Saturday, August 18, 2007

I was never a Joy Division fan. The early stuff in particular was quite weedy to my mind and all wrapped in that gritty darkness the frankly seemed a bit overdone. In later years, Martin Hannett developed an inherent heartbeat to create an additional dimension and "Atmosphere" and "She's Lost Control" have never sounded better. But anyway, the fact that Ian Curtis was in a group is almost secondary here. It's a cracking looking film and Anton Corbijn says he has no trouble with composition. No shit Sherlock, that's some kind of understatement. This is like a classic English "kitchen sink" drama directed by Jim Jarmusch. Shot in black and white, the stock is so rich, I swear that I could see vivid colour in the monochrome. Beautiful and stark. I noticed ex-EIFF Artistic Director Lizzie Franke in the cinema and it seems she was involved in the production but anyhow. This actually lives up to the plaudits and pretty much captures the Curtis descent into the maelstrom. When it comes out, see it in the cinema. This is one film that doesn't look like it was created to play forever on TV. It was made to be watched in somewhere like the old Scala, The Cameo, Filmhouse or whatever your favourite "indie" is. Presuming you have one. This made me want to investigate the subject and surely there can be no better testament than that. Q&A was pretty good too, compared to the JW fiasco. Why didn't Hannah McGill "chair" that?