or the Dirty Water in London the same night. I never figured for a minute that I’d get to meet him but it all worked out. Never in a million years but I did just that on the way out. He signed a couple of things and seemed like a genuinely nice bloke despite having a zillion inserts and cd booklets thrust in front of him. I’m thinking, wow, I’ve shaken hands with both Roky Erickson and David Lynch this year. “Good deal”.

Edinburgh was pretty much the same but The Queens Hall is a very different venue to the Glasgow Film Theatre. During the Donovan set where he talks about the extra verse of "Hurdy Gurdy Man" that George Harrison wrote which he never recorded, it went all Twin Peaks. This Donovan disappeared and I got a vision of "The Donovan of Trash" appearing in his place to deliver the punchline. So that's about it, two days and two encounters with a guy who has inspired a ton of us. I left him with my Sharpie so if you got anything signed after I hit the road then it was my pen that did the business. Hey, it’s not everyday you get to lend a real live legend a pen.

Just had a look for clips on YouTube but there don't appear to be any yet. Strange considering the amount of "filming" that was going on. If anything turns up of note then I'll post it at a later date. At this point I'm plum tuckered. All going to plan, I'll be back in front of this sucker when I beat a path back from the stalag tomorrow.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Hi Kids,

Well, after the last few weeks of the nation being accustomed to losing, what better way to celebrate than to come along and support you fave losers The Phobics this Saturday?We decend the wonderful 12 Bar for what promises to be a Punk Birthday Spectacular. Not one Birthday either but two, both half centuarians to boot, and both steeped in the history of olde punk rock.

First up, Shanne Bradley, she erstwhile bassist of Nipple Erectors/NIPS/Men They Couldn't Hang et al, and secondly our pal Brian D, friend and onetime roommate of messrs Thunders and Nolan.

Hell, it was Jeff's Birthday the other week and would have been Stiv's last monday so just get in the spirit of the damn thing and keep the drinks coming so I don't lose my voice. It all makes perfect (non)sense.

As for the bands on the bill expect our usual Heartbreakers/Ramones kicking the cr*p out of each other fare around 10:15, with Some Dogs, JD and the Longfellows and Target Zero either side, ending with a midnight set by Viva Las Vegas so Jeff Phobic will be doubly busy.

There are rumours of a few star turns, and turn ups as well, so this may persuade the more stubborn amongst you to forgo your telly and a bag of Kettle chips and swell the happy throng expected. Finally a heads up for The Brian James/Lords of The New Church gig at The 100 Club (big hello and thanks to Carlton by the way) on Halloween Night, tickets are limited to 300 so get in quick.
Been nowhere near a computer so couldn't post the cancellation of the Radio Birdman London show as reported by Brother Joss. Something to do with work permits I unnerstaun'.

My mission, on the other hand, all worked out swimmingly. The GFT Lynch/Donovan scene was made and turned out to be an unbridled gas. Good deal, as the man himself would say, quite rightly... more later. Probably after tomorrow evening's sermon. I never drunk a drop of coffee before Twin Peaks so maybe it's time to give this TM thing a birl?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This morning was a total bust. Frost + pea-soup thick fog = Nae blogging. Morning is best for me right now because by the time it gets to this time, a computer is the last thing I want to look at. I'm hoping that my encounters with the David Lynch/Donovan events over the next few days will clarify a few points for me. In between times I'll catch up on the latest Curb Your Enthusiasm crop. Incase my days as the east coast Lar are numbered. Anyway, here's what you should have got 12 hours ago...

RIP - Lance Hahn (J Church)

If it's the last Thursday of the month, then SIT & Die Co. must be at Otto's Shrunken Head -- and October is no exception as Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. serves up the "ballads, boogies & blues", Otto's style! The scoop...

538 East 14th Street (just west of Avenue B) in Manhattan / Two reasonably colossal shows, from 8:00 sharp until 10:00 / With DJ Scratchy, salty snacks, barkeep Michelle -- and no cover! /
And, on the November horizon...
Cafe Steinhof
TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 13th / Swing Dance Long Island THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 29th / Otto's with Raffle Girl!

Sincerely yours, Michael
Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co.

"Ballads, Boogies & Blues"

Uh oh, can't find the other stuff. Methinks it's gone. Or maybe it's someplace and I'm gone. One or the other. Whichever it is will be discovered in the fullness of time. But maybe not tonight.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Is there no end to flow of superior atmospop from Sweden? It sure doesn’t seem like it. The latest to hit up this particular disc tray is “Frutti di Mare” by Don’t Be A Stranger. It sounds like it should be on Razzia but it’s on their own ia! imprint via V2.

The DBAS “orchestra” comprises the Weibull sisters (Louise and Christina) and Liv Widell along with Martin (Konie) Ehrencrona, Johan Forsman and Mattias Albinsson. The sound they make isn’t quite like anything else, well maybe The Paradise Motel fronted by Nina Persson. Or El Perro Del Mar sculpted by Brian Eno with his Roxy Music head on.

It also reminds me of that fine Scots combo, Adventures in Stereo and of the time they did a version of “Danny Says” at a Joey Ramone tribute in Glasgow. That gave me the shivers and some of this hits that same spot. The parts that don’t are pretty flippin’ cool also. “Yellow Moon” is like a Scandic Fleetwood Mac at Hallowe’en, that guy Konie has the eerie keyboard sound down pat. Building ever closer to a crescendo that doesn’t quite come, a bit like the final moments of The Sopranos only created in sound. If they can do this live, then we’re in trouble.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Big Star report from Brother DC in SF...

"me and cynthia saw big star at the fillmore last night. great show. mellow, good vibe crowd. same band as last time...alex and jody plus the posies on bass and guitar. stringfellow had one of those new black and white gretsch basses going thru big ampeg setup. the other guy had a gibson 335 type thing. chilton played a les paul junior that sounded fantastic but gave him tuning trouble. both he and the other guy had rented fender twin reverb amps which sounded killer. chilton also had a black strat with maple neck but only used it on one or 2 songs. he kept on tuning up the gibson which slowed things down but it was that kind of night anyway -- very relaxed. chilton wore white button down shirt, black suit jacket, khaki trousers, black walking shoes. at first he had glasses on and cyn said he looked like a college prof. he's very trim and still in good voice.
they opened with "in the street". and then it was one old fave after another...pow pow pow... punches of power pop in your face: "feel", "i am the cosmos", "el goodo", "when my baby's beside me", "thirteen", "september gurls", "way out west", "back of a car", "thank you friends" and in between there somewhere, the kinks' "til the end of the day". and also what seemed to be an impromptu jam on "girl from ipanema". 2nd half of the show wasn't nearly as powerful as the beginning. they should've saved some of those heavy hitters for the end. oh yeah, they did todd rundgren's "slut" which chilton wanted to say something about but smiled and said, "er...i'm not going to say anything about this song.".
first rate show. we were right up by the stage, right in front of chilton's amp which positively sparkled. pardon the cliche but i really felt the music just washing over me -- especially the songs from the first album."
RIP - Paul Fox (The Ruts)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

To paraphrase one of my favourite songs, “I’m (not) sleeping well at all”. Was up in front of this thing trying to play catch up a couple of times during the night. It’s a losing battle but the show needs to roll on. And that it will.

