Saturday, February 19, 2011

Taking some time out of getting nowhere with getting the bunker to some stage of normality. The Glasgow Film Festival is in full swing and although I don’t have the wherewithal to attend anything like the amount of screenings that I want to, I’ll be over there today and tomorrow. Before then I’ll be getting bombed on UPVC cleaner and paint fumes, trying to keep as far away from myself as is possible.

Gracias for the messages with regard to keeping this show on the road, it seems as though the idea of deep sixing all of this goes somewhat against the grain. Perhaps I’m over-reacting or then again, maybe what I’m involved with is past its sell by date? To try and explain without being terribly cryptic – when your faith in something/someone is shattered it can have a devastating effect. I don’t use that D word lightly but understand that even although one’s ticker is dead set on something then there’s no earthly reason that said situation will come to pass.

In addition, when someone says they’re going to do something then I expect them to follow through. Well people who I consider to be friends anyway. I know the planet is festooned with others that just blah their brains out and that this could be considered naive but it’s my one last olive branch to the human condition.

And - try as I might, the ability to unscramble eggs eludes me