Friday, April 05, 2013

So far so good. 5 days into April and I've jumped on here every day. Ever since I ceased to be off on a Friday afternoon, it takes longer to get organised. It's shortened the entire weekend experience.

Why in the name of the wee man would anyone pay upward of £100 a pop to see The Stones kick the last vestige of their integrity? That's just for a ticket. No travel, no food, no drinks, no merch. Nada.

Time was when it might have only been "rock'n'roll" but that ship long since sailed.

For much the same price tag, you could fly to Spain. You could see a great band in a fantastic venue with an audience that really knows how to shake it down. Not to be confused with the shakedown that's going on down in the big smoke this summer in any way shape or form.

And talking of the stuff that you can believe in, I need to get blogging about Ms Palmyra's "You Are What You Absorb". Lucky for us, she's been exposed to nothing but choice gear. More about which over the weekend.