The latest issue of Dig It! (#41) and the latest issue of this French mag continues to show the competition a clean pair of heels. It contains a piece I did on Hello Saferide, kindly translated by Brother Patrick and a new Primevals interview by Alain Feydri. Gildas just keeps ‘em coming, I just hope that his countryfolks appreciate the effort and passion.

“These Ones Are Bitter”, the latest by Ben Weasel and his Iron String Quartet is available on vinyl now and once they’re gone well you’ll have missed the boat. As multi-dimensional as the digital sounds are they’re no match for the wallop that a real bottom end can deliver. I expect local seismologists have been wondering whjat’s up. Oh yeah and there’s a cd copy included in the bargain $11.99 price. Mine worked out at an Andy Jackson including airmail.

It was a measurable downer to hear that The Hellacopters are calling it a day so catch their big rock action while you can by grabbing their “Same Lame Story” 45 via Bootleg Booze. The album is due in early 2008 and it’ll see them out in full flight as a collective great looking, cool sounding casualty of the great unwashed to catch on to their charms.

Ever come across “Hindi punk”? Well I hadn’t, until now and the EP “The Remarkable Sounds Of India” by The Knockouts. This 4 track includes a version of “53rd and 3rd” and can be found as part of the strange, wonderful world of Topplers. It is indeed as peculiar as the description suggests but damned good.

To call The Things spirited is an understatement. Their "Wild Psychotic Sounds" EP finds familiar ingredients thrown into the pot in peculiar measures with some organ propulsion to keep it interesting. There is essence of a lot of your favourites here and word is that they pack quite a live show. It certainly sounds like they’re having fun and are likely gearing up to appear as The Cramps on Stars In Their Eyes somewhere down the road. “La La La La La” land beckons.

The Suicidal Birds are two Dutch girls that kick up an inordinate ruckus with a drum machine in tow. There’s something peculiarly compulsive about their intense stripped down blues rock. "Versus Life" (Tocada) was all recorded at home, it would be interesting to see how it translates into a live experience because it sounds like a LOT of energy was harmed during its making. The SB's remind me of Magic Dirt and I like the way they write all the N’s backwards on their cd inserts. Visit their myspace and see what you reckon. “No Summer” is like the B52’s being tortured with a dischrdant Twilight Zone vs Batman theme.

There have been many groups called The Stilettos over the years and this lot are from The Netherlands. Actually they’re from Utrecht, Mr Vedder’s home turf. They’re christened after the blade and not the ladies (or Lux’s) footwear and pretty sharp they are too. Sounds like pub rock recorded in Ohio around 1979 and anybody who got their jollies to the New Bomb Turks will find much to dig here. The title is "Stimulus Black Box Response" (Tocado) is all jumbled up on the jewel box insert. Not sure if that’s intentional to be part of the vibe but if it is then I’ve taken artistic licence to make it easier for you to read. It would make more sense as a set of 7” vinyl but you can’t have everything. Have you seen these guys J? Whassadaverdict?? The band’s last album was on Sounds of Subterrania, home of The Boonaraaas!!!

God Fearing Athiests is a Glasgow band that's deep mining an Athens, Georgia flavoured American aesthetic. Peter Lacey's vocal doesn't sound like it would come from the West Coast of Scotland that's for sure. "Rustbelt Sun" is the intersection between Jason and the Scorchers and debut album period Eagles. A little world weary and none the worse for wear as a result. If you like roots rock in an Uncle Tupelo stylee then there muckle in store for you here.

And well, I need to go attend to some chores now but I'll leave you with these...

If you happen to find yourself in Slovenia and its environs over the next few days then check out Young James Long should you get the chance.

Stop in for a meeting with Ed Kuepper at the I-94 Bar. The fabled website is set to move into the label business so more about that in due course.

Some fab YouTube action from The Fast courtesy of the PleaseKillMe daily...

Kids Just Wanna Dance

Love Me Like A Locomotive

and finally what's this? Footage of early Primal Scream priming up their Maggie May rip for "Country Girl"?? No, er, wait a minute it is "Maggie May" and it's in Glasgow so what gives? The uke player is wearing the closest he could find to a "Plink" t-shirt.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Halloween Party

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 31st - Brutarian presents a special Halloween show at The Lo-Fi Social Club
(1825 N. Charles St. Baltimore, Maryland 21201) featuring The Fleshtones, The Ubangis and The Hall Monitors. Plus costume contest with groovy prizes and music supplied by Trash Palace. $10.00 for all of that! Not to be missed!
Ok, roundup time. There’s a lot going on everywhere it seems. That is everywhere but here. However, it’s good to get a preview of the new Fleshtones album. Even if it’s just rubbing salt in the wound of not being able to attend Cavestomp with the rest of my “family”. And the tba that was scheduled for the Sunday night turns out to be The Lyres. Thanks god, I owe you one.

And talking about those Fleshtones, have you seen the ads for the new Hives stuff? It’s very super rock don’t you think.?? Howlin’ Pelle is definitely throwing a Zaremba shape with that V sign and just the whole style. I like The Hives, they’re Swedish you know, and if they are appropriating at least they’re appropriating from the best. So many bands owe so much to the ‘tones. Stand by for details on how to snag the upcoming tribute. Coming soon.

I am at this very moment about to attempt some "reviews". Wish me luck. All and any distractions welcome.

Friday, October 19, 2007

From Colonel Steve Coleman...

If you click on this link it allows you to listen to the forthcoming album by The Fleshtones, released in the US on January 22 '08.

also, these things do come in three's...

RIP - Deborah Kerr

RIP - Teresa Brewer

RIP - Joey Bishop

and finally...

Wooden Shjips, Friday October 19th at 8:00 PM - Bar Matchless, 557 Manhattan AvenueBrooklyn, NY 11222 w/ La Otracina and Electric Jellyfish

Also at the Annex on Saturday:

Thursday, October 18, 2007

This Saturday at the ABC2 Glasgow...

Don't worry, it's not a Jesse Rae tribute!

Sounds of Sweden presents:
A night of atmospheric Swedish electro pop featuring noir chanteuse Sara Berg

and internationally renowned producer Melynk.
Sunday, November 4, 8pm to 12am, £4
Sloans, 108 Argyle Street (Argyll Arcade), Glasgow, G2 8BG, 0141 221 8886

Sounds of Sweden will be returning next month with another cracking night filled with atmospheric electro pop! After the success of our fabulous Easter electro special with Mr Suitcase, we've decided to revisit the beats. And we'll be doing so in a cracking new venue - the grand ballroom of Sloans (formerly Bastille) at Argyll Arcade - between Buchanan St and Argyle St in the city centre. What's more, we've partnered up with Kopparbergs, so there will be a free cider tasting at this re-launch gig.
Hailed as the missing link between Sally Shapiro and The Knife, Sara Berg creates emotional electronic music: dramatic, cool pop with depth, all wrapped around a captivating voice. Her latest album, When I Was A Young Child I Used To Feel Pleasure From Playing With Others, may be a mouthful to say, but it's a wonder to listen to, and has catapulted Sara to the top of the hot list in Sweden. "Soon no-one will be able to avoid Sweden's new electro fascination," gushed Groove Magazine, while the Swedish broadsheet Helsingborgs Dagblad enthused, "One of the most promising artists in Swedish electronica." Battling its way into the Swedish download chart, the album went on to outsell the likes of The Knife and Robyn. And Sara has become a bit of a style icon as well, recently featuring in Swedish Elle magazine and Modette. She will be joined by labelmate Melnyk, an internationally renowned DJ and producer who gives Mylo a run for his money. He will do a special set on the decks for us - a perfect warm-up for those heading to Optimo afterwards. In between, SOS DJs will be spinning some of our old standy-by Swedish favourites - and some exciting new stuff as well.

