Saturday, October 17, 2015

In search of Telemech!

Weekend 2 and Barrence Whitfield and them Savages made a pit stop at Edinburgh’s Electric Circus, supported by The No-Things. We managed to make a quick call to Sir Billy of Miller before it was time for them to play. The band came right down on top of Auld Reekie as only they can with that patented Greenberg guitar volley. I had to cut out of there shortly after the gig because it was to be an early start the next AM.

The first of two weekends in a beach resort saw me take a train to “Ebberdeen” to catch Matt and Kim open for Fall Out Boy at the AICC enormodrome. The kids done good and the opportunity to catch something of that scale was an eye-opener. I knew that when the audience sang along with "Stacey's Mom" during the interval that everything was going to be alright.

In the afternoon KP and I daundered down to the esplanade. We found a greasy spoon that had a copy of The Tornados The Ice Cream Man 45 on the wall. We’d just been talking about Joe Meek earlier. 

I showed him where one of the best record shops, an electrical/discs hybrid like they used to be was. It was called Telemech. I couldn't recall the name of the place where I scored "Won't Get Fooled Again" and "Leap Up and Down" by St Cecilia.

I got a lift down the road in a proper tour bus too and left the team at a Shell Station in South Queensferry a little after midnight. It was all a wee bit surreal at that juncture.

Four days at the salt mine seemed like a small penance to pay and I would be heading for yet another beach. Double the temperature in the daytime and scorchio punk rock action in the night time...  the Funtastic report is coming up next!