Saturday, November 29, 2008

Listen to The Raveonettes Christmas EP here. Criminally not available in ultrasonic vinyl or even cd, this knocks the Glasvegas festive offering all the way outta the ballpark...

The new Rezillos single, "No.1 Boy" for your listening and viewing pleasure...
I read in Mojo about the death of Ray Lowry during October. Never heard a thing about it until now. Had some contact with the man during my print days, we shared a fondness for Cyndi Lauper's pre-solo band Blue Angel. He was a nice bloke and a great, great cartoonist.

RIP - Ray Lowry

I also just discovered that Rob Partridge who worked with Island Records passed away during the week. I was talking about coming out there to St Peters Square just last week when the Rev. David Arnoff and I walked by the top of it on our way to The Dove last Sunday. He always had time for me when I contacted him about stuff in my formative years as a young idiot that did a fanzine. Really sorry to hear about this.

RIP - Rob Partridge