Web resources:

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

No time for much of anything tonight. Probably the only person in Scotchland that isn't glued to the TV right now. Some sporting event or other, anyhow... Mr T alerted me to this:

Former Kinks frontman Davies' "Working Man's Cafe" is due for release Oct. 29 in the United Kingdom and Europe on V2. However, on Oct. 21, it will appear as a "covermount" CD with the Sunday Times. The giveaway version will contain 10 tracks, while the retail version will have 12.

In July, rival newspaper the Mail on Sunday issued Prince's "Planet Earth" as a giveaway CD and sold 2.81 million editions, up by roughly 600,000 copies on a typical week.In a statement, Davies claimed that his decision to give away the album was "about reaching as many people as possible. I'm incredibly proud of this LP and am truly excited that 1.5 million copies will be distributed to people who'll hear it organically, the way it was intended. It's an exciting opportunity I couldn't resist."

According to the U.K.'s Audit Bureau of Circulation, the Sunday Times' average circulation between July 30 and Aug. 30 this year was 1.19 million copies. The newspaper retails for £2 ($4.07).

So if any of you folks overseas want to partake then let me know and I'll hopefully be able to sort yer out for the usual cost + postage. Sir Donald Ciccone of San Fran, you're covered.

Oh yeah, and a GREAT Amy Allison review.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Something positive for an inclement Tuesday nicht.
Starts today... (thanks to Joachim for the listing via The OX)

16.10.07 - Schwerin (D) – Das Capitol
17.10.07 - Essen (D) – Kino im JZE
18.10.07 - Dudelange (L) – Bar Hall Fondouq
19.10.07 - Konstanz (D) – Kantine (KN)
20.10.07 - Zürich (CH) – El Lokal
21.10.07 - Basel (CH) – Kaserne
23.10.07 - München (D) – Ampere
24.10.07 - Wien (A) – Chelsea
26.10.07 - Erlangen (D) – E-Werk
27.10.07 - Gifhorn (D) – Juz Grille
28.10.07 - Frankfurt / Main (D) – Nachtleben
29.10.07 - Leipzig (D) – Moritzbastei
30.10.07 - Münster (D) – Gleis 22
31.10.07 - Bielefeld (D) – Forum
01.11.07 - Berlin (D) – Kulturbrauerei Maschinenhaus
02.11.07 - Halle / Saale (D) – Objekt 5
03.11.07 - Hamburg (D) – Knust

Monday, October 15, 2007

Here's the trailer for the new Nomads DVD...
I'm happy to post this "exclusive" extract from Marty Thau's forthcoming Red Star Chronicles...

Back in the '60s you could record a song on a Monday and within a week you'd have records on the street and one week later know if you had a hit, or miss. Massive marketing planning, tour support programs and artist development meetings weren't necessary, or even contemplated. If it sounded good it would be manufactured and promoted. That was all it took. Today it's all about lawyers, accountants, micro-managers and formulaic music strategically designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

It was more fun back then when idiosyncratic entrepreneurs with a need to reinvent the wheel and A&R execs with "commercial ears" and the ability to relate to audience preferences ruled the roost, and it remained that way until Wall Street’s honchos discovered "leisure time activities" and the "youth market" in the late '60s. It was at that critical watershed moment that the record industry shifted from being a simple little fun game to play to Wall Street's darlings.

No one could’ve imagined that in just a few decades full length CDs would be recorded for as much as a million dollars a pop by major artists, that videos might cost as much and marketing and manufacturing costs would add many hundred of thousands to the total investment. It was inconceivable to even fantasize that a label could sell 10 million copies of a recording but that moment came and went thanks in part to the fact that the old business model of the major music business companies was reduced to helplessness and inefficiency because of its failure to adapt to the rise of modern technology and the computer revolution. Rather than embracing digitalization and the opportunities it implied for promotion of product and distribution, the industry stuck its head in the sand.

Today artistry has been forced to take a back seat to commerce because for the labels it’s all about chasing hits and the quick fix. Today if a CD sells 100,000 copies on a major label it’s considered a loser but that old school rule of thumb is currently being re-evaluated as the major music industry becomes more and more of a niche business. The industry complains that record sales are plummeting and profit margins are thin largely because of the illegal swapping of music files over the Internet but, if the truth were known, the record industry has been ripping off consumers for years and gleefully gouging artists for major chunks of their livelihoods. Finally consumers are now hip to it and it gets down to this - the music industry is built on bullying, smug intimidation, is largely corrupt, greedy and unethical and in need of someone or something to shepherd it from the past to the present to the future.

Today’s consumers believe there is far too much disposable music – translation; trite and unchallenging sounds parading as music -- in the marketplace at inflated prices. To make matters worse, the live concert business is heading for a steep decline because there are very few new acts that anybody wants to see. MTV no longer has any integrity and is a moronic and irrelevant train wreck in need of new world solutions. Terrestrial radio’s centralized and predictable programming is littered with endless commercials and has played itself out. As for satellite radio, they’re having a tough time convincing people that what they offer is revolutionary and worth the monthly fees they charge and that they’re not playing terrestrial radio’s same old drivel.

There’s no denying any of these problems but hopefully, in the not too distant future, the music business will "get it" and be reinvented and once again be the relevant driving force it once was. It’s quite an amazing turnabout from the days when popular music was the hippest artistic medium on the planet and at the forefront of mass communication for a whole generation as well as being an important social and political force in everyday life.
It should be noted that there's nothing inherently wrong with a major label -- it has cash, stability, infrastructure, a full staff and relationships. Acts would sign with majors if only they weren't so untrustworthy and want all of the act's money.

Here’s an amazing bit of trivia for you trivia buffs – the record business is the only business in the world that loses money on 90% of its products! In my opinion, any business with such a pathetic track record deserves to be shuttered.
Bjorn sent me this... not exactly good news for a Monday morning but...

