Wednesday, September 30, 2009

If you live in France then maybe The Boonaraaas are playing near you. Please make sure you look after them.

Ron Sanchez posted this link to facebook about NY Record Emporiums with a difference. It includes my old friend J.D. Martignon of Midnight Records. That neatly introsuces another French connection. Gotta split to clear the decks so I can check out the first two episodes of the new season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm". Are you going to the MOBO's in Glasgow? My invite seemed to get lost in amongst all the postal strikes and work to rule. Ne'er mind...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

For some reason, it's still possible to get tickets for the Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby show at The Buffalo Bar down "The London" tomorrow night (30th).

I know, you make the effort to go out sometimes and when you get there you wish you hadn't bothered. Me too. All the time. This won't be one of those, plus it's the show in the UK for this season so give 'em a rousing send-off and buy all their merch. There are "Joey Ramone" 45's to be had....

And to close, here's some political commentary wrapped up in a pretty decent roots rock song...

Born in the Garage
- Bomp! Part II

Book Signing and Release Party.

Sunday, October 11, 2009, 2 - 4PM

Freakbeat Records - 13616 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 (818) 995-7603.

BORN IN THE GARAGE - BOMP PART II is a heavyweight celebration of the roots of rock fandom. With eye-popping cover art by the immortal William Stout, this is the ultimate anthology of rock 'n' roll fandom from its inception to its mid/late 1970s heyday. The book includes 300 pages of reproductions from Greg Shaw's pioneering 70s era zines Who Put The Bomp and BOMP! plus essays by Jon Savage, Alec Palao, Ken Barnes, Suzy Shaw and Mike Stax covering 60s garage and beat, surf, British Invasion, girl groups, rockabilly, acid punk and psychedelia, along with obsessively detailed discographies and label listings, plus reams of readers' letters and never before published material.

The sheer volume of historical information is almost mind-boggling. Also included are reprints from Shaw's obscure personal zines, Metanoia and Liquid Love, circulated in 1970-72 to just a handful of friends and fellow writers.

Aside from including a huge selection of Shaw's insightful writing, BOMP! PART II also includes rare early work by celebrated rock scribes like Ken Barnes, Lester Bangs, Lenny Kaye, Richard Meltzer, Dave Marsh, Mike Saunders, Phast Phreddie Patterson and others.

The book also features artwork by underground art legends Jay Kinney, William Stout and Tom Kirk. Appearing at the event will be Ugly Things Magazine editor, musician and writer Mike Stax along with the legendary William Stout (yes the fabulous artist who did all those amazing early TMQ bootleg graphics in the '70s) Ken Barnes and Suzy Shaw who will be bringing her world-famous Bomp Cookies for all to enjoy!

T-shirts will be available too.

"Born In The Garage - Bomp! Part II" - 300 pages, soft-cover,
USBN: 978-09778166205-1595, published by Bomp! and Ugly Things

Thanks to Lee Joseph for the info.

Monday, September 28, 2009


The “punk rock” awayday could catch on. It might take some work but to my mind it would do the body and soul good if it did. I use the p.r. term as an example here and it should not be construed as the definitive description of what was witnessed. It’s true that a measure was displayed but in essence this is a broad canvas. When it became evident that Amy and Eric’s show would take place in the afternoon, it was that most over-used of descriptions – “a no-brainer”. The train ticket doon Tyneside was duly booked and it was a pleasant choogle down.

Left Polmont at 9.30 am and was in the “toon” just nudging noon. The trundle of overnight cases was a solid rumble toward the station as I was emerging into the bright blue day. Some of the luggage draggers were looking decidedly worse for wear so I assumed it had been a good night. After I found the venue, I took a stroll down to the river where there was a market and the good weather had definitely brought the people out. There was a Greggs the bakers open down there too. I’m not sure that happens further north. Certainly my local one doesn’t. Anyway, it was doing a roaring trade. Came across a record stall that was pretty good and I managed to ward off an urge to buy a copy of “Tooth, Fang and Claw” and made my way back in the general direction of The Bridge Hotel. A very nice old hostelry indeed and one time home to the Jumpin’ Hot Club. Those shows were in the basement. In this case, the venue was upstairs in a cracking old function room with loads of photos of old r&b artists and 78s adorning the walls. It’s a great spot and if there was any justice there would be a place like this in every major town and city and it would form a circuit for us all to catch some good music of a weekend afternoon. It would phase out the ritual of night gigs and leave those to youngsters with the stamina to put up with the bullshit that often comes with that territory. Such as the 3 and 4 act bill. That’s a debate for another time though.

Cutting straight to the chase, no support – the dynamite, dynamic duo took to the stage around 4 and finished just shy of 6. The show was pretty much and exercise in presenting what can only be considered as total entertainment. Which begs the question as to why the fuck the place wasn’t crammed? To be taken for granted is one thing but I’m constantly amazed by just how retarded the public are. You simply don’t see an act of this width and depth every day of the week. Any opportunity to do so should be grasped and appreciated because I’ll tell you something, you’ll miss it when they decide to call it a day. You’ll hear stories about this great little combo about how funny, how moving and just how outright fun these two are but you won’t move your arse and go out to see them. Conversely some will go to an enormadome and gush over The rhymes with white Stripes and their recycled Zep via valve amps, one dimensional racket. What the fuck is wrong with people?

It was all getting a wee bit twilight outside and Eric was looking a bit like Dennis Hopper as they went into a version of “The Ballad of Easy Rider”. “Bobble-Headed Doll” is to be the flip of “Teflon Wok”, a single that will come out in time for them touring some of Europe with Yo La Tengo in a few weeks. Not the UK or Scandanavia though. Amy said that it needed a bit of work but it sounded pretty damn good from where I was standing. The sound in the room was great and at one point I truly wished that this was my local and that this could be a regular experience.

