Sunday, July 30, 2006

I was minding my own beeswax when a message from Kevan Aman came in which was titled "What Rock'n'Roll should be". This resulted in my sliding down the rabbit hole which is YouTube to a portal of Oblivians and Gories clips plus a ton more.
I've also been digging the Stereototal-tastic CSS from San Paulo, Brazil. They've got a new album out on SubPop.

Mr Spence has confirmed that The Grease Monkeys and The Dexateens will be opening for The Fleshtones at the DWC. It's gonna be quite the shindig.

Let's head for Sweden now... (if only) ... couple of reviews that are way overdue...

The cross-fertilisation of Kraftwerk and Bo Diddley has to be a good thing so Sci-Fi Skane are considerably ahead of their time. SFS is the fevered by-product of Bob Hund singer Thomas Oberg with help from some of his bandmates and the mysterious Solnafingret. Veering in and out of a cinematic groove, their take on Canned Heat's "Going Up The Country" is kinda like the spawn of The Silicon Teens older, sicker brethren. They're using technology (look out honey, etc.) as if the BBC Radiophonic Workshop had something slipped into their tea by some malevolent canteen lady. I imagine that they'll confound a good many people but that has to be a positive thing. They've been doing a club in London recently. Stick with this program.

Maia Hirasawa is a member of the Hello Saferide group and purveyor of cracking home recorded lounge pop gems in her own right. "The My New Friend EP" contains six quiet, reflective songs which you can sample at her site. The vibe reminds me of Sara Hickman and that's no bad thing. So, should you be seeking a wee diversion from ear-shredding rock'n'roll then this should sooth yon savage beastie. T'was just the business to calm the nerves after all those frantic clips I just ingested.
And so to the final episode of Top of the Pops that's on tonight. I hope that the BBC are working on something authoritative to replace it? That's what we pay our sodding licence fee for. Kinda like Jools Holland but not irritating. I know there are people within that organisation that can put such a thing together so give 'em a bloody chance. Alright? Something not controlled by the self-appointed hipster mafia.