Thursday, April 06, 2006

I should be outta here by now but the flesh is weak and the spirit is even less willing but needs must. Anyway, some info to convey...

As well as the Amy Rigby/Wreckless Eric show in London tomorrow night (Friday 7th), The Dirty Water Club plays host to Chris Wilson and those Groovin' Flames of his.

While over in Stockholm, Debaser plays host to the all star Link Wray tribute.

Dave from Gloria Club in Paris has relayed the news that The Remains will be shaking some of their particular action a week from tomorrow (Friday 14th April)...

And if you're heading for Madrid, then the Louie Louie bar is one hangout where they don't partake of anything but the finest musical entertainment.
So there you have it. For my sins I won't be able to attend any of 'em but feel free to rub in what I'll no doubt be missing.