Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Heaven sound bite

Couple of things… I guess it must be time for that “Next Big Thing” competition because visitor number are heading up. If that’s what you’re here for then you better skedaddle to that back button because there’s nothing for you here.

And on Thursday, some phenomenon by the name of “The Pope” is heading north. What is that? An X factor winner or something? Anyway, I give not one hoot for the religious ramifications but I am peeved at the disruption that this anachronistic aberration will cause. Our pathetic infrastructure can’t even cope with a concert at Hampden Park so who knows what might go down with all this. The event is not “sold out” though so maybe “(cross)here is hope”.

Even if something seems like it really was meant to be, you still maybe need to give it a shove. I need to condition myself not to let things marinate. Past experience coupled with many years first hand dufus status makes me eminently qualified to ponder this. To the point of pontiff. Did you see what I did there?

Anyhoo, must nash. the bunker is soon to receive guests and it's a bit of a howff at the minute.

RIP - King Coleman

(info via the Boogaloo Omnibus fb portal)

RIP - Kevin McCarthy