Sunday, October 15, 2006

@ Mono, Glasgow on Thursday 26th October
The Dexateens “Hardwire Healing” (Rosa Records) elevates the stakes of this Tuscaloosa, AL combo’s game. While the punk rockin’, honky tonkness still applies, they’ve grown a more overt southern-fried country directness. There’s an Uncle Tupelo Vs Led Zep streak in there. I see mentions of the Stones on the bumf but (to me) that’s more tenuous now. Produced by David Barbe and Patterson Hood (of the Drive By Truckers), “Hardwire” straddles genres and could well introduce an aesthetic to those more familiar with rawk who have no conception of the roll. It’s the familiar picking that’ll snare the former first, they’ll find succour in recognition. This kinda hootch is on the rise and this shows a maturity that the first two didn’t altogether hint at. The sound is way more measured and assured now. Confident even. They also have John Neff on pedal steel. I presume that this is the same guy who made Blue Bob with David Lynch? I’m looking forward to seeing them live to see how it translates to an audience that doesn’t always co-exist comfortably with a Skynyrd/BOC backwash. I’m ancient and can dig it, for me it recalls a better time but could “the kids” ever be down with such a beastie? This is a deep seam to be mined with many influences to be absorbed. It hangs together well as an “album” rather than a bunch of tracks and that in itself is a pretty rare commodity.
My customary traipse of a Sunday morning to the strains of what I’ve downloaded in mp3 form bore a real surprise today. Jarvis Cocker’s “Black Magic” (go to Fluxblog and scroll down to the October 12th post) has taken “Crimson and Clover” and puree’d it with a little Spector and Pierre Henry. Sprinkled on some Suicide dust and come up with a very great pop song. Derivative mayhap but absolutely crying out to be a 7” single. Funny, I heard “Common People” on the wireless the other day. I’ve never been a huge Pulp fan but they've had one or three belters and that was one of them, like "Virginia Plain" by Roxy Music. “Black Magic” is up there with that. Have a listen.

Such longevity – in my opinion - is a thing of the past in terms of everything. In fact, it may have already been removed from dictionaries, etc. because a description is no longer required. Nothing, and I do mean nada - is built, made, designed or worse, even expected to last anymore. Sure, there are things that SHOULD, but the scum have no truck with that. Take YouTube, it was fun while it lasted but is undoubtedly doomed. It may provide a business model but all the good points will be spirited away. Its future is said to hinge on perceived ad "revenue". There's that word "perceived" again. Advertising, other than as a novelty, doesn't work. It doesn't bring the returns it once did and does nothing more than create a ripple of profile, if that. The arse has fallen out of printed real estate, just as it has on TV and radio because it’s way beyond saturation. Word of mouth or bush telegraph can provide the means of mushrooming but ultimately the info overload is just crushing. Even for info junkies. Being bombarded with waste be it of paper or cyber variety has disembowled any possible plus side to advertising, it’s almost all pish. Of course the word has to leak out somehow but lack of concensus means that it can’t be driven. Any kind of splash is just mopped up for the next regurgitation. There's no time to process anything anymore. Trying to make such time is mostly futile. It doesn’t even serve as the next day’s chip paper because the fast food emporiums use those terrible polystyrene cartons. Or white paper. Possibly because the ink will kill us. Whatever doesn’t off you makes you stronger (allegedly). Bring on the ink…
Bloody hell, I didn't realise this started tomorrow... over to Mr Spence...
"Yup Folks, you ain't gonna get more blammo for yer bucks than at any of these select locations next week!

From The South... THE DEXATEENS - full-on three-guitar southern rawk from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, over to promote their new LP, "Hardwire Healing"(Produced by Patterson Hood of the Drive By Truckers). Described as what the Stones would have sounded like had they been from Alabama, ie hot, nasty, gritty, ass-sweaty real deal rock'n'roll. Alabama humidity mixed with whiskey and big amps can only result in earth shaking rock and roll like this!
And from the North... THE GREASE MONKEYS - cranked-up garage punk rock'n'roll from Glasgow; taking 60's garage & 70's punk and putting it thru their hi-octane rawk blender w/ a few neat twists!

Here's the lowdown...


Mon 16th - LONDON w/ ANIMAL MATHS opening -
Windmill Brixton 22 Blenheim Gardens - £5 (£4 advance)
Tue 17th - HIGH WYCOMBE - The Roundabout, Bridge Street - FREE
Wed 18th - BRISTOL w/ DA CAPO opening - The Junction, Stokes Croft - £5
Fri 20th - LONDON w/ THE FLESHTONES headlining -
Dirty Water Club at The Boston, 178 Junction Road, Tufnell Park - £6
Sat 21st - BIRMINGHAM w/ DAN SARTAIN (headlining),
THE SUGARS, THE BIG BANG, & COPTER opening - Cold Rice Underground - further info/membership from there, details unavailable 'cos it's a sorta "secret" gig!)
Sun 22nd - GLASGOW w/ BABY JANE opening - 13th Note Cafe,
50-60 King Street.

...see y'all there!"