Saturday, December 17, 2005

The amount of decent seasonal tuneage this year is meagre but, completely out of the blue (no pun intended), a lowly 7" by The Come-Ons arrived at this here manger in a sharp hand stamped bag. Three songs, wrapped up in signed brown paper and string. The A-side is an original - "Christmas Lights of Blue", when you flip this baby over there are versions of "Don't Forget To Feed The Reindeer" and "My Favourite Things". I wonder sometimes, how this girl and boys haven't been discovered and thrust upon our undeserving world and then the penny drops. They actually offer entertainment value and our "friends" in the "business" evidently aren't down with that. You (however) can and may download the "Reindeer" portion whist learning about said combo in readiness for the revolution HERE.
Well, after listening to Sounds of the Sixties this morning, I have a desire to buy a Roger Whittaker compilation but that, as they say, is my problem. The other problem with this computer is still persisting so i'm trading warily. As it is, there's sod all to report anyway except to remind you about The Beatstalkers show at the Barra's in Glasgow this coming Friday (23rd). If anything REALLY scintillating turns up then i'll jump on this sucker and will check e-mail periodically. One is thinking of resolution on a number of fronts including my seemingly compuholic tendancies. Of course it wouldn't last but what if it did? What if it did?

Update - The Beatstalkers were on the Janice Forsyth Show on Radio Scotland this morning during the alst hour. You can catch that on the Listen Again feature available through the BBC website. They sound very much up for it and knocked out a groovy version of "Ramble On" in the studio to make sure the listenership got that.