Saturday, April 10, 2010

Several small achievments have been made today. Nothing earth-shattering but still. You might recall my repatriating some signed photos of the musical group "Wild Horses" with fans in recent weeks. This is not to be confused with Bill and Ted's Wyld Stallyns. Anyway, I co-pro'd a show by then here in the dark mists of 1978 and couldn't for the life of me remember when it was.

The person who did the show with me had no recall that we ever did it at all so that was little help. So, that drove me to do something that I should have done at the start. I went to the library and looked at the local paper microfiche.

The result is here. My brother Iain shed further light by remembering that the openers were "Brody" and that they could have well have had ideas above their station in wanting a soundcheck. I remember nothing of the show whatsoever. Nada. But I never dreamt it so that's the important thing.

What I would say is that the library is a goldmine of information and today's experience made me appreciate the job these places do. And the staff were very cool and helpful. Greater world take a leaf out of their book please.

More "mimed performances" like this please... inspired by the Marc Campbell facebook thread that started off this morning with Middle of the Road's "Soley Soley" and also Kim Warnick's shout out for Montrose.

Flipside is back. This link (courtesy of Tim Stegall via fb) takes you to a downloadable PDF.

Great story, great song. 'nuff said.