Sunday, January 31, 2010

Though my reputation as a shut-in is relatively intact, I have dragged myself out of the bunker this weekend. Yesterday, I went to Glasgow to pick up various bits and pieces including a proper film festival programme. Besides the fact that the PDF version is fine for scanning through, you can’t get to the nitty gritty. By the time it got to leaving town, I’d had quite enough of the Saturday crowds. My quest even took me into a couple of “department stores”. To say my navigational skillis in such places suck is do damn such abilities with glowing praise. In one of them, I saw licensed Ramones T-shirts and no amount of heel clicking would make them disappear. Some plans for the close of February were made but more about those, as and when. Meanwhile, if you’ve a mind to attend the GFT Feelgoods thing on Tuesday (2nd), you should sort out your tickets now. It's also at Filmhouse in Edinburgh from February 5th - 7th.

Today I saw “Where The Wild Things Are” and it’s a well realised thing indeed. I’m not entirely sure that the film itself isn’t just a more stylised version of HR Pufnstuf with some metaphoric underlay but it’s a reasonable way to spend 94 minutes or however long. Much as I don’t rate the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Karen O’s soundtrack is the perfect punctuation of the “wild rumpus”. I do like Catherine Keener in anything and to be honest, “Max” should have got a clip round the ear for running away and destabilising the monsters equilibrium for a while rather than getting a hug. The costume was more like a sheep than a wolf too and it must have been pretty ripe after all his time in the canyons of his mind. There were very young kids there and I think certain aspects scared the bejeezus outta them. Time will nae doobt tell for the parents that inflicted this on them for their own selfish ends.

By the time it gets to now on a Sunday, it’s pretty much all over bar the shouting. This will be a short week though so I shouldn’t complain too hard although it won’t be a cakewalk. The plan at this juncture is to spend the remainder of the day, reading in total silence. Wish me luck. 'bye January, mind the door doesn't hit your bahookie on the way out.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

It seems like a good time to bring up “Pardon Us For Living But The Graveyard Is Full”. Been meaning to do that for some time but really wanted to tie it in with some kinda screening, someplace, sometime. And that will taking place in the fine city of Stockholm over the weekend of 12/13th February. The band is headed for Scandinavia this coming week kicking of in Copenhagen on Thursday (4th). Then they return for a run through France in March. Of course you have their site bookmarked so you’re hip to all this right?

Clocking in at 61 minutes, the storyboard for the doc is based on Joe Bonomo’s “Sweat”. Indeed the author offers much informed commentary as to why anyone with a penchant for the real stuff loves the band. Indeed many folks out there don’t know they exist because their inundated with guff on far lesser combos. I defy anybody to watch this thing and not be left with a craving to see them. Their infectious nature is right here for all to catch.

Peter Zaremba’s notion that they’ve been written out of history chimes with something that Don Waller mentioned to me last week about those who are writing it not necessarily being there. That’s the diplomatic take. I think that their not being mentioned in “Please Kill Me” is a massive oversight on the part of the authors. End of. There’s no other excuse. Still, only a handful of folks from that period remain on the road. Some of those are as good now as they were then, perhaps better.

It is criminal that they never enjoyed “material” success but any band that can pummel out a show like they do is in many ways more precious than what tangible popularity might bestow.
It’s no secret that the NBT bullpen are biased and that we’re hardcore supporters. They’re a sweet bunch of guys and watching this really makes me wish I could be raising a glass with them over at Morten’s pad next weekend when they return to the House of Rock in Moss.

Total entertainment is guaranteed and there aren’t too many acts out there that can promise that. Be glad that they’re out there then. Hopefully, somehow they might be able to return to the UK and indeed to Scotland. The sick administration of work permits makes it a little expensive for them to visit this fucked up isle but believe me, there are people working on rectifying this quite frankly wrong, restrictive practice. The world has changed beyond all reasonable recognition but it needs this band. The sobering statement that they'll continue to roll until one of them dies is reassuring in the meantime. Fingers crossed that they run for a long time yet.

