Monday, August 25, 2008

The ongoing PC problems at this end don't seem to be going away. To that end, I think the contact link here on the blog still works but I can't be certain. Forget myspace, I have no confidence in that because I can only get in there for a few minutes before it collapses. So that leaves facebook and hotmail. If you've sent a message and I haven't replied then chances are I never got it. As far as I know I can mail out but there's some problem with stuff coming in. Possibly to do with the security. It allows in the shite but stops real messages like those bozo doormen in terrible bars you wouldn't want to go in anyway. Way to fucking go.

I'll investigate the situation but don't hold out any hope of it being rectified.
And gordon bennet. Did you see any of that Olympic closing bollocks? What an embarrassment. If somebody had commissioned a presentation to be so toe-curlingly retarded they'd have been hard pressed to come up with anything resembling old Boris waving the flag as a centrepiece. George Dawes with a thatch.

And also the masterstroke double header. Lets get a cherry picker and have Jimmy Page mug along with Leona Lewis on a version of Whole Lotta Love! Brilliant! Then we could haul that donkey Beckham in to kick some footballs into the parade. I think that the Tate Modern image of Myra Hindley is the least of their worries. It was all positively Graham Linehan. Didn't it resemble the Craggy Island fair? I'm making an unfair comparison here... of course it wasn't. The CI scene was much preferable.

A grand start then to something that's destined to be the biggest non-event of all eternity. Just 4 years away. Make your arrangements to leave the country now.

It can only be a matter of time before Great as the word before Britain is replaced by something more apt. Like Poor, or maybe just slot in Ex before the lot. Not that I'm convinced that it ever was but anyway. I'm not sure that a small bag of medals from some dodgy competition is going to make that much of a difference. My flabber has never been more gasted than it was witnessing a few minutes of that debacle yesterday. Makes the Eurovision song contest look like a village fete. We taxpayers should be glad that our hard earned money is going to such a good cause. I guess those KLF guys weren't available to just torch it then.

If the Hello Saferide album hadn't been here to calm me down then I could have jolly well exploded and take out a nearby High Street. It's a fine, fine line...