From The Copters homepage:

The End (2007-10-13)

After nearly thirteen years as The Hellacopters we're now sad to tell you that we are breaking up. The reasons behind this very difficult decision are many and too personal to go into here.
Playing in a rock and roll band isn't always a walk in the park, but thanks to all of you who rocked out with us at sweaty clubs, rainy festivals or at home by the stereo throughout the years, it's been a fantastic trip. We'll never forget your support.
We recently finished mixing our seventh and last studio album and it'll be released early next year according to initial plans. We feel like we wanna say one last Goodbye to you and throw in the towel with a bang, so we're aiming to do a farewell tour through Europe and Scandinavia sometime in the spring. So you're not getting rid of us just yet.
The Hellacopters

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Oh yeah, I know what I forgot. Saw Planet Terror and thought it was a hoot. A lot of love and obsession went into that for sure. Don't understand why it got panned at all. One gripe is that the jumping and faux print quality is a bit of a pain but other than that. I'd like to see it be turned into a series. Really. Also, as I consider how to tackle this pile of stuff to share with you, I'm listening to the soothing strains of Home Blitz. Have you heard "Hey!"? Well you need to but it's not on their page, "Stupid Street" is though. This furthermore confuzzles me as to what year it is. More about that later though, meanwhile check this out, the fatties are gonna make the earth spin off its axis, that's the subtext, right? Is it April 1st? I just don't know anymore. maybe it's a peculiar dream. If it is then I must attempt to find out what I ate that brought it on. One thing is for sure, news ain't what it used to be.
So yeah, the ancient one made it. Stayed up after midnight and caught some fine r*ck action in the process. The Beatsville scene was made and The Thanes took the stage to limber up for their forthcoming nuptials with The Sonics in NY. The spirit with which Lenny and his crew crank it out is as pure as this stuff gets. There's a casual gleam about these nuggets and a vast trove to draw on. There's something poet-ic about how fate has delivered them to this position. Lenny Helsing has been a rock'n'roll evangelist for way to long to be able to do anything about his condition. He's made his bed and he'll have to shake, rattle and roll in it. Not with it.

And The Primevals returned to the East Coast after more years than any of us might care to remember. They're just about to drop a great new album and this set proved that they've still got it in spades. The Rotterdam Rumbles of this world would do well to consider them for their next jolly. They never sounded like they were from Glasgow and it sounded even less like it tonight. Mixing it up with new and old. Present and correctamundo. There's a gig at Blackfriars tonight so if you can then get down there. Full details on the album and where to get it will be coming at you right here soon. I'm perfectly willing to agent the supply of this fine music to those who need it. And to top of the set, they delivered a smoking version of "Screamin' Skull". A version of which will appear on the upcoming Dirty Water Fleshtones tribute release. It was also mooted that this woulkd be available from Larsen on vinyl. Have to investigate that.

And to cap off a perfect, if disorienting evening, there's the news that Suzi Y Los Quattro are about to go into the studio to fashion a chunk of rock'n'roll that will be stopping traffic in due course. All is well in this corner of the universe. For now at least....

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Skeletons should require no introduction to regulars but there seem to have been some newbies dropping by lately so maybe they’ve yet to have the pleasure. Well, this is the greatest band on earth. At least that’s what you’ll reckon when you clock the contents of “Alive In The Nineties”. The latest labour of love by the Almeron imprint. Recorded between 1990 and 1995, this has exactly the gamut of styles that seemingly barred them from the bigtime. Record execs were flummoxed. How dare a band display an ability to cover the length and breadth of all music made before or since, and in such an entertaining fashion. This collection contains familiar and rare material including their take on “Rockaway Beach”. If this stuff don’t move you then you’re probably beyond saving. Write to Tom Taber and pledge your allegiance. Forget Radioheid, direct your Paypal surplus at

And, staying in the environs of the Ozarks proximity, you might care to check out Flower Tattoo by Jenny Vinyard who has enlisted the aid of some Skele alumni (DCT, Joe Terry Esq.) to pitch in this, her debut album. It’s a groovy wad of pop and blues and her voice reminds me of Amy Rigby sometimes. You know that’s a good thing. Produced by the great J. Wunderle, the opening track "Wanna Be" is sod all to do with the Spice bisoms and everything to do with evoking The Georgia Satellites. You can hear it at her myspace.

Friday, October 12, 2007

It's that time on a Friday night. No plans, "Harlem Shuffle" playing on CAKE cyberspace radio and no work tomorrow. Not planning on spending too much more time at this tonight but a coupla things to keep you keyboard jockeys and jockettes informed...

If you're out this way then The Primevals are hitting the cobbles for shows in Edinburgh (tomorrow @ Henry's with The Thanes 11pm - 3am) and Glasgow Blackfriars (Sunday with The Fnords).

If you're in the Tri-state area... (thanks for the reminder Duano)...

At the Southpaw show on Sat nite - WFMU FREE MUSIC SERIES - Oneida, Simply Saucer, Alan Vega (of Suicide), Old Time Relijun - 8 pm doors/8 pm show

"This will also be a book release party for Dave the Spazz's new book entitled: The Best of LCD: The Art and Writing of WFMU, copies of which will be available at the show. There will also be two floors of WFMU DJs trading sets all night long, so come early and stay late! There are no advance tickets for this show, admission is first come, first served. Southpaw is located at 125 5th Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn." - (Cheers for this info Ben)

and finally (what is this the Two Bloomin' Ronnies), where would we be without Sweat?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

So far, so good with heading off the fallout from the sneezing and snottering that's going on all around. Not so good with the ISP connection as the signal has been weak, however I don't fancy spending hours on the phone to Delhi or wherever. It would be useful also to back stuff up to see if that helps the general lethargy. But that would depend on there being time and these past evenings, that has been in short supply for one reason and another. Last night it was a thumping napper. But that's my problem. Hey, there might be a couple of postal deliveries between now and Monday. How positive is that? Anyway, time to ship out into the darkness yet again. Negotiating the roadworks and fog at 7am, now that's living... alright?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The SIT & Die Co. Thursday Tour continues this week, with a special 10/11 party at Teneleven -- and with a Baby on board! The East Village's recently opened bar Teneleven celebrates 10/11 (as in October 11th, naturally) with yours truly along for the festivities, joined on stage by that naughtiest of gypsy singers, The Baby Maria! Strictly for adults only.

171 Avenue C (between 10th & 11th Streets in Manhattan, NYC / Two big & bawdy shows, from 9:00 sharp until 11:00 / No cover! /
Yours truly,
Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co.
"Ballads, Boogies & Blues"

Monday, October 08, 2007

Hilly Kristal's public memorial service is scheduled from 6-8 pm on Monday October 15th at the Bowery Ballroom, 6 Delancey Street, NYC.

(info from Russell @ PleaseKillMe)

Update 9/10/07 - Incase you don't read mr t's comment, attendance is by invitation only.

Dig out your goggles and mops, kids, cause this here newsletter is action packed! Scorchin' fall wax is OUT NOW plus blasteroos blow forth on a nightly basis. Read carefully and follow all directions for optimum results!

• RIBS N' BRISKETS! Shows, shindigs & ballyhoos!

• RUBBER BISCUITS! New wax has landed!

• GOODBYE BILL PEITSCH & DOUG MEECH -- two drummer pals are gone!

Join the effervescent Joe Belock as he hosts the Three Chord Monte radio show with Mary Weiss on tap for chat, wax and calls! Don't miss! 12-3 PM on WFMU, 91.1 FM/

Check local listings to catch the incredible Black Lips for real on TV!!

