Sunday, October 04, 2009

It's been a day of mixed fortunes. Great to see The Wanderers/Warriors double feature picture show draw a crowd. Events prior where I attempted to "shop" and also afterwards when yours truly got caught in a monsoonlike cloudburst on the way to getting the train weren't quite as entertaining.

In addition, it took an hour to make a 24 minute journey home so at this point, my intention to come in, make something to eat and get another couple of reviews in - ain't happening. Good old Scotrail or whatever they call themselves and their track maintenance makes travelling on a Sunday a total pain in the arse. Whimpering babies installed in carriages at no additional tarriff to the ticket price...

Here are a couple of Boonaraaa flyers for upcoming shows in France, so you lucky blighters out yonder take note.

Time to pass out in front of the TV then methinks... thanks for tuning in.