Thursday, October 21, 2010

Those were the days when everything seemed possible...

I concur with the too many RIP’s. I mean Guccione was kind of old but the Ari Up thing was a bit of a shocker. She was 5 years younger than I am. Been thinking about mortality quite a lot of late. Not sure why. Possibly because there’s a lot of stuff left to squeeze in and it seems as though there can’t be enough time to address that. I’ve also been thinking about the lyrics to “Whole Wide World”, intensified by their being paraphrased into “Do You Remember That?”. All pretty deep stuff for me really and I can’t divulge the connection for fear of my being exposed as even more of a prat than I usually am. Watch out for a brand new Wreckless and Amy song coming up very soon on Radio Free Song Club. The kids have been beavering away and I’d imagine that it’ll air when they get to the US in November.

Bryan dropped me a line to say that The Beav’s mom left this theatre the other day also...

RIP – Barbara Billingsley

Bit of a shock too to learn that Louie Appel has also passed away via a post from Eric (Roscoe) Ambel on facebook. The onetime Asbury Juke was here a couple of years ago with Ronnie Spector and we all headed out to Sloans for some bar food. Louie also played on wir ain Ms Rigby’s “Little Fugitive” album and a gazillion other sessions. A lovely big guy and cool company that has checked out way too early. No details as to how. My heartfelt condolences go out to his friends and family at this time.

RIP – Louie Appel

I’m heading for Edinburgh now but you might want to investigate what Kogar has lined up for you.

RIP - Bob Guccione

RIP - Ari Up