• FRI OCT 12 MARY WEISS ON STAGE! The posh velvet curtain at Brooklyn's fabulous Southpaw nitery never had it so sweet! Welcome Mary in this exclusive appearance as she hits the stage for an unforgettable evening! Mary turned in a stellar performance to a jam packed crowd at Brooklyn's Atlantic Antic last Sunday and her new album DANGEROUS GAME is getting reviews like, "Worth the wait. Weiss has the same brash attitude she had more than forty years ago. Let's hear it for the girl." (Rolling Stone) Getcha tickets now! See you in Park Slope at 125 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY (718) 230-0236

• SAT OCT 13 WFMU LCD BLAST @ SOUTHPAW! Our favorite radio station's house organ gets the hi/lowbrow treatment with a gloriously gargantuan compendium called BEST OF LCD and a bevy of boss jocks will be spinning all night long at the Southpaw to celebrate its arrival at a bookstand near you! Details at! Doors at 8. See ya there and also just down the road apiece at the Lyres show!

• SAT OCT 13 LYRES @ MAGNETIC FIELD! What a weekend! Mary on Friday, Lyres on Saturday-- these are the "good old days"! The Lyres trek down from Boston to blast away as no other can! See ya there! Magnetic Field, 97 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn NY

• THURS OCT 25 MIRIAM LINNA WITH SPAZZ ON WFMU! Okay, it's me blabbing about being on MUSIC TO SPAZZ BY, blasting the upcoming Norton wax and recent finds. Keep the aspirin handy, there are some traumatizing sounds on tap plus super scorching new and upcoming stuff and maybe a few hints of proects in da works! 8-11 PM on WFMU, 91.1 FM/

• OCT 25 THE KING KHAN AND BBQ SHOW Tony Montana Bar, Bushwick, Brooklyn This hot spot is so exclusive that it's Google-proof. Check the KK/BBQ myspace and see if they want you to know where they're at!

• OCT 26 THE KING KHAN AND BBQ SHOW Cake Shop, 152 Ludlow St., NYC Back waddlin' around on our shores!Don't miss new 45s on Norton and Crypt!

• OCT 25-28 BUDGET ROCK VI (Oakland Calif) Join the Real Kids, Trashwomen, Flakes, Knights Of The New Crusade and mo' at this wild-ass rockin' affair at Oakland's Stork Club! And be sure to let Tina tease and tame yo' mane Down at Lulu's Place while you're lurking in O-town!

• NOV 2-4 WFMU RECORD FAIR It don't get bigger than this, friends! This is the biggest, best record convention in the country with lots of great things going on during the swapfest. Norton will be there with a ton of new stuff, old stuff and advance gunk galore! This is a supreme holiday stock up event! Start ya engines-- the countdown is on! Metropolitan Center, NYC Info at

• NOV 2-4 CAVESTOMP FESTIVAL! Cavestomp returns with their biggest bang yet, geared up for the same weekend as WFMU's record fair so don't plan on getting any sleep! Norton stars the Sonics, Alarm Clocks and Wildebeests will be on tap representing the Northwest, the Midwest and the ... Moors! Lots of cool garage bands in the 3-day roster! MC'ing Friday and Saturday will be the Fleshtones' Peter Zaremba and MC'ing Sunday will be Link Cromwell.. I mean.. Lenny Kaye! Norton twin-spinners Billy and Miriam will DJ on Sunday night! Did anybody say LUG NUTS? Scope out digs right now- the NYC Marathon will be happening this same weekend and loads of people will be running-- hopefully direct to Brooklyn's greatest kielbasa and pierogi haven, the Warsaw where CS is set to happen! See you there!
Email us for Sonics/Alarm Clocks/Wildebeests press releases!

• SAT DEC 15 NORTON RECORDS HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR! Yes, kids! We have the date set for Brooklyn's fab Southpaw so ink in ya calendars and get ready for a whompus deluxe! Norton stars upon stars! Info to follow in upcoming newsletter!!! See-ya-there!!

• APRIL 28-29 2008 PONDEROSA STOMP! It's still a couple blizzards away, but PONDEROSA STOMP is set for APRIL 28 & 29 in New Orleans with their biggest
showcase weekender yet! So far, we're free to blast about Roky Erickson, the Collins Kids, Ronnie Spector, the Green Fuz, and Syl Johnson ... with lots of supah-stars to be added!!!! Details as they develop at


• Norton 322 THE ROCK-A-ROUND Hair-raising 1958-60 rock n' roll from the vaults of Atlanta's National Recording Corporation. Detailed liners, unreal photos and some of the wildest sounds you'll ever hear! Paul Peek The Rock-A-Round/Joe South I'm Snowed/Four Mints Wolf/Chuck Wiley I Love You So Much/Ric Cartey Scratching On My Screen/Shades Strollin' After Dark/Little Jimmy Dempsey Bop Hop/Tommy Roe and the Satins Caveman/Joe South Baby That's All Right/Rod Willis The Cat/Sweetie Jones Baby Please Don't Leave/Paul Peek Sweet Skinny Jenny/Shades Splashin'/Rod Willis Will Travel/Night Owls You Shouldn't Oughta Done It/Wayne Cochran The Naughty Coo/Joe South Chills/Link Wray and the Raymen Vendetta

• Norton 324 LUIS AND THE WILDFIRES - BRAIN JAIL Luis and his gang go for
broke on their savage debut album! Recorded in LA's legendary Wild Records garage studio and issued to worldwide acclaim on the red hot WILD label on CD, the album makes its vinyl debut on Norton with two exclusive bonus cuts! Includes the dance floor monster hit Let's Party.The Wildfires blend together such influences as Johnny Carroll and Slim Harpo with a garage whomp and a solid nod to their Mexican musical heritage with a cover of Tony Casanova's Yeah Yeah Come Another Day. The Wildfires continue to tear it up on stages at major rock n' roll festivals from Spain to Japan. After witnessing their insane show, astute talent scout Todd Abramson was led to remark, "I've just seen the new Los Locos Del Ritmo!" The band was recently nominated for an AVN award for Best Porn Soundtrack to Vivid Video's THE REBELLE ROUSERS. Dance In The Rain/Wild In The Head/Gonna Leave/Yeah Yeah Come Another Day/I Hear Voices/Genie In A Bottle/Wildfire/Let's Party/That's Love/Under Your Spell/Cast Iron Arm/Come On Over Baby/Mouth Hug/Goodbye

We heard your call and we're heeding the needy- here comes Bobby Fuller and the Fanatics on black wax full lengths -- all recorded in his garage studio on Album Avenue in El Paso, Texas. Dig our obsession with the Bobby and with the great teen stomp combos of the Southwest with our wax series on the scene, starting right here! I Fought The Law/Shakedown/Unreliable Irresistible Girl/Summertime Blues/Fool Of Love/Pamela/Only For You/Saturday Night/King Of The Beach/Rock House/You Made Me Cry/Keep On Dancing/Nancy Jean/Nervous Breakdown/A New Shade Of Blue/I Fought The Law

• Norton 326 BOBBY FULLER LIVE!!! Bobby Fuller was making records, running a night club, and dragging a professional recording deck to his shows in Texas years before he made any records outside of his home state. Check out this astonishing sampling of live sounds and prepare yourselves for another upcoming volume of mayhem from West Texas! El Paso Rock/Angel Face/(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care/Night Train/It's Love Come What May/Miserlou/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/Peggy Sue/Pamela/2000 Lb. Bee/Wine Wine Wine/Louie Louie/Farmer John/Jenny Lee (Do The Jerk With Me)


