Thursday, March 09, 2006

No this isn't a radio show about me, PRETTY ANCIENT was discovered by Martin Percival because those REZILLOS have been asked to participate.

I hope that BBC 6 have asked Wreckless Eric along... anyway, I suppose we're gearing up for a 30 years of scenario as 2006 unfolds. Christ, NBT is nudging that vintage itsel'.

Hello Cleveland.... if you're in the vicinity of this establishment then please take a wee schlep along to see my buddy Jon's fine work. He da man!

THE STRIPCHORDS comin' atcha courtesy of myspace... for once my pc never crashed when entering that stratosphere.

Dollsquad have a release coming up on the Teen Sounds label outta Italy and will be hitting up Blighty on Friday 14th April at DIRTY WATER with THE HOLLYWOOD SINNERS (Spain) + THE HIGHER STATE with Mole & Martin (both former membes of The Mystreated) DJing.

Mark it in what's left of yer mynds...