Thursday, January 12, 2023



The Zantees Lost Highway (intro) (Bomp/Charly)

Bad Scene C'mon Let's Go (Bandcamp)

Rob Sweeney Lucky Punch (Bandcamp)

Bithammer! Fucked Up and Stupid (That's Entertainment!)

Lio Les Brunes Comptent Pas Pour Des Prunes (Polydor)

Fran Parea (featuring Ginebras) La Chica de la Habitación de al Lado (Vanana)

Amor Liquido La Chica que me gusta (Amor Liquido)

Axolotes Mexicana Astor (Elefant)

Kate Clover Crime Raid (self-released)

Kid Gulliver Kiss And Tell (Sugar Snow)

Sex Museum Bailaré Sobre Tu Tumba (Family Spree)

Los Malinches Tipi Dulce Tipi (Family Spree)

Siniestro Total Rock en Samil (DRO)

Glutamato Ye Yé Todos los Negritos Tienen Hambre (Y Frío) (DRO)

Púlsar Noche de lluvia en Madrid (Ventilador)

The Dracu-Las Fever Dream (Bandcamp)

LHD Stage Bomb (Dirty Old Label/Bandcamp)

Simon Juliff Stars (Dog Meat)

Josephine Network He Still Calls Me Baby (Bandcamp)

Juniper Baby Doll (Confidential Recordings/Fabcom)

The Dahlmanns I Love You Baby (But I Hate Your Friends) (Pop Detective)

Carol Hodge Best Thing In This Town (Bandcamp)

Lisa Miskovsky Jag som vann (Bandcamp)

Annika Norlin Hydra (Razzia)

Les Rencards Le Risque A ta Vie (Groovie)

Tequila Dime Que Me Quieres (Zafiro)

The Prize Don’t Know You (Anti-Fade)

The Zantees Lost Highway (outro) (Bomp/Charly)

I tried a different method of putting this together. The fidelity of the music is better to my ears, it doesn't matter about the gab. One cannae unscramble eggs. Let me know if you hear any difference or if I'm imagining it. Update... there's no link so if you want an mp3 sent via WeTransfer then send me a message or comment with your e-mail and I'll hook you up. The file is 153MB.