Sunday, February 05, 2006

Please excuse me while I toot my own horn here, but it was great to see some of my past "achievements" actually earnin' some cash on eBay. First, the second 45 by my 80s band earned somebody slightly more than loose change, and next up a book I co-wrote provided someone else with a decent meal. Too bad I haven't got a stack of copies of both here at HQ...
BB Quattro kindly sent a link via the band's myspace page to a video for "Lipstick To Japan" shot during their tour in the land of that rising sun beastie. Dunno about you but any attempt to connect with myspace completely crashes this pc so I used the YOUTUBE portal instead.
RIP - Al Lewis.

Reunited with Gunther and Francis at the great precinct in the sky. I remember meeting him outside his restaurant, Grandpa's in New York in the late 80's. He was exactly like Leo Schnauser, carnapcious but gracious with his time.

Billy and Miriam took me along there with some friends and he was just sitting outside. To me it was the equivalent of meeting royalty or whatever. I'll never forget it.