Monday, December 25, 2006

I can't believe that i'm typing this...

RIP - James Brown
Well that old Santy Claus never brought me what I asked him for. Guess they were all outta Maggie Gyllenhaal's... anyway, it's mighty still here and i'm messing about on the computer to the strains of Evan Johns and the H-Bombs "Please Mr Santa Claus" mini album. Are you familiar with it? If not then you should be. It contains the best version of "Telstar" that I ever heard apart from the time Teenage Fanclub and Alex Chilton did it at the 13th Note when it was in Glassford Street. It was straight after coming back from Stockholm and The Nomads 15th Anniversary in 1995. Literally picked up at the airport and straight to the gig. The way rock'n'roll is meant to be. I wish I could muster up the cheek to contact the people who did the collecting but a lot of stupidity has flowed out to sea from under the brig' since those times. So, it's time to try and use the day wisely. Not a strong suit of mine. I'll be back here periodically. Hope you got what you deserved...
Angel Corpus Christi made me do it... honest!

No alkyhol or narcotics of any description were involved.
RIP - Dennis Linde