Eric and Amy are often augmented in the north by an “installation” that involves two diehard fans –“Wreckless George” and “Wreckless John”. Yesterday they were augmented by a third member of the troupe. Their ability to make it look like they’re very pished is countered with some subtle, impromptu moves that could only be attempted by seasoned veterans. Could they be “The Blue Man Group” sans emulsion? The whereabouts of “Wreckless Paul” and “Wreckless Ringo” are unknown at this juncture.

Another great show in the bag by a treasured act that deserves to be shown considerably more love by the gig-attending public than they are, what are they doing wrong? Why aren’t the gigs packed out. Why aren’t people being turned away?? Because they’re basically stupid is the most obvious reason. Whatever it is, it’s time there was a cure for this particular condition.

Great to see local rockin’ cognoscenti Brian Coyoteman and Dave “Ratty” Campbell there and also to meet original Addis and The Flip Tops drummist, Steve Marshall. It was also a gas to hook up with Rob, who pointed out that I had made it into the Tom Morton Diary in The Sunday Herald along with Katie Price (no ta) and Gina McKee (yes, thanks). Blimey. Thanks also to Mark of noredindian who put the show on in the first place

I was back in the bunker by 11pm, a little shell-shocked and wondering if it had all actually happened. A sure sign of a grand craic.

So far, this limiting of computer usage is working. Heck, this morning, I didn’t even switch it on before I headed for work. My use of “Twitter” is erratic. Check that spelling. Facebook I find useful for some things but the gilt has kinda worn off the gingerbread, although I do have it “synched” with this so I’m not sure if it’s responsible for the hike in visitor numbers. MySpace I hardly use at all anymore, except to listen to stuff that people put up there. I don’t really try to load it much anymore and as a result, the computer seems to work better. Or that could just be a perception. Either way, if any messages are coming via that route, then there is almost certainly going to be a delay in me getting them. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day and what’s more I’m coming to appreciate what remains of my eyesight.

So now I have to figure a fair and reasonable way to foster out these magazines I was on about to new homes following some positive responses. I’d like everybody who got back to me to get something and I have to investigate the carriage ramifications.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nothing much to report at this hour. I'm headed south but still very much north to the fair city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne to see The Gouldens. Not a bad name for a musical combo that, right?

Anyway, if you're in those parts - get yourself along to The Bridge Hotel for some mid-afternoon tunes. If I'm back at a reasonable hour then maybe I'll let you know how it went later. However it might be tomorrow. On that note, I bid you good day...

Oh, one last thing - on the Mojo front - I've had a few responses and will do my damndest to make sure that everybody gets something.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

RIP - Benny Mahan

(My condolences to his friends and family out there in Springfield. I never knew or met him but I believe that he inspired some people that mean a lot to me.)

"Souvenirs – Little Gems of Pop" is the latest release on "Wall of Noise", a division of the Sound Asleep imprint and I haven’t heard such an effin’ effervescent collection of prime power pop in a long time. Pound for pound this pounds any overpriced retread into the dirt. I’m not saying this couldn’t have happened without those exponents, i’m just telling you that – in my opinion – this is better.

In addition to their being 21 great tunes on this bay, it’s also dedicated to the memory of our pal – Lennart Persson and also Duane Jarvis. I haven’t heard Flying Color or Manual Scan in forever and this reminds me how good they were. I’d never heard Choo Choo Train or The Explosives before at all and that’s been my loss. “A Girl like You” by the latter might be my sprightliest discovery since The Shivvers “Teenline”. The original version of “Not The Trembling Kind” by The Decoys is also here, the little number that would eventually be tackled by Ms Laura Cantrell. Todd Newman & The Leatherwoods “To Win You Back” is very “Too Busy Thinking ‘bout My Baby”-like and none the worse for it.

If you need something that’ll hit the spot like Dwight Twilley, Phil Seymour , The Shoes or top-flight Teenage Fanclub then this baby is a must have. Good to hear Philly greats, The Wishniaks again too (Shout out to Mr Snyder!). Whoever curated this deserves a commendation... Jerker – This means you! Bruce Bodeen’s liners are excellent too. The whole thing has put me in the mood to dig out my Guadalcanal Diary albums. That’s what cool music should do, make you feel like you don’t want it to stop. These little gems are right bobby dazzlers! This is a limited edition so don’t hang about.

On the subject of LP, in the Swedish town of Umeå – there’s a monthly happening by the name of Klubb Lennart. It pays tribute to the fine, fine music that the man wrote about and dug, a very worthy undertaking to be sure. The next instalment will include a very cool dj who I’m not at liberty to divulge, incase it’s meant to be a secret.

It’ll be an excellent night though, you can be sure of that!

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in Golden Gate Park, SF - next weekend!

Quite a line-up!!

(Thanks to Art Fein for the heads up)

The A&R Report is online, there goes the rest of the day...

Finally looked at these Mojos and the numbers up for grabs are as follows. I’ve added cover info where I think anybody might care and would like as many of these as possible to go to a good home or homes. If you want any, all it requires is the postage to be covered. So here goes;

9 (Clash cover), 10 (Neil Young cover), 11, 14, 18, 19, 25,26, 28, 29 (Iggy cover), 30, 31, 38, 39 (Nick Drake cover), 40, 45,47 (Glam – Bowie/Ronson cover), 48, 61, 62, 63 (Blondie cover), 69, 75 (Velvets cover), 78 (Iggy cover – there are 2 copies of this), 81 (2 copies), 82, 84, 88, 91 (2 copies), 92, 93 (2 copies), 94 (New Order cover), 95 (100 Punk Scorchers – 2 copies), 96, 97, 98, 100 (2 copies), 101 (2 copies), 104, 105 (2 copies), 106 (2 copies), 107, 108, 110, 114, 115, 116, 119, 120, 138 (Marc Bolan cover), 152, 154, 155, 157, 158, 160, 161, 162, 163, 164, 166, 169, 170, 171, 174, 175, 177, 178, 179, 181, 182, 186, 187, 188, 189, 190.

