Saturday, August 25, 2007

From Mr Spence, I know it's last minute but hey...

"Hey Folks!

THE GREASE MONKEYS are back thru Embra this Saturday playing with the capital's finest... so come on out. Here's the lowdown -

SATURDAY 25TH AUGUST at THE ARK, Wellington Place, Edinburgh; 9 -til- 3; £4

first band on at 10.30pm... THE GIN GOBLINS, THE GREASE MONKEYS,
THE ROHYPSTERS and DICK DANGEROUS & THE LOVE BASTARDS's been billed as a "Turbonegro Aftershow Party", but actually theirs is the warm-up show for this! Word is that it's gonna be packed, so best be there by 10 to avoid disappointment. Anyways, hope to see y'all there.Rock On! ..............Jim"
We're on the home straight now, 4 movies to go... note to self - check what sodding cinema the screening is at. Actually, I just did that for today and I would have been wrong again. Eejit! Anyway, the documentary "LYNCH" is something fans will dig muchly. It contains the stream of conciousness wit and wisdom and the customary handwaving. Filmed during the making of "Inland Empire", it underlines the special qualities of the man. Non-devotees would perhaps wonder what the heck it was all about but you never know. It's a nice little piece. Strange that this screening wasn't sold out which makes me wonder why the Sunday am screening is in such a large room? I imagine that it's all under control. Seeing it's the Sabbath though, I'm headed for "What Would Jesus Buy".

So, I head up the road for my yearly "Lynch" compared fix. I fall for it every time. Hoping that something will actually live up to that tag. Well, this was 87 minutes long and it felt like 187. Not that it didn't look good, it would make a cool backdrop for a band or something but as entertainment, I'd have to say cut it to 45 minutes and it might have a chance. Watching it is perhaps meant to portray the unfulfilment of the main character but by the end of it you'll be looking at your timepiece. I did make it to the bitter end unlike quite a few that shot the crow as it creaked on. And on some more. For much of the film though, I was preoccupied with wondering when it would all be over. If you ever see it then it's the cinema-going equivalent of the seemingly endless hump that's filling the screen. There are a couple of Lynch-like moments and the black and white finish adds an eerie mood but it doesn't get nasty or interesting or anything. It's like an art installation loop. Perhaps a homage to Douglas Gordon? Not really recommended unless you fancy a wee snooze in the dark.

Of course, you could follow this person's premise...