Sunday, January 27, 2008

I haven’t been making the most of my Cameo membership. The intention to go there every week hasn’t materialised but when I saw there was a screening of "Juno" at 11am this morning then I decided to cut along. That’s a great time to go to a movie theatre. If the shows started at that time normally then I’d have no problem. Wouldn’t have no time to convince myself not to leave the bunker.

However, the psycho-ology of this is not of your concern. The local flooding never even fucked the train schedule up and I ran into Happy G on the way back, total result. The only route from here is downhill. No, not Dowan Hill... Anyway, J is a pretty decent way to while away a little over 90 minutes. It’s like a modern day Bill Forsyth movie. Evidently the result of a fevered indie music mentality, the scene where Juno spits, “I bought another Sonic Youth album and it sucked” resonated somewhat on a number of plains.

A film about a 16 year old Stooges/Patti Smith fan with a smart mouth. What’s not to dig in terms of plain old entertainment? I enjoyed it a lot more than “No Country For Old Men”. I think?