Tuesday, October 02, 2007

London's finest, the mighty Blacktime are playing two shows over here in Holland this week. Tomorrow (03.okt) at the first night of the Rotterdam Rumble and on Thursday (04.okt) at DBs here in Utrecht.

The Stripchords take to the Thames!

Hey ho kidlets!

The Stripchords are set to take their patent-pending mix of instrumental sleaze and vintage 8mm nudie cutie flicks onto the river Thames on Wednesday October 10th, when they take to the stage on the Battersea Barge, in support of former Stairs fella Edgar 'Summertyme' Jones' combo, um, Edgar Jones & The Joneses. This shindig comes to you courtesy of the redoubtable Rock'n'Roll Soul crew and tickets are limited, so get yerself a ticket quick, like!

See you at the ba-arrrrr, me hearties!


The Stripchords

Edgar Jones & The Joneses, The Stripchords, Black Elvis@ Rock'n'Roll Soul Goes Large On The Barge, The Battersea Barge, Nine Elms Lane, London SW8

Wednesday October 10th at 7.30pm - £7


The Works are a new band from Amsterdam and they are playing their second show this Friday at the Baarmoeder (Zeeburgerdijk 265) They feature a former member of Frites Modern and tell me they sound "Dictators-like", they even do a Dutch language version of 'New York, New York' ('Mokum, Mokum') Reasons enough to warrent investigation I'd say...
RIP - Ned Sherrin