Keep both ears to the ground for rumblings on these primo November releases that are plainly gonna mess with ya mind!
"The all-true adventures of the Dictators, from pre-punk shenanigans to the sound of Young America to the death of rock n' roll!" Unissued demos and rare tracks from the vaults, from pre-Manitoba 1973 recordings (from master tapes!) up through DFFD outtakes! Photo filled package includes liner notes by Scott "Top Ten" Kempner, Handsome Dick Manitoba, Andy Shernoff and crew chief/soundman Rich Nesin! Weekend/Backseat Boogie/Master Race Rock/California Sun/Fireman's Friend/Whisky Radio Spot/America The Beautiful/Sleepin' With The TV On/Eugene Radio Spot/Faster And Louder/Minnesota Strip/Baby Let's Twist/What It Is/Borneo Jimmy/I Stand Tall/No Tomorrow/Stay With Me/Bloodbrothers Radio Spot/16 Forever/Loyola/Laughing Out Loud/What's Up With That? #2/16 Forever #2/Owensboro Radio Spot Double LP adds a cover of the Ramones' I Just Want To Have Something To Do

JUSTICE IS SERVED! Norton delves into the vaults of North Carolina's legendary Justice label for three vinyl sets - straight up reissues on the garage classic SPEAKING OF THE TEMPOS and THE PHANTOM RAIDERS - NEW SOUND '67, a big in demand teen genius nugget and for the first time ever, THE BEST OF JUSTICE RECORDS culled from the label's nearly two dozen ultra rare albums! You'll be pounding the gavel for more-more-more Justice once you get a lobeful so get all three while court is in session!

• Norton 329 PHANTOM RAIDERS - NEW SOUND '67 (LP) Steppin' Stone/Stick Shift/Gloria/Day Tripper/Devil With A Blue Dress On/New Sound '67/Walk Don't Run/I'm A Believer/Pipeline/Last Kiss/Wipeout

• Norton 330 TEMPOS - SPEAKING OF… (LP) Two Timer/Last Time/You're Not Here/Wipeout/You're Gonna Miss Me/Money/You Got Me Goin' Out Of My Mond/Pardon Me/Heartbeat/I've Got A Girl/To Conquer This Whole World/Baby It's You

• Norton 331 VARIOUS - THE BEST OF JUSTICE RECORDS (LP) Tempos, Fugitives, Tony Lane and the Fabulous Spades, Mod and the Rockers, Skip and the Creations, Stowaways, Barracudas, Phantom Raiders, Rockets Combo, Speckulations and the Turks

…plus eight new seven inchers!

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• Norton 140 EGYPTIANS - THE PARTY STOMP/INKSTER BOOGIE Pounding 1960 R&B stomp instrumentals from turban clad Detroit racket squad! Two solid sides of hoof shakin' frenzy!

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• Norton 9658 BLOODSHOT BILL - HIGH AND DRY/ROCKIN' ENOCKY - MOTHER'S LITTLE HELPER Battle of the one man bands as they wail on two Stones classics! Canada vs. Japan! Donuts vs. sushi! Hockey vs. sumo wrestling! You be the judge, papa san, eh?

• Norton 871 C.J. & THE CASUALS - STUDY HALL/ZOMBIE Over the top deranged
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I HATE CDs: NORTON RECORDS 45 RPM SINGLES BOX SET VOLUME ONE Face it, we're about as analog as you can get here at Norton. And we'll always be that way. So long as PVC is free to be, we'll keep punching out rubber biscuits like no tomorrow. And when the last oil well runs dry and vinyl becomes an exhorbitant commodity, we can go back to shellac and solve the world's cockroach problem at the same time. However, in recent years, we've been hounded by rock n' roll fans who've moved into the future, shedding their record players (and records... shudder!). These poor souls have been unable to hear the full cacaphony of Norton talent due to the simple fact that much of our catalog has only been available on 45 RPM. On December 4, the hills will finally be alive for everyone with full spectrum Nortophonic sound!

I HATE CD'S is our first time ever collection of 45 RPM singles in a digital-only box set format. The set will include tracks from Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Kid Thomas, Mary Weiss, Herbie Duncan, Ramones, Hasil Adkins,'s, Esquerita, Legendary Stardust Cowboy, Don Covay, Doug Sahm, Link Wray, Shades Of Night, Jerry McCain, Big Star and mo'! This is Volume One with more to come so as our hero Ed Norton would say, "Official space helmet on, Captain Video!" Our rubber bisuits are blasting into orbit! Send one of these salamis to your
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Hannibal called a while back, morose as could be about sad news that had reached him about one of his drummers "from the day" passing on. I comiserated with him, as we had just heard that original Chesterfield Kings beat-man Doug Meech, too, had retired from this sphere. Hannibal immediately noted that there would be a third, and soon. Now I know why he wears the turban. Han was too right. We all lost Bill Peitsch of the Church Keys on September 21-- Bill, who Han called "the red headed drummer boy".
I don't think Doug and Bill ever met, but they would have been friends, I can warrant that. Doug was out of the Kings many moons ago, yet he sent a Christmas card every year, a traditional card with a short message that basically spelled out, I'm here, I'm okay, see you later. Doug was an unassuming guy, and a tremendous drummer. Bill was great trapsman as well, and he was an even better full capacity friend.
I first met Bill when he came to work at the Strand Bookstore in 1988. I was working personnel, a ten year vet myself of our beloved Strand at that time.
We became friends instantly. He and his gal Michelle, whom he would wed the following November, were cut from a rare old school bolt of friendship and an even rarer code of action, one that dictated DO IT, NOW! It was a privilege to
know Bill. He was an amazing individual. When we were all sitting around
reminiscing this week, there were so many repeated moments discussing his generosity, his kindness, his sense of responsibility. Still, some hilarious moments up time and again. I remember when the James Brown FUTURE SHOCK TV shows were found in some film vault in Atlanta some years ago, and we were all watching the tapes, which included some pretty funky dance contests. Bill's favorite was a male dancer who was acting out a tourist bit with his flight bag over his shoulder. The bizarre dance ended with the dancer pulling his bag over his head and flapping around wildly. If any of you have seen FUTURE SHOCK, I know you're laughing. Well, not long before the World Trade Center came a-tumbling, local lads the Fleshtones played a wild show at the top of the towers, in this very suave night club. Maybe it was Windows of the World.. Whatever, it was at the top and it was a nutty night. Billy (Miller) and I went with visiting Michael Lucas of the Phantom Surfers in tow, and we met up with Bill Peitsch and some
stray Finnish rock n' roll tourists up there. At one point, we were looking out the windows and reminiscing about seeing the Fleshtones in divey spots way down below, and it was one of those haunting, happy, crystal clear evenings when all the lights of the city were sparkling below and here we were, grotty overgrown teenagers dancing to a band from Queens in a grand sophisticated bom-booom room high above the streets of New York City. At the time, my handbag of choice was a TWA flight bag, which ended up, emptied of its scraps and upside down on dancing Bill Peitsch's head, completely engulfing his entire noggin, FUTURE SHOCK style. It was one of the most wildly surreal, hilarious moments in my life, Bill on the dance floor reenacting a James Brown moment that only made sense to a handful of lunatics who had been privy to the reel. I laughed then, until I cried, I've laughed hundreds of times since then just thinking of it, and I laugh now, but it's all tears. Gee we're gonna miss you Bill.
Everybody sends their love.
Your friend always,

Bill's obituary

This too-brief obit neglects to mention of the fact that Bill worked continuously at the best bookstore in the world, the Strand, for just shy of 20 years, and that he was a Norton recording artist of merit, and that he appeared in several films, including Bruce Bennett's SHIRTSLEEVES, Dan Rose's WAYNE COUNTY RAMBLIN', and Christopher Frieri's I WAS A TEENAGE MUMMY. Let these things, too, be known.

