Monday, January 01, 2007

My kind of people!
Brethern, Sistern... we’re operating with a new set of numbers. The brick wall that is the return to work looms large on the horizon. Nothing else to do except smash right on in. I don’t do the lottery (other than that of life) so we’ll see where the twists and turns end up. If you start out with low to no expectations then everything else is a bonus, right? You expect jollity this far into a new year? I discovered a bloody wasp in my kichen this morning. It should be too bloody parky outside for that kinda thing surely but no, good ol' global warming is in full swing. I want the clear blue skies and below zero temperatures back. That bracing, fresh, healthy cold that was always around at this time of year. Not this damp, windy, grey (it seems to never get light anymore) bollocks that we seem to be saddled with. I do my bit for the old svelt carbon footprint in a probably misguided hope that this can be reversed somewhere down the line. But anyway, a wasp. Sod that for the proverbial game of soldiers...
I am quite possibly the only person around these parts who couldn’t give a rats hindquarters what the new “Stooges” album sounds like. What’s wrong with me? That’s for me to know and I’m pretty sure you don’t care one way or another. When I mention this condition, people look at me strangely and think I’m kidding but I am SO not. Such a thing can only dilute the legend further surely. Get with supporting a new artist or group. Not a touring circus that’s patently only in it for the coin, that sticks meticulously to a slim body of work. Of course, that might be broadened with this new tripe. I have two words to say to you - "Skull Ring" (whoa nelly is right!) Why can’t they dust off “Raw Power” and play some of that live? Because there’s no heart and no soul in what they’re doing. “Gimme Danger”? “Gimme Horlicks” more like. I’m beginning to think that I was duped all those years ago.
However, with imagination plus some heart and soul, reunions can work. The Scientists and The Dolls pulled it off. One can only wonder what would have happened if The Ramones were alive and available.
But anyway, if you want the feeling that those recordings used to charge your batteries with then get on board Wooden Shjips. If you want gloriously twisted pop action then Hello Saferide will provide all of that and more. And if you’re starved of all-girl garage rockin’ then The Boonaraaas new album is destined to be with us in March on Sounds Of Subterranea. The Bambi Molesters will hopefully shake some of their glorious instrumental stylings upon us during this one too. The Star Spangles “Dirty Bomb” is about to be detonated also. There’s a lot of fine music out there folks. You just have to tune in and turn on. Forget about what happened 30 years ago. We need that burst of pure energy now. Not just some cloned approximation. There are jams to be kicked out. Whaddayerwaitin’for! I'm off to prepare a haggis bagel and to ponder exactly how I got myself into this crawlspace.
As we say here in the Netherlands: Veel heil en zegen in 2007! to you all...