There are no cds with them but maybe they could be found if it was really necessary. Some of these things have Beatles covers and all that other crap that allegedly makes them collectible. No? Me neither...

Also Mojo Collections magazine... issues 1,3, 4, 5

In addition, Record Collector magazines...
49,69, 72, 78, 88, 90, 95, 96, 97, 99, 111, 114, 116, 125, 149, 153, 166, 181, 184, 208, 225, 240, 243

So let’s see how we go with these. If there are no takers then they’re going in the big blue bin.

Thanks to Jari via facebook for finding this... and ahead of the Mott shows that will take place over the coming week...

monorail film club is back...

Interiors (15)
Sunday 27 September (7.30)

In Woody Allen’s first serious feature, three grown up sisters struggle to cope with the influence of their unstable mother, Eve. When their estranged father announces his decision to remarry, confusion and tragedy follow, along with an uncertain hope that the characters may find some kind of peace.

Selected and introduced by Caroline Gardiner, film club member/session cellist.
Click here for tickets

October Screening:

American Movie (15)
Sunday 25 October (7.00)

A tribute to a beer-guzzling Mid-western filmmaker and indie spirit this documentary is an ambitious, wildly funny chronicle by Chris Smith that celebrates the do-or-die lifestyle of redneck auteur Mark Borchardt.

The film is preceded by short film Heavy Metal Jr by Chris Waitt (24 minutes)

The screening will be introduced by Stuart Braithwaite from Mogwai.
Click here for tickets


I'm not around for "American Movie" but if you've never seen it then it's a must. Definitely a top tenner for me. Who can forget the night Mark and Mike came to Edinburgh? Nobody who was there - that's for sure...

Friday, September 25, 2009

RIP - Rhino Records?

Jings, this takes me back...

Dammit! now why did I think this was in October??

John "Hoppy" Hopkins in Glasgow... tomorrow (26th September)

To quote a favourite songwriter of mine, “Today’s word is dejected”. However it’s Friday and that brings tacit relief for a wee while at least. A conversation I had about stuff and the hoarding thereof the other night has made me think that the recycle bucket will be receiving a hearty feed over this period. It’s more likely that I’ll find a bunch of stuff that will drain up the precious time but you never know. I will do the Mojo thing though so stand by for the word on that. Is the general malaise something to do with the ongoing Mercury retrograde or just par for the course?

I'd become a communist and drop the hell off the map if I could pick the commune.

Anyhoo, I just saw Brother Patrick report to Staysick that The Sonics will play Paris on December 7th.

I keep meaning to post a link to Chuck Miller's great Cramps blog.

Something else that I've been meaning to do is make you aware that Play Loud! could really do with some folks ordering The Monks dvd and other stuff direct from them so that they can keep making quality gear in the future. Lucia and Dietmar have fallen victim to the occupational minefield of a distributor going down the pan. DO NOT download their wares from any of these bit torrent sites or wherever, make an effort to prop up these stalwarts of cool popular culture out yonder in Germany. If you don't then you won't get to see their Martin Rev dvd...

And getting out of here but remaining in that fine country, the lady in question that penned that opening line back there is in Munich tonight and Hamburg tomorrow. Hello Saferide is one heck of a night out and could well reaffirm your faith that it's worth plodding on.

I'm going to attempt some reviews over the next few hours. Some of them will be very short in line with the average attention span these days. Mine included.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

This is going to come over as one of these “it’s not you , it’s me” scenarios. Following last night’s JJR show in Glasgow, I need to file this report. Some will agree, others won’t.

Firstly, to my mind – the show was woefully promoted. I’m pretty sure hardly anybody knew about it. Hell, Monorail didn’t even have advance tickets and I’m pretty sure that some of their clientele would have been at least interested. Maybe if they’d played with The Primevals or another local rock’n’roll ensemble? Maybe that would have made some kind of difference?? But anyway, there go those scrambled eggs again. It was an opporchancity wasted. There was no support, which in another way was a good thing. When we wandered up, they were still soundchecking and it sounded pretty good. A good eal better than the soup of Madame JoJo’s. You could even hear the “piano”.

They went on about 9.45pm and there were maybe 40 people there by that time. Not bad considering it was such a well kept secret but way short of how many it should have been. It further gave further grist to the mill of the notion – why bring a decent band to Glasgow, or Scotland even? But that’s a debate for another day, or the comments if you feel like it. If you ever tried to “promote” a show here then I imagine you know what I mean. The JJR were very loud and sounded better than my previous encounter by a long shot. They work hard. They pummel. They have all the moves and the shapes and they look like a band. Did I mention that you could hear the “piano” for chrissakes. The efficiency from where I was standing though seemed that for all the high energy, even with the illusion of volume that was sometimes disorienting, the net result wasn’t particularly deadly. It was mentioned that they’re better than the Blues Explosion. Maybe so, but they’re nothing like them. The ingredients are all in place and my own tuppence worth is that they should be playing to youngsters up to the age of 35. They should have played Sleazy’s where the room would have better suited their oeuvre at this point. It’s all a bit Alanis that they’re belting out “Meat Man” in a vegan restaurant.

Irrespective of what I think, the JJR deserved a better reception on their first visit up here than they got. It won’t put them off but this wasn’t a great advert for a country that often lays claim to have the best audiences in the world. This is assuming that there is an audience.

The JJR do have the firepower to sock it to you but in essence, they leave me cold. It’s not them necessarily, it’s most likely me and I’m not sure this relationship will ever work. So I respectfully wish them every success and head in the opposite direction feeling pretty old and tired. It would be great if the youngsters could get on board their rocket but I’m not holding my breath.

Moon Duo is where I’m at right now, what can I tell you?

