Friday, July 08, 2011

Them weekend tickets for the Blast-Off festival are going like the proverbial off the shovel. Better get yours now...

Let’s see, there’s a bunch of great things happening everywhere but here. Death By Unga Bunga are playing in Moss, Norway tonight and over in Hamilton, Ontario -there’s a Memorial Show in honour of the late, great Imants Krumins.

Hereabouts, it’s pissing rain and the torture in the park over in Kinross is in full swing. The annual survivalist weekend with a bill that truly must be their most wretched yet but hey, it’s an institution. Maybe they could just build a big wall around it then. I’ll try to watch a wee bit on TV later but I fear it’ll bring on the Glastojeebies.

If they was a House of Rock stage with Morten and Caroline curating then maybe I’d have a rethink but being that it’s unlikely then I’m probably safe enough. It was touch and go this year though as Matt + Kim were alleged to play some tent or another. If The Dahlmanns end up headlining the main stage one night and Eric and Amy likewise then I’ll relax my embargo for that particular year but until then and hell, who knew that The Arctic Monkeys still existed?