Monday, January 30, 2006

Out Soon on Screaming Apple: MAGGOTS - MONKEY TIME! "The Maggots have been playing their brand of rockin' garage punk since 1999. The main influence behind The Maggots lay in the original garage punk from the 60's but that's not the whole picture. Years - hell, decades! - of dedicated love for everything that is real rock'n'roll is rolled into the Maggot sound! The Maggots has been touring Germany, Spain, Italy, England, Scandinavia, Belgium, France, Holland. They've been touring with the Fleshtones and successfully backed up Jeff Conolly as "Lyres" in Sweden. 'Monkey Time!' is the fourth Maggots album and we're happy to release it on Screaming Apple records - a label that goes way back and who's love of the garage/punk sounds is well documented. On this album they have added a fourth member on Farfisa organ to spice up the sounds some more. 'Monkey Time!' is a vital record, trying to capture the timeless qualities of all good rock'n'roll while paying the dues both to the original 50's/60's garage/r&r/beat and to the member's own roots in the first 80's garage wave. The record consists of 9 original songs and 3 covers where we do our takes on some old fave songs..."