You’ll see Andy Shernoff, Miriam Linna, Dave Faulkner, Peter Buck, Jeanine Attaway and wir ain Steve Coleman and Joe Bonomo among others, testifying as to just why you should care. Geoffray Barbier and Dorrotya Mathe at Coldcuts Productions have made a concise appraisal of a genuine, fuel injected phenomenon.

Like Handsome Dick says, “They never mail it in”. Amen.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Go visit Brijitte...

No - I will at no time, EVER, care about seeing Flouride and her Apparatus. READ THIS CAREFULLY – I have nothing – NOT A THING - to do with a festival of the same name as this blog. Nor the HMV version of such blasphemy. Who knows, maybe those two things are the same. I remember writing to a TV show of the same name telling them they were taking our name in vain and they didn’t reply.

Incase some of you folks don’t know. We took our name from The Dictators song from The Dictators Go Girl Crazy. This album came out in 1975 and this malarky started in 1977. Ergo, we have time on our side and a claim to the fact that their interpretation is a clichéd distortion of the finite original intention. I’m pleased you want to hold a party for this festival and it's lackeys but I CAN’T HELP YOU. Can you read? Judging by the messages I've received of late, perhaps not.

Talking about The Dictators and parties though, it’s Handsome Dick Manitoba’s birthday. May he roll in the thunder for many moons to come.

RIP - JD Salinger

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A big thanks to Ms M for passing this Runaways movie casting call info... I need you to think of Butthead telling Beavis, "hey this is prutty cool" before you dig in.

Open Casting Call for the Feature Film: The Runaways

Starring: Dakota Fanning, Kristin Stewart

Seeking the following SUPER-SPECIFIC types:

• Hollywood Party Types
• 18-to-look-younger Roller Skaters
• High School Types
• Club-Goers
• Joan's Street Punk Friends
• Rough Crowd Types
• Preppy College Crowd
• Japanese Businessmen/Journalists
• Japanese People of All General Types
• Japanese 18-to-look-younger
• Teacher Types (reference photo only, NOT for open call)

Casting Notes:
PLEASE review the above photographs so you know the look we are seeking.
If you do not have this look, it is not necessary to attend this casting call because each look is EXTREMELY specific.

This is for SAG and Non-Union talent. Everyone, at all times, MUST have the right hair. This is not Austin Powers, over-the-top 1970s. This is REAL, a reproduction of true events, VERY authentic rock’n’roll in the 1970s.

Girls' hair should be long, straight, or wavy—no modern cuts or colors—only natural colors. Hair can be shorter, but not super short. Hair was not stick-straight; no appliances to straighten the hair were used.

Guys' hair should be shaggy, longish, or completely long—no crew cuts.
Hair for both sexes was generally parted in the middle and worn long or waved back Farrah Fawcett style. 18-to-look-younger guys should have no facial hair. No visible tattoos except for Joan’s Street Punk Friends!! No tattoos on either gender!

Everyone should be on the thin/skinny side. Clothes are provided for the most part, but any clothing you can provide is welcome.

New faces to Hollywood OS are very welcome, especially all Japanese types, 18-to-look-younger types, and Club-Goer types.

At the Open Call:
You MUST come dressed and camera-ready for a photograph. Again, your hair, makeup, and wardrobe should reflect the look in the photographs. (Please do NOT wear the color white.) Open call is for the aforementioned types, but there is no guarantee of work.

I'm sorry I don't have the photos... this takes me back to when Jake and I went to see the real thing in London. Now did we see them in Glasgow before or after that?

A message from the Monorail Film Club


We'd like to remind everyone that as well as selling records we run a film club every month at the GFT. It's a very informal film club and open to all. We are now in our third year and have had some amazing screenings, special events and illuminating discussions in Cafe Cosmo!

This Sunday we are screening one of the great Italian cult films of the 1960s, Pasolini's Theorem (Teorema). The story of Teorema is simple. A mysterious stranger arrives at a bourgeois household in Milan and successively seduces the son, the mother, the daughter, and the father, not forgetting the maid.
The consequences for each are decisive and as Pasolini brilliantly maps out the disintegration of the fragile family we begin to understand his allegory which merges his ideas on social forces, religion and sexuality. An intense yet rewarding film with a brilliant Morricone score.