RIP - Sam Carr

(Thanks to Mr Duff for the info, Goner Board for the link)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The MO at the moment seems to be that I’ve come in for a bout of turbulence as caused by the minutiae of bullshit. I don’t take kindly to this but it’s an occupational hazard – it would seem - that is keeping me from more important matters.

Off to catch The Jim Jones Revue in Glasgow now, I think it’s their first foray this far Nort’. Hopefully it’ll be better than the Madame JoJo’s show earlier this year. For a start, Bobby Gillespie is unlikely to be there so that has to be an improvement. All will be revealed in the fullness of time he typed hoping that it won’t be a last train (not tram – hey TJ!) home situation. 10.48/11.18pm I could just about live with on a school night.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

As my peeps know, I'm not somebody who is at the cutting edge of gadgetry.

I thought I'd lost my bog standard mobile phone this morning. I remembered charging it up and was pretty sure it never left the house. When I called it, it went straight on to voicemail. People who try to call me by that method know that it’s almost only ever switched on when I’m making or expecting a call. A trait, I'm reliably informed, that I share with Mose Allison. It’s not something that could be realistically perceived to be a tracking device. I never walk down the street or sit in a train staring at it. That said, I miss it because I HATE the thought of having to get another one and this little blighter had so much left to give. But thankfully, the device showed up on the floor of the car. God only knows how but I'm relieved to have been reunited with it. Even although it's seldom used.

I have some artwork and stuff to do so I'm off to see what kind of progress can be made on that. Don't forget that The Nomads are headed for Norway this weekend - if you can make that it'll be high in entertainment protein. The Wildebeests and Les Bof will also be out in those climes. Sadly I'll be UK bound with a reprieve on Sunday for the matinee show in Newcastle by Eric and Amy.

Monday, September 21, 2009

RIP - Arthur Ferrante

(info from Donna Lethal via facebook)

Before I begin, Mr Duff reminded me that The Lost Crusaders are at The Corn Rocket Club in London tonight. I've no idea who is joining Mike for these euroshows but you should cut along if you can. It should get pretty nuts in Ryans Bar a little later...

But I digress, some progress was made with regard to getting rid of stuff this past weekend then. A sizeable pile of The List, Uncut and Premiere were launched into the recycle bin. The next chore in that line is to list the issues of Mojo, send them to the smattering of folks that expressed interest and despatch those accordingly. This includes unwanted issues into the hungry jaws of the aforementioned receptacle. Slight inroads were made into a cd cull also but I need to apply the same level of ruthlessness as I have done with the printed matter. Records could well be next but that will be a more difficult matter. I can’t even begin to consider cassettes and VHS tapes at this point and never really caught the dvd bug. Still preferring to make the effort to go to the cinema, at least that habit hasn’t died although the logistics can be fraught sometimes.

The only thing I’m interested in seeing is the new “Curb” episodes that started to air in the US last night. This season apparently centres around the prospect of a “Seinfeld” reunion and by all accounts the first show was great. I did watch some eps of "True Blood" and found it kind of irritating in its post Twin Peaks style. Buffy via American Gothic with added raunch but not as good as either. The theme tune is good in a Chris Isaak/Fatboy vein (you see what I did there.. haw haw) and I think I heard Eleni Mandell in the background of one?

Apparently Season 2 is better and to be honest, I’m not sure that I’ll get that far. We’ll see. An hours de-clutter per night should see me done with it all by about 2015 or thereabouts.

Some other stuff I just discovered that I hadn’t passed on that’ll be coming out over the next wee while. I had scribbled and copied links on to a list but I’ve lost that. This is fairly typical of the situation that is ongoing hereabouts. The other aspect is that what you don’t know or never knew is unlikely to trouble you. That’s a positive note, right? The e-mail and file thing is in many ways worse than physical clutter, I’ve never really been able to fathom a systematic way of storing files. The backup discs to the left of me here are just a further example of what will eventually become landfill. Or maybe I’ll just make arrangements for them to go to one of the places that claims to recycle cd material. I guess I don’t have to make my mind up about that right athis instant.

The Rev. Mike Mastrangelo tells me that tehre's another round of Gun Club re-issues ("Miami", Death Party and The Las Vegas Story) coming in October via Cooking Vinyl. Nothing on the site yet but I'll keep you posted.

Need something to read as the nights are drawing in? Joe Bonomo's tome on The Killer, Jerry Lee Lewis - entitled "Lost and Found", this could well be what you're after… I wonder what happened to those tracks The Radio Sweethearts worked on sone time ago??

John Cavanagh's Pirate Radio is on at The Arches this Tuesday and Wednesday. Be there prior to 8.20pm on either night.

The Jim Jones Revue are at Mono on Wednesday. £8 on the door, no advance tickets.

For the forseeable, one hour in the morning (provided I can get up as these dark mornings creep in) and another one in the evening will be my interweb activity for the foreseeable future. These heavy manners are necessary to pursue other avenues of what passes for an existence. I shouldn’t grumble but I do. All part of the charm. Kerfuffle’s and conflicts with regard to time off. Plus it’s not physically or fiscally possible to attend every shindig that I’d like to. Still, I shall be missing in action with regard to blogging between 22nd and 26th October .

Maybe J could be cajoled into interrupting his real life for a couple of day? However, I think you'll live if this thing isn't updated daily. Or even weekly come to that...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Let’s head out to Sweden this Sunday afternoon (GMT) and hit up some spots that might be of interest.

Theodor Jensen’s previous release went under the moniker of The Plan but this one sees him revert to his namesake. As “Walk For Gold” experimented with sophisticated pop shapes, “Tough Love” follows on from that and pushes the envelope marked grandiose even further. It reminds me of “Forever Changes” in some ways without actually sounding anything like it. Orchestral would best describe the fixtures and fittings and the sound is very ornate and off kilter. A little Calexico battling with the Spiders from Mars. That piano on “Bapada” is decidedly Garson-esque. I hear a wee Steve Harley type inflection in his voice too I think but that’s as far as the comparisons go.

