Friday, January 16, 2009

What year is it? Mott The Hoople reunion info...

(Got this from a myspace post by Mr T. Tex Edwards)
Thanks to HT for the heads up!
(click on image to make it legible)
Another one gone, damnit! Can't the grim reaper take a breather or go after the more deserving??

Anyway, it's the weekend and that's something. I have a wee pile of stuff to root through here and am looking forward to that. I'm also mildly pissed at the whining about The Stooges not being inducted into some ridiculous self congratulatory bunfight. There are some good acts in that fictitious shack but not too many and maybe the criteria was a little more pure then. What was once a well-intentioned recognition of art is now way dilapidated. Surely it doesn't matter. The guy who was the missing link between garage punk and most everything since that's been worth listening to, is gone. No corporate do on earth can make up for them apples.

This virtual nursing home ought to be condemned. The real kudos lies with staying out of the Rock and Roll (no 'n's for these people) Hall of Tame. So, celebrate your heroes and heroines, or just your plain favourite music. Having it validated by a bunch of numpties is not necessary because life, as we're learning recently, is too too short and filled with more stuff than there is time to consume.

So there, got that out of my system. I'm off to play Adiam Dymott's debut single "Miss You" abnormally loudly in tribute to Ron A. Toodle fecking pip anatt!
RIP - Sir John Mortimer