Monday, January 05, 2009

It's always the same, the best laid plans and all that. Seem to have been off work for far longer than any achievement aound these parts would suggest. Dread of actually returning set in early yesterday or maybe even on Saturday. I've been thinking lately that maybe I'm lucky to actually be employed at the minute so I'll keep the grumbling to a slow peep. It's hard to get motivated to anything when you're faced with a constant barrage of statistics that are patently designed to ram home the message that one way or another, one is right royally rogered.

I should really have done the blood donation thing tonight but as I've intimated before, I hate the venue. Sports centres and yours truly don't get along. Keep meaning to make an appointment to make an appontment for either Glasgow or Edinburgh but have failed miserably thus far. Their numbers are way down apparently. I believe, that if it was still in the Town Hall here then the numbers would steady. Anyway, it was a long day and I spent most of it in front of a screen so I'll leave you with this piece about The Long Ryders by fellow rock'n'roll veteran Fred Mills ahead of their Atlanta shindig. Oh yeah, and this.