It’s an unusual blend of styles with an ebb and flow of real drama. The print on the cd sleeve is too small for me to read even with my gregory’s so I can’t tell you who is actually playing on it but it’s printed on very nice paper. I understand that some of it was recorded at Konie’s Studio Cobra. There’s some skewed blue-eyed soul alongside equally twisted world music. A little like Scritti Polliti but way less po’ faced. “Side by side” is the best example of this particular aspect. I sense a folk aesthetic subplot going on with the instrumentation. That’s what hints at genuine oddness and ends up sounding all the more captivating. It’s not rock’n’roll but it’s good to head off the beaten track into relatively uncharted territory every once in a while.

And those Hemifrån hits just keep on comin’...

“The Power Of The Lord Will Set Us Free and we will be.... Trailerpark Idlers isn’t the name of the band like “And You Will Know Us By Trail Of Dead” or however that goes. Bible bashing Sunday morning brimstone coming down or just interpretations? It’s hard to tell but by the time you get to “We Need a Lot More of Jesus and A Lot less Rock’n’Roll” the outcome is more obvious.

The gospelness can be taken with a pinch of salt, a rattle of the beads or however you get your faith jollies. Or not. What I’m trying to say is that, even if you’re not a god botherer these folks definitely have their moments of are they/aren’t they. And blow up quite a head of steam in the process. A fun combo then whose next project is a Jim Reeves covers album. I’d love to hear them do an Amy Allison song.

Citizen K is Klas Qvist and his “Meet Citizen K” album comes in packaging that looks not unlike Jackson Browne’s “Saturate Before Using”. This is something of a clue to what the contents sound like but there’s more than a hint of Richard Thompson present too which gives it a folkie edge. That Pinball Wizard guitar on “That Same Old Sun” displays that there’s more to this than just pastiche. Very nicely recorded and while it won’t necessarily grab you, there’s that undeniable Swede-pop element that’ll just creep up on you. I could tell this would be good because of the quality of the sleeve material. This is a guy that gives a hoot about presentation and I for one appreciate that sort of effort.

Jump4Joy ’s Tasty is some of that nostalgic rock’n’roll that sits someplace between The Refreshments and The Skeletons more cabaret type moments. It’s a little clean and clichéd even but quite charming nonetheless. Some toe-curling lyrics, the text speak nature of the name and the fact that one of ‘em would appear to have a ponytail can’t contain the fact that they can probably shake up a hostelry some.

Not that I would know anything about that culture whatsoever...

Post #4400 - Things don't get much more ridiculous than this... thanks to Sigrid Jakob via staysick for the link.

The Barman talks to James Williamson. He seems to have his head screwed on. Nice one Craig.

I was talking to Kaptain Krunch last night and he told me that I had to watch “Later”. The sequence in question was a performance by a group who recently professed an interest in penning a Bond theme, an act that had Mr Thewlis apoplectic earlier in the week. The whys and wherefores of that particular angle won’t impinge on my world at all. After all what could possibly follow that Jack White/Alicia Keys atrocity better?

I watched aghast for as long as I could take as these utter numpties trawled through something that sounded a little close to call like a certain well known theme tune by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. I’d be interested to see the publishing credit on that if I could stomach looking at a cd jacket. But the piece de resistance was the final number that surely trod on the “Queen” brand template with a little Yorke thrown in to snag all the lovers of what has killed music stone dead this past few years. There are other similarly heinous perp's doing the rounds - you probably have your own particular "favourite" for the high jump come the revolution. Or at least something. All the talk about dinosaurs during the punk wars? Selective memory or what??

Caterwauling Florence (or Horace as the Kaptain calls “her”) and her machine were on too. But don’t worry folks, I fast forwarded through. No real lasting damage was done as far as I can tell. But like damp cold, this stuff is insidious. It gets to your bones. Those bloody gears of what used to be a rockin' machine. There's plenty of WD40 out there, it just takes a little effort to find.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

FYI - The Wreckless Eric/Amy Rigby show in Newcastle next Sunday (27th) is a matinee.

You should be at The Bridge Inn for 3pm or thereabouts to catch all the action.

Friday, September 18, 2009

RIP - Henry Gibson

(Thanks to Ben for the info)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I am effing flabbergasted. Now here's a dilemma I didn't see coming...

It’s been another braw, bricht autumnal day hereabouts. A week now without rain which must be some kind of record. Not a cd. Or a cassette. I’m looking at a wee pile of the former that I need to tackle out of the side of my eye as I type this. Lately I’ve been thinking that just about everything that needs to be said has been written about music. Certainly by me. Of course that doesn’t cover the act of actually convincing someone that they would want to hear something. That filter is still relevant. Sometimes I think about just adding a link with a sentence. That might assist both of us with the passage of that most precious commodity. Time.

Yesterday evening, I did a dummy run on my “no TV” thing. I survived. No jones. Not so far anyway so I may go for two in a row. Nothing good on the sucker anyway. I did get a new "remote" control today though so I have to at least see if it works. This weekend will have started by this time tomorrow and I’m brimful of good intentions right now but let’s just see how this will manifest itself. There shall be updates one way or the other because there are no plans to venture far. However there are cool things happening in other airts… so Mr Spence supplied these with the following proviso - "The Brutes have another rockin' South of the Border raid this weekend. We'll be rampaging in Liverpool on Friday (18th Sept) and ransacking Leicester on Saturday (19th Sept). Details in attached pretty pictures!

While we're on the subject of "pictures", lets get a bit twisted fine art on your tucus and NYC welcomes the great Isabel Samaras and you can get all the info here.

On the culture wagon, JD King has another wee story ready for your perusal.