BILL PEITSCH (1962-2007)
By Billy Miller

I first met Bill and Michelle shortly before Miriam and I got married twenty years ago. They'd just moved to town from Detroit and the four of us instantly became inseparable best friends. Bill really was the guy you'd want around if you were down. I sure am down now, but quite honestly, I can't muster up maudlin words and I don't think Bill would want me to get overly gushy in his memory.
One thing about Bill, he always put his friends and family first. He'd be sure your car was running right even though he always drove old beaters ("Never spend more than 500 bucks on a car," he'd advise). He once put a new alternator in my van and called me ten minutes later to come and give his car a jump a few blocks away.
Bill could make anyone laugh, even in tragedy. His apartment once had a pretty serious fire (his cat tipped over a lit cigarette) and when I got there to help, I just couldn't stop laughing. His sofa had a hole in it burned about two feet wide and looked like a prop from the Three Stooges.
He even cracked Ike Turner up. We were watching Ike play one night and one of the modern Ikettes launched into a Whitney Houston ballad. Just as the song peaked and hit a pause, Bill hollered out a request for his favorite Turner classic - the Sly Fox's Hoodoo Say. "Hey Ike, " Bill howled, "What did the Hoodoo say?!" Ike doubled over and was laughing so hard. It was perfect.
After an Andre Williams gig at Coney Island High, Bill offered to chauffer Mr. Rhythm to JFK Airport for a 6AM flight to Los Angeles. Bill and Andre bar hopped their way through three counties and were none the worse for wear when they arrived at the curbside check in. Andre was fumbling with his check on pimp hat cases and would just laugh at every security question the frustrated attendant would ask. She finally got some semblance of a satisfactory answer out of Andre and turned to Bill and asked, "Are you flying as well?" "No, ma'am," Bill replied. "I'm just here to drop off my dad!" He said the lady nearly fainted.
Once at Rye Playland, Michelle and Miriam were arrested for attacking Freddy Cannon onstage. The girls had given Bill and me their purses a second before the impromptu attack and subsequent squad car ride down to the precinct the street. Bill and I walked into the police station where he loudly bellowed, "We're here for our womens!" with both of us holding ladies pocketbooks.
Bill attended hundreds of shows, each made better by his presence. It really didn't matter if he was on stage with any one of his bands (the Church Keys, Gowanus Canal Boys, Clams or Purple Wizard) or firing on all pistons from the audience, Bill could always be counted on to shake up the house. Lenny Kaye called Bill "a shining light" and that hits it on the head.
Chuck Berry was Bill's ultimate hero. "The farther it is from Chuck Berry," he once said, "the less I have any use for it." There was a time where I was between cars and Bill would let me borrow his truck. I'd swing by his job at the Strand and get the keys. There must have always been fifty cassettes scattered around the car, but every time I turned on the ignition, Chuck Berry started playing. Every single time.
There are so many shared wiggy memories that included conga lines, hot dog stands, pre-dawn living room jam sessions, wrestling matches (Bill was honored with a birthday cake in the ring at the Arena Puerto Rico), karate chopped watermelons, White Castle hijinx, all night Bingo with blue haired ladies in Vegas, doorbell ringing at all hours (the best was his "Your hedges are crooked. I could fix that" prank at 5:30 AM) that it's hard to figure just where one incident ended and the next one began. It's impossible to even fathom how Bill packed such an upbeat life into just 45 years. We had great times roaring through Virginia listening to Chuck Berry, roaring through Texas listening to Chuck Berry, roaring through Maine listening to Chuck Berry, and don't get me started on the New Jersey Turnpike in the wee wee hours…
My father taught me that the single greatest virtue a person could possess is loyalty. Bill Peitsch epitomized that. If you were his friend, he would never let you down. He was the most genuine cat I have ever known. There was definitely nothing phony about Bill. He was generous, smart, strong (it's true, he did drum an entire set with a girl perched on his shoulders) and lived his life by an admirably noble set of rules. And for bringing Speedo, our beloved pooch of 15 years into our home, I could never be able to thank Bill enough.
To all of Bill's family and friends, I offer my deepest heartfelt condolences.
We have lost Bill, but we've all gained so much from knowing him.
Bill Peitsch attended his last rock n' roll show just a week before his passing. He got to see Chuck Berry play Johnny B. Goode one last time.

See what's new at Norton

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Caught the tail-end of the Rotterdam Rumble fest last night. Alice 'n me entered the Waterfront rather late as a quick meal in a nearby restaurant turned out to be a coupious four course dinner with appropriate wine samples.

Anyways, we were just in time for Radio Birdman. After seeing them in London a couple o' years back, there was no real need to re-acquaint ourselves, but what heck, this is Radio Birdman!

Suffering from a rather weak mix (Dennis Tek's guitar being notably absent most of the time) and a handful of new songs (I understand the necessity for the band to keep things interesting, but from my p.o.v. coming up with something as great as 'D.F.F.D.' is a on/off that hardly anybody can pull off. 'Zeno Beach' is OK-ish at best) That aside, there's really no way knocking a band that has a back-catalogue like these guys. 'Murder City Nights', 'Do The Pop', 'Burn My Eye', 'Dark Surprise', you name it. Topping it off w/ a grand finale of 'You're Gonna Miss Me' and 'New Race' even I couldn't resist punshin' the air and shoutin' "Yeah Hup"!

Closing the Rumble were the Rip-Offs who's sole LP I completely wore out at the time, but who failed to impress last night. In-audioble vocals by the drummer and a barage of "fuck you's" and "you're all gay" references took the wind outta their sails from the git go. Juvenile behaviour is cool as long as it's by actual teenagers. Thirty somethings tryin' to do likewise only end up lookin' stupid, just like the people they're supposedly rebelling against...

Like the more garagey Primitive fests these Rumbles are turnin' out to be a cool tradition and the Waterfront is turnin' out to be my favorite venue in Holland right now (the view outside over the river Maas is amazin'!) Roll on the next edition!

(youtube link 1, 2)

We finished our stay in Rotterdam with a visit to the VIP's gallery that's currently hosting a cool exibith of pictures by Bob Gruen (w/ lotsa cool pics of the Dolls, Ramones, and the pre-Blondie Stilettos) that's well worth checkin' out if you're in the neighborhood.

All the info you need!...

