Monday, June 29, 2009

There's loads of stuff to keep you going indoors and outdoors in the near to yonder future depending on where you be located of course. I'm not planning to be on here for long tonight so without any further ado.

There's a new Wreckless Radio episode up.

A new JD King story.

The Nomads do their annual Blidösund shindig this coming Wednesday for those lucky enough to be in and around the fabulous city of Stockholm.

Do you have your tickets for Dean and Britta's "13 Most Beautiful" yet? That's a week on Wednesday - July 8th. If you're in Glasgow, the Rt. hon Thomas Coyle is considering running a bus so e-mail him if you're interested in getting aboard said charabang. The only UK show over in Dunfermline, situated in the kingdom of Fife. Flake out of this one at your peril. Flog your T in the Park tickets and see something genuinely fresh.

You need Anne Streng's postcards!

Oh, I've lost my scribbled note with a couple of other things on it so see how you go with that little lot.