Ever wanted to know what might have happened if Lindisfarne covered The Ramones? Well have a look at this that Iain just sent me the link to...

This Just in from The Cameo... "Sunday 25 October sees a very special event. From 6pm we will be screening DAWN OF THE DEAD (1978) followed by an in-person Q&A with Ken Foree and then DAY OF THE DEAD followed by an in-person Q&A with Joe Pilato. Every audience member will get a merchandise goody bag and a signing will follow the event.

Tickets priced at a bargain £10 Full/£8 Concession will go on sale at 11am on Saturday 26 September via the booking line on 0871 704 2052 or in person at the box office. There will be no online sale of the tickets. Demand is likely to be very high so early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment.

This event is in association with
Arrow Video
Cult Fiction "

So have fun with that, I'm off to catch what's left of the daylight and when I get back there are big decisions to be taken which will undoubtedly be put off but we'll see. It sounds cryptic right? Well it is. You need to believe that.

RIP - Mary Travers

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

RIP - Bobby Graham

(Thanks to John Trembly a BLR for the link info)

Any plans for gallivanting look to have been right royally creamed for now. An unfortunate realisation but not entirely unexpected and it comes amongst a real urge to take a backseat from everything for a while. No small part of this is that I need to get another computer and just can’t muster the effort to do so. The TV is on the blink too and I’m seriously thinking about trying to wean myself off that particular electronic hearth. Like trying to go for a month without switching it on. There’s plenty more around here I could do with getting on with after all. All these little niggles are manifesting themselves like a big itchy bite. It’s called life.

Anyway, while I sort out some actual info to post here - Brother Liam has seen the light and he's looking to find a new home for some Rockin'Bones/NBT back issues. A lot of you folks ask me if I have this kind of material so maybe you can help him out?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monte Melnick is heading for Madrid (FNAC Chain Store - 29th September) and Barcelona (FNAC Triangle - 30th September). You kids out there need to go meet this great man and buy the Jaime Gonzalo translated special edition of "On The Road With The Ramones". It couldn't have happened without this guy. Just out on the Munster Books imprint!
(click on the image to enlarge in new window)

Time is fleeting and Amy will be pretty much back in that New York groove by the time I post this. At this point we’ll back up to Saturday night and the BMX show in Glasgow. The Classic Grand is the sharpest venue in town and apart from the seemingly Draconian curfew, it’s a great place to watch music. We missed Randolph’s Leap but got there in time to see Primary 5, a big favourite of Mr Tjolsen of the Oslo parish who was also out this way last week. They make a decent racket and have all the dynamics but the constant tuning didn’t half hamper the momentum. Still, this is the problem with entertainment. The Bandits have regrouped since I last saw them and I imagine that demand elsewhere for St Deluxe makes this a good move. In contrast to the P5 maybe playing a tad too long, the BMX crew could have done with playing a wee bit longer. The newly shorn Duglas is no Samson. He was in top form as was the band.

Sunday was pretty quiet, caught “Genevieve” at the Hippodrome and became depressed at the consideration of having burned a week’s leave in what seemed like an instant. Amy and Davie completed the recordings and now things need to be assembled. Expect a bloody fine album over the course of 2010. Details will emerge over the coming weeks and months and you’ll be able to follow it all here provided I’m around for that long.

Talking of people not being around, it was a bummer to hear about Jim Carroll yesterday. I met him once at the Great American music hall in SF where he did a show with Lenny Kaye. Angel CC and me. I’m thinking maybe 1994 but neither of us can remember when exactly it was so it must have been a good night… We went to a metal club called Terminator with Lenny and I’m pretty sure that the band was Testament. I recall it being like the club scene from The Crow and that we laughed a lot but that’s all the neurons will permit at this time. With regard to JC, my jukebox ate my “People Who Died” 45 and was immediately put out of commission as it has been to this day because I can’t find anyone who might be able to fix it. That’s something I need to attend to. Figure out if it can indeed be restored to working order or get it out of the bunker. I’m really hoping it’ll be the former.

Then I find out today that Patrick Swayze and Keith Floyd have died and I’m not sure either warrants the standard RIP here because neither made much of a mark. I will admit that I don’t mind “Roadhouse” at all as a film but can’t recall seeing either “Dirty Dancing” or “Ghost”. “DD” however took Mickey and Sylvia’s “Love is Strange” to the mainstream so that’s pretty cool. Keith Floyd is being blamed for the advent of the “celebrity chef” in the media today but he seemed fairly amiable compared to an utter tosspot like Gordon Ramsey. I don’t think his memory deserves to be sullied like that.

And that kind of brings us up to the present, there’s all kinds of catching up to be done. I did consider nipping along to see this new “Taking Of Pelham 123” tonight but I think my time would be better spent restoring a semblance of order to the bunker. But not before I turn that godawful "request" show that's taken root on Radio Scotland between 6 and 8pm.

Congrats to Matt and Kim winning a VMA award for "Lessons Learned". If it was down to me they'd have won all of them. And given Kanye a good pummelling into the bargain.

OK, stuff do do. Lot of music to process and information to figure, not to mention e-mails with links to stuff that I'll never hear to delete. Am I sure I want to send it to the recycle bin? You bet.

Monday, September 14, 2009

RIP - Jim Carroll

(Thanks to Ms Karen McBurnie for the link - I'll lay off the "People Who Died" thing)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Greetings "Will Preston"!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sort of lost the plot and am deeply disoriented but not in a bad way. When I got back from Edinburgh last night to Joachim’s message about my OX column the penny dropped. Priorities have gotten skewed and it’s time to try and get this sucker back on the rails.

“District 9” turned out to be pretty good, took me a wee while to acclimatise to the Harryhausenness of the “creatures” but after that it’s a pretty good yarn. And the main guy is like a Sellers, Rossiter with a side of Astin (Gomez Addams). You have to see it on a big screen. It was cracking red sky night following the first outright warm day in ages. Chips on the walk down to the station was the only way to go, just as the scumhordes spilled onto the streets.
Discovered a group, The Wee Baby Jesuses on the poster outside Henry’s. Wonder if the music can measure up to the moniker?

