Sunday, March 11, 2007

Is your music unusual, unconventional, uncompromising,uncommercial or what some folks may call unlistenable?Then WE WANT YOU! We're looking for music that has the courage to break rules or works within the confines of the rules to subvert themfor the BRUTARIAN Magazine and Records compilation - Vol 2!

We're not interested in the Next Big Thing, but music that people willtalk about that will probably never be on MTV... Think Daniel Johnston, Wesley Willis, Capain Beefheart, The Cramps...or anything different that just KICKS ASS!

Check out Brutarian's myspace page below and tell your friends - pass it on!

1. You must own the rights to your recording.
2. No COVERS or songs that might need to be licenced!
3. PLEASE pick a couple of songs for me to listen to, not an entire CD!
4. Don't make me work too hard

- "check out my myspace page and pick something..." - just mail me the f*ckin' thing.You don't pay any production costs. You get paid except in finished product. This is for promotion purposes only. You retain all rights to your submission.Non-exclusive tracks are OK, they can be previously released or whatever. We don't want any other rights to the song other than valid permission to use it with the comp and to promote the release in the magazine. You will get promotional and/or editorial coverage in Brutarian Magazine as well! Send your masterpiece to: Kitty Kowalski, PO Box 1272, New York, NY 10010 USA. Please send by March 31st, 2007. Thanks! we're looking forward to hearing what's out there! Kitty
A little about the Brutarian Philosophy...BRUTARIAN is dedicated to bringing the sensibilities of the Art Brut movementto the average reader. Art brut is French for "raw art". Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985) , a French wine merchant who had an interest in collecting the art of outsiders and began painting himself upon entering his 40s, first used this term in 1945 for the art of children and Outsiders (naive artists and the mentally ill); actually, anyone creating art not for profit or recognition, but for themselves.Brutarians do not adhere to the cultural norms or fashion affecting most artists. This is the art people have to make for whatever reasons that compel them -- art that matters perhaps only to them but that is imperative and uncompromised by conventional aesthetic standards fashion, conformity, or critical taste
Pretty sad to hear about the death of Brad Delp yesterday. Incase you're too young to know or too cool to care, he was the singer in Boston. "More Than A Feeling" always instills a feeling of rock grandeur when I hear it and reminds me of a time when quite possibly things in general didn't suck. It was and remains a fine loud display of almost hymnal power chord pop. Something that sold a bazillion copies that will resonate for all eternity. To go off at a tangent for a minute, it was odd very recently to discover that the song "New York, New York" wasn't a standard and hasn't been around for much longer than The Dictators anthem of the same name. (Did you sign the petition for the White Castle Hall Of Fame yet?) This is what happens when you get to a certain age. Time plays cruel tricks on you and confuses which way is actually up. I always thought The 'tators should be as big as Boston and that their music was equally anthemic. "What's Up With That?"

Saw Inland Empire yesterday and I have to say that, contrary to what I've read, it's actually more straightforward than Mulholland Drive to me. Where that came off the rails in the final third, I think this hangs together pretty well in terms of Lynch's creation of worlds within worlds. It made more sense to me than I expected it to. Also the criticism of the shooting in digital video seems a bit twatty also. It looks great and anybody who cares about his work will know that nobody uses light like "Jimmy Stewart from Mars". There are also several homages to himself in here to my mind which serve as treats for fans. Not sure about the closing sequence but it's not integral to the three hour investment. I do miss the heartbeat and lifeblood of a Badalamenti score which always adds to the omni-dimensional atmos but other than that there's much to dig.