Saturday, October 06, 2007

You'll have to excuse the fact that there's no real post today. This is because work on my screenplay for "Haggis In A Black Leather Jacket" has taken precedence. This is a gaelic homage to the first John Waters film and will play out like a cross between "Whisky Galore" and "Pink Flamingos". Also, even although there's a postal strike - when I happened by the collection office this very am - my copy of SWEAT was there. It had snuck in just before the old industrial action swung into play. No deliveries until next Thursday at the earliest but the upside of that is that there'll be no bills either. Ok so let’s see there’s a bunch of things here to distract you from what you ought to be doing, starting with…

Vera Peppermint version of the ACC chestnut “John Cassavetes”.

A Roky/Elevators tome (info courtesy of Dr Hesske)

Groovy new find (by Amy Allison)… Nicole Atkins

And there was more but I've just lost the document that it was all cut and pasted on... this is obviously a sign, so see ya...

Friday, October 05, 2007

Sometimes it seems as though the world has gone all Christopher Guest. Like we're, or I rather, might be living out some big spoof. Where somehow a band circumnavigating a record label and an utter balloon making a speech without notes is news? Here in this particular bubble, importance lies with the fact that Säkert! is doing shows in Sweden and it's unlikely that I'll be able to attend. There's just too much going on plus there's the flat out broke scenario to contend with. Life being the proverbial b-ii-atch and all that. This postal strike looks like it'll disrupt things majorly too, I was kind of hoping for a stay of execution on that. For my own selfish ends you understand, not for the greater good. Anyway, it's Friday, the grind is over momentarily and this blighter about to be switched off for the evening. Happy trails.

(Thanks to Mr Hägred for the Säkert! info)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

I just got this incase any of you are interested...

"We can exclusively announce UK punk legends, THE SEX PISTOLS, have just confirmed their first Scottish show in 12 years at Glasgow’s, SECC on Sunday 18th November.

As a GigsInScotland registered user (That's me!) - this is YOUR EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY to buy tickets for this incredible show. Don’t miss this unique pre-sale chance to ensure you get your ticket to see The Sex Pistols live!



Ticket price appears to be 35 quid, probably plus a 4 quid booking fee, but if you're so inclined...

At least they're coming north to fleece us direct...
Rezillos shows start tonight in Inverness (click image to enlarge)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My copy of It's Alive has arrived, but I have yet to find the four hours or so to watch it all... In the mean time here's a couple of Youtube shorts: 1, 2, 3, 4....
Hello Saferide in a Brazilian elevator... (takes a wee while to load but it's worth it)
Fret not, we won't be breaking out the ol' five-stringed banjo -- just all the more reason to come join Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. this week for our first ever appearance at Banjo Jim's! Two big shows are in store, from 8:00 sharp until 10:00, and there's not only no cover charge, but no banjo, either. Sweet, yes?
/ 700 East 9th Street (on the corner of 9th Street and Avenue C) in Manhattan's "East Village", NYC / Two sets, from 8:00 sharp until 10:00 / Followed at 10:00 by the expectedly well-cooked Swamp Cabbage /
No cover charge!
Remaining banjo-free, as always,
Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co.
"Ballads, Boogies & Blues"
As October seems destined hurtle by in much the same way as September did, I've somewhat come to the conclusion that I have no control over the order and priority of the day to day. Seems like I used to have all that nailed but no more, also I'd like to spend less time in front of a computer screen. Way less time, both here and at work. Adding to everyone's info overload is something that seems somewhat surplus to requirements. The constant bombardment gets to be very tiring and can turn something that's supposed to be fun into a chore. Sound familiar?

Time to take some kind of stock then, in terms of what's up with what’s going down. My liner notes for the upcoming Munster Nomads and Supersuckers dvds are completed and filed with the relevant authorities in Madrid. Couple or three other bits and pieces to take care of but after that it's a straight run into The Boonaraaas London debut on November 2nd at Dirty Water. Reserve your tickets by clicking on the logo to your immediate left. Of course, some of you will be digging The Sonics that self same night at Cavestomp in Brooklyn.

As of tomorrow, another mail strike is set to swing into action and it'll last until next Thursday, give or take. I guess that'll hold up delivery of my copy of Sweat for another while? It’s all set to escalate and I imagine that it's gonna get ugly in the run up to the big money spinner and the fact that boths sides won't want to capitulate. Meanwhile what about the stuff we've ordered!?

As the news of the Pistols re-recording “Anarchy” for some computer game (dearie me - not terribly indicative antichrist behaviour is it?) broke, PUNK 365 arrived to remind us of times long past. This is a veritable doorstop of a volume that has plenty to distract you from what you ought to be doing. Get yourself a Home Blitz cd to accompany this malingering and odds are you could put off what you meant to do for, och, days at least. P365 is a total bargain from Amazon so treat your good or bad self.
The Ramones It’s Alive double dvd is out too. Order both to score super saver delivery!

As I attempt to get my head around the "bucky gift pack" concept, further rumours of a deluxe version with a burberry scarf type ribbon and a cap are as yet unsubstantiated.

OK, gonna put some music on and I'm going to veg out. Order and priority have been AWOL for long and weary, another day or so in the wilderness won't hurt. Have a fine evening, whatever you end up getting up to.
I've always believed that tha Scandanavian quality of life is better and this is further borne out by the information below.

What better way to forget this blah days to Christmas malarky than to be looking forward to a real Rok around the Christmas tree. (Thanks to Mr Hagred for the info)

ROKY ERICKSON and the EXPLOSIVES office party tour!

Thursday - 13th December 2007 - Malmo, Sweden, KB
Saturday - 15th December 2007 - Stockholm, Sweden, Nalen
Sunday - 16th December 2007 - Stockholm, Sweden, Nalen
Tuesday - 18th December 2007 - Helsinki, Finland, Tavastia
Thursday - 2oth December 2007 - Oslo, Norway, Rockerfeller
Friday - 21st December 2007 - Gothenburg, Sweden, Tragarn - SOLD OUT

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

London's finest, the mighty Blacktime are playing two shows over here in Holland this week. Tomorrow (03.okt) at the first night of the Rotterdam Rumble and on Thursday (04.okt) at DBs here in Utrecht.

The Stripchords take to the Thames!

Hey ho kidlets!

The Stripchords are set to take their patent-pending mix of instrumental sleaze and vintage 8mm nudie cutie flicks onto the river Thames on Wednesday October 10th, when they take to the stage on the Battersea Barge, in support of former Stairs fella Edgar 'Summertyme' Jones' combo, um, Edgar Jones & The Joneses. This shindig comes to you courtesy of the redoubtable Rock'n'Roll Soul crew and tickets are limited, so get yerself a ticket quick, like!

See you at the ba-arrrrr, me hearties!


The Stripchords

Edgar Jones & The Joneses, The Stripchords, Black Elvis@ Rock'n'Roll Soul Goes Large On The Barge, The Battersea Barge, Nine Elms Lane, London SW8

Wednesday October 10th at 7.30pm - £7
The Works are a new band from Amsterdam and they are playing their second show this Friday at the Baarmoeder (Zeeburgerdijk 265) They feature a former member of Frites Modern and tell me they sound "Dictators-like", they even do a Dutch language version of 'New York, New York' ('Mokum, Mokum') Reasons enough to warrent investigation I'd say...
RIP - Ned Sherrin

Monday, October 01, 2007