Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We've been talking up the coming-together of our very own The Black Angels and psych-legend Roky Erickson (of The Thirteenth Floor Elevators) for weeks now, but tonight their four-date West Coast tour finally kicks off. For those of you not in the know, The Black Angels will open for Roky Erickson each night before taking a brief break and then RETURNING to the stage to act as the rhythm section for one of their greatest influences. This is truly a rare, and sure to be amazing collaboration between two of the great psych-rock bands of the last thirty years. Not to be missed!

Tour Dates:

Wednesday, October 29th - Portland, OR, The Wonder Ballroom

Friday, October 31st - Los Angeles, CA, El Rey

Saturday, November 1st - San Francisco, CA, The Great American Music Hall

Sunday, November 2nd - San Francisco, CA, The Great American Music Hall
Hurrah, went for almost three days without a problem with receiving e-mail. Could be something of a record. Or should that be cd? or maybe even a download?? Anyway, there's a problem again so who knows what the chuff is going on. I've given up even bothering now. All our thoughts have to be with those two dolts from the BBC that have been suspended. Actually, I don't mind Wossy. He's disappeared up his own back end in recent times but he's a harmless numpty. The other one is completely and utterly useless. A charmless symptom of our times. I heard him being justified as a liability this morning. If only he had that much talent. There are earthquakes, financial meltdowns and Presidential infomercials on the go but these two have got top billing here in the U of K. Anybody having problems viewing images here? They appear fine on some computers and not at all on others. Yet another irritation in the ongoing wearing down process. Looking for something to do this Hallowe'en?

In Glasgow... (I thought the third band on the bill was Thee Phantom Heid)

In Madrid...

And don't forget, Eric and Amy kick off their UK tour tomorrow night so check out your local listings and make an effort to catch them.