I'm headed for Glasgow now. Ultimately ending up at the Classic Grand. Maybe see you there?

Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm not long in and figured I'd jump on here quickly and remind you folks about this show tomorrow night. Cue Atomic Rooster.

For those who expressed an interest in being in Glasgow last night. I wasn't but the intrepid Duglas T Stewart came up with the link to the first clip on fb. I wasn't there either but will be at BMX Bandits Classic Grand shindig tomorrow (all going to plan)...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Been reading about the Kurt Cobain Guitar Hero hoo-hah and also got a message from my pal Bon Von Wheelie out there in Tacoma. It made me do try and find some Girl Trouble on YouTube and there are only two versions of the "My Hometown" video on there. This is particularly pertinent because it features a certain Neko Case who, if all goes according to plan, I will see in Edinburgh tomorrow.

So here's the GT clip, it can't be embedded unfortunately. The embed one has a banner ad thing at the top. The best band that Sub Pop ever had and one of the greatest rock'n'roll combo's of all time. And following yesterday's discovery, here's a Fastbacks clip I never say before. Again not embedabble but great to see another Pacific Northwest staple that wiped the floor with the originbal subject of this post. I never rated Nirvana. Not really. Neither Kurt's or the old Island Records Folkies. Just incase there was any confusion.

Need to move before I seize up, pushing that lawnmower is more exercise than I'm used to.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Teenage Fanclub and Edwyn Collins in Glasgow tomorrow night anyone?

Info courtesy of Jock'n'Roll...

I wonder how the post-punk conference is going? Good I hope and furthermore – maybe it’s been exposed as the utter bollocks that much of what touts itself as that is. I heard the GO4 on the wireless last weekend and was not impressed. Neither do I give a fuck about PIL reforming, this is something your humble scribe reckons to be akin to a YES tour. Or am I getting mixed up with post-prog or something else. The only thing I can be sure of at all anymore is the getting mixed up part. Out on a limb as ever, this box set/computer game/download fleecing that’s going on as of today does nothing except irritate me. Football tonight? I’m looking forward to the roads being deserted when I go to pick up Ms Allison. It’s an ill wind...

Let’s see, I was looking at Everett True’s blog and he wrote about a combo called Visqueen that I never heard of but will be double darned if they don’t sound like the late-lamented Fastbacks. This, to my mind, is a very good thing and exactly what today and yesterday's pop kids need.

Mr Edwards also hepped me to some sad but inevitable news about two great London institutions. I wish both parties nothing but top vibes.

Mr Macdonald sent me the link to this and it ties in with the fact that Paul Morley who fronted a wee film about this band on C4 recently is at the aforementioned PP extrav being pummelled by Messrs Coleman and Kiszely.

And finally, I posted the first 4 episodes of "Svengali" the other day and #5 has just been unleashed so here it is.

And that should all keep you sweet for a wee while at least. More later? You never know.

I hadn't seen the dates for the ATP - Raw Power shows but just saw the info on James Williamson's site after reading this article that Tex flagged up. Maybe you already have your tickets?

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Feeling a little woozy this morning and looking out the window doesn't make the immediate prospect any brighter. Craig Barman suggested a "hair of the dog" via fb but then I found this.... Blast it as loud as you can.

Good to hang out with Peter in Edinburgh yesterday afternoon. Here are details of a big event that's happening out in his locale in a couple of weeks...

Haven't been to Europa Records of Stirling for a wee while so after I drop Amy off at the station, Mr Percival and I will be heading across there for a wee rake about.

Monday, September 07, 2009

I've been considering posting these links for a few weeks now. I see there's another episode coming soon so figured what the heck. It is pretty funny despite my allergy to some of the individuals and acts that it involves. Also, it gives you something to look at while I attempt to get my house in some kind of order. Mostly metaphorically...

Sunday, September 06, 2009

One of the greatest publications of all and any time is bound for the internut...

Ladies and gentlemen... I give you... THE A&R REPORT!!

It's a holiday weekend of sorts here. In the olden days, all roads led to the Blackpool Illuminations but not so much anymore. It's been a productive day so far but the old blogging has suffered a bit. Earlier, the foundations of a long plotted project were put in place and as the winter nights draw in some flesh will be hung on these aural bones if all goes well. No statute of limitations but the longest journey and all that bobbins.

I nipped along the road and saw "Moon". Not bad but no great shakes to my mind. Reminiscent of a bunch of things but nowhere near any of them. Style over substance maybe and a tad Gerry Anderson in places. Time to switch this off and go attend to some culinary action for later. Me ironing won't do itself either but ain't convinced that I won't get sidetracked from that and besides, I'm on staycation after all... it'll keep.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Thanks to Kjell for flagging this up via facebook.

Click poster for all the details of this shindig!

Brother Don's been out on the town in old SF....

