Saturday, May 03, 2008

YouTube, don't you just love it... You never know what turns up!

Yep, that's me, interviewing The Dickies some 18 years ago...
Säkert! cover The Wannadies "My Hometown" in their native tongue.

I found 6 x Raybeats and 5 x db's badges. 1" diameter buttons from back in the mists of time when said combos played at Valentinos in Edinburgh, courtesy of Mr Allan Campbell.

Anyway if any of you fancy one of these artefacts then send me your snail mail address via the contact function. First come, first served. One badge per application...

When I head that the new Mayor of London was called Boris, I hoped it was my old mate from The Scientists. But wait, he’s in Australia and the reality is perhaps even more absurd. It’s the guy from “Have I Got News For You” or whatever!?

I always thought he was a Matt Lucas character. That could be a thatch, right? But anyway Ken’s out and the big fella has it. Politics eh? You can’t get a decent turnout at the polls but the proles meltdown the phonelines to pledge allegiance in these bloody (no) talent shows and (far from reality) TV travesties. Reports that the contestants for next Prime Minister of the UK are likely to be put through their paces in this format are unsubstantiated but more than possible.

All of this will quite possibly accelerate Scotland's "indie-pendence" and probably the materials for the big fence to go up are on order as I tap away. Labour’s buck is pretty worthless and the concept that the Tories could gain a foothold here is simply mental. Isn’t it?

So that leaves us as a giant haggis and shortbread theme park. But hey, it could be worse...