Sunday, September 25, 2011

Things are a wee bit out of my control in these parts of late, hence the erratic nature of content.

It’s gone from seemingly having all the time in the world to well, not having that. There’s a whole bunch of things I need to get to and will do when the gittin’ is possible. Finding the time to just listen to and read stuff has been engulfed.

Did get to the pictures these past two afternoons though, saw "One Day" which isn't so great - a bit wummin-y but I don't mind staring at Anne Hathaway for a bit. Also wondered if the director had clocked Matt and Kim's "Lesson's Learned" video.

On the other hand today's offering "The Guard" is really, really good. I would have made one small change to the outro but other than that - excellent. It's like Bill Forsyth directing a bizarro world "Rush Hour" scripted by Graham Linehan. Trust me on this one, it's cool and twisted. pity it's not a pilot for a TV show.

The news that REM split doesn’t really trouble my world. They had a few good songs but I never saw them. There were peripheral aspects to them that have some resonance though. Such as getting Murmur through the mail from Field Marshall Peter Zaremba when those Fleshtones were on IRS. My friend Scott McCaughey toured with them for many moons and most recently I guess the tie up with The Bambi Molesters on Sonic Bullets. They were fans of great music and supported it, even although their own fare was often a tad “meh”. It’s not their fault they shifted a lot of records. Damn, look at the time, gotta split again.