"just back from Magic Christian at the Great American Music Hall. they opened for Tainted....excuse me... Tinted Windows. quite a night! after a pit stop up the street at the edinburgh castle (where they no longer serve belhaven... what kind of scot bar doesn't at least have belhaven? i mean, i said, "so you have no beer from scotland at all any more? and the guy says, "we have newcastle". i said, "just give me a bass and some fish n' chips please" anyways...

from there down to the music hall where MC pretty much blew the roof off the joint. drummer clem burke was particularly jazzed. for some reason he was off to the side rather than the back middle and this seemed to quite literally supercharge him... he was tossing his sticks nearly to the ceiling all night (and catching them each time). they did all heir stuff..."tomorrow never comes", "all the stars" among the originals, "anytime at all", "out in the street", among the covers. totally won over the audience which included none other than roy loney. cyril gave roy a shoutout and paul dedicated "teenage head" to him. that was a surprise! they were pretty much in control by the time they got to the DC5's "anyway you want it".

cyril had his trademark dan armstrong plexi while eddie sported a brand new dan electro longhorn bass that looks just like one you would've picked up in '58. cyril used a piggyback fender supersonic amp. paul banged a tambourine and played some great harmonica here and there. they got an encore and did "shake some action" on which they were joined by this guy Mike who came all the way from Pennsylvania. this is the cat from the Parallax Project who cut the Who's "It's Not True" with the band (i think it's on the next album but i'm not sure).

me and tom had a blast hanging with cyril and the guys backstage after. i checked out eddie's bass. it's just like my dano aside from the color and it has different knobs. and it was great talking with roy too. outside afterwards there were tons of chicks waiting for the Hanson guy (who sings for the Windows). and waiting in vain... you should've seen their faces when Cyril told them their hearthrob had long ago left the building via the back door! but Cyril-- ever the crowd pleaser -- hung around and signed everything in sight.

very successful show i thought. good turnout for MC despite the high cover charge."

Whilst we’re on the subject, score the upcoming Dirty Water release by Magic Christian here!

It's apparently "Saltire Saturday" here in the daftest wee country in the world. It all has to do with the desperate act that surrounds kicking a ball up and down a park. Something that does not impact on my planet in any way, shape or form. Well hardly ever, it's a pain in the arse travelling anywhere on a day like this. But anyway, coming back from the post office - which was completely dead - I saw this utter bampot that had a saltire motif on his napper. Evidently heading back from the hairdresser. Dearie, dearie me. True pondlife in action. No disrespect to the actual wee beasties that inhabit actual ponds intended.

Things are busy around here and tomorrow, all going to plan, some progress will be made with regard to a project that I've had whispering through my unblazoned head for a long, long time. More on this mysterious happening as and when. Amy and Davie will be continuing with their recording over the course of the week too so hopefully there'll be a whole album in the can by this time next weekend(ish).

I'll be on here trying to play catch up and meeting some of the crew from further afield. Generally doing stuff that doesn't entail heading to the salt mine for 9 whole days. This is a good thing.

You may recall me kvetching some weeks ago now about trying to get Green Day tickets for my nephew. It seems that magically some more tickets have magically appeared. Maybe they fell behind a filing cabinet or something? Aye, right. This bullshit about shows being "sold out" in addition to the inability of their systems to deal with demand is something that needs to be addressed. I urge you to boycott the fuckers that operate in this fashion in whatever way you see fit. Not that we'll actually be able to drive these maggots out of existence anytime soon but it seems like my idea of fun to at least try.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

gummy stumps

watts of goodwill EP launch

friday 4th september 2009

8pm onwards at the GFM studio

(above the modern institute)

73 Robertson Street -

Glasgow - G2 8QD

You know how it is, I'm sure. All the best intentions to get home at a reasonable hour go futz and it's a schlep to the last train in the drizzle. I'm not entirely sure where we stand on the 40 days and nights tally but still, it's been damp even by our standards. The Allison sisters seem to be faring better weatherwise in Skye and the surrounding area but that could be down to the Talisker. That stuff has been known to perform miracles on occasion. Right Don?

Got to Stereo last night, slightly disoriented but soon got acclimatised. The thing about a Pastels show is that the event is properly curated. All gigs should be like that. This entails the dj action, opening act, the lot and this one, their first with Tenniscoats to support the imminent album was no exception. A dress rehearsal even. Anyway, it was a good turnout – pretty close to packed.

Veronica Falls kicked things off in a truly swingin' Velvets marinated stramash with a great version of the Rok's "Starry Eyes". Aside from the fact that's a good way to get me on side, their set was an exercise in exactly how to wow a crowd. Short and sharp = wanting more. This kind of mild euphoria isn't something I'm accustomed to and I’d say that the one track that’s on their myspace doesn’t come close to replicating what I’m certain I saw (and heard).

Brogues, one of the guys who put this thing on gave me a crash course in a whole slew of acts that I've never heard of. This kind of enthusiasm is entirely what it's all about and it's contagious. I'll be trawling this interweb to check out some of his suggestions in due course.

The Pastels/Tenniscoats set up is a quasi-pop orchestra with a mind to score imagined movies. Stephen's introduction to "Boats" with Katrina's interjection indicated perfectly what makes them so important in tandem with the music. These folkscapes are utterly unique and so out of kilter with these i-tuned times. The wonky brass and woodwind floating in and out just adds to that patented wooziness. I look forward to getting acquainted with the material via the vinyl when "Two Sunsets" is released this coming Monday. Had to leave to catch the train as they were easing into “The Viaduct”.

T’was well worth dragging my ancient carcass into town on a school night for. If they're appearing within travelling distance of your billet then don't miss them because the weather they bring with 'em is way more agreeable than any mere musical elements that generally pass your way. If there are any links to clips and photos, I'll add them later.

Setlist and more at the TFC message board.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Been trying to figure out this new palaver between hotmail and outlook. Why can't they just leave things alone? As they were?? Of course, that would be too easy. But it's not the end of the world just a niggle. And maybe not just directed at me. Is that feasible?? Anyway, I'm headed out to make the Pastels/Tenniscoats scene at Stereo. Or should that be in Stereo?? I'm confused. But you knew that.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

This'll be short and sweet because I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle with the lurghi. Been pretty lucky this season and while sniffles and worse have been on the go all around, I've been relatively bug-free. My plan is to to not do much of anything because I want to be able to get to Glasgow tomorrow night. Plus I don't fancy being off on a week's leave and to be gubbed with any sort of virus or worse. It's getting to the point where the schnozz-blowing is making me a little Rudolph-esque.

So there's some more JD King here and another Wreckless Radio Podcast here.

More than enough to keep you amused.