It will be introduced by Stephen McRobbie from The Pastels. It would be great to see you there.

Tickets can be reserved from the GFT box office on 0141 332 6535.

Sunday 31 January at 7pm
Director Pier Paolo Pasolini
Cast Silvana Mangano, Terence Stamp
Italy 1968, 1h 38m, subtitles

GFT, 12 Rose Street, Glasgow G3 6RB.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mr Percival sent me this link to a review of The Runaways movie from Sundance.

I wonder who plays Phast Phreddie in it?

Thought you might like to take a look at the cover art for the mucho anticipated new Bambi Molesters epic...

Ever having the feeling you were in over your head with this life business? Not that I actually have a fully-functioning one of course but hopefully you get my drift. The ongoing 5am rise pretty much means that I peg out before “The Daily Show” and I’m getting a little tired of this routine. Haw haw. I just realised that I made a wee funny there. Earlier today I got a message from someone who wanted to know if I wanted to receive an album for review consideration. It was described as sounding like Radionapper and Queen. They also mentioned that travesty that has a singer called Brandon. Even reading about that qualifies as suffering for my art.

The least offensive part of that, to me, is Freddie’s crew because I saw them with Mott The Hoople. And because my buddy Art Fein likes them and The Blasters even opened for them once. However there are things that tend to reverse the general wearing down process.

I’m going to use an Americanism here to state that I am “stoked” at the response to The Legendary Tigerman and Rita Redshoes post from folks out Portugal way. Never in all my time doing this have I had such a fervent support for recognising something as obvious as these two artists make great music both individually and together.

It’s led to a few leads on other stuff from that neck of the woods and I’ll be checking that out in due course. Of course, I imagine that other countries get a little sick of being bombarded sub-standard guff from the UK when they have such high calibre talent themselves. I don’t think that acceptance here makes any difference anymore because we're down in the big ledger as the country that buys into all the TV led/Z factor shit. It possibly does in the US because of the potential money reward but even then you have to wade through your chest height in hype for crap. Just thinking out loud here…

So music fans should take a leaf out of the book of our Portuguese friends. They have a passion and appreciation for their artists that would go a long way if adopted in other territories. It’s always good to get a reaction and especially one as overwhelmingly positive like this.


Just announced, HELLO SAFERIDE is to play this seaside bunfight in May. Let's hope there are some other shows across Blighty.

May is shaping up to be a busy month!

Attenshun, citizens o'Bath, Brizzle n'surrounding areas!

You! Yes, you! Is there anywheres in yer vicinity that be spinning Mose Allison, Amy Allison, Amy Rigby, Will Rigby, The Troggs, Jim Dickinson, Jim Tarbutton & The Memphis Sounds, "The Memphis Train", "The Right Side Of My Mind", "Outta My Mind" and so much other righteous tuneage that youse can barely grokk it and plan your teatime treats simultaneously?

Non? Well, you is wrong! Come quaff, burp, fall over and pick thyself up in a most spiritual manner at the twice monthly
B-SIDE THE A-SIDE nite at The Royal Oak, Lower Bristol Road, opposite Windsor Bridge, Bath, Zumerzett!

Saturday January 30th will see BigKegShandy and Steptoe, who has been partneners in turntable crimes for near-as-dammit a quarter century, taking to the wheels of polycarbonate for another FREE vinyl-only celebration of all we holds dear, including tribs to the great Jay Reatard, Mick Green and Bobby Charles, plus some serious Dutch biet action, in celebration of yon recent Outsiders tome...

Make you know it sense! From eight til' late – "the kids bring zucchinis and stay all day", as the Young Fresh Fellows would say...

See you at the bar!


BigKeg & Steptoe

B-Side the A-Side
The Royal Oak Free House
Lower Bristol Road
Saturday January 30th

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Welcome to the good folks of Portugal who have been dropping by this neighborhood over the course of the last wee while. Pleased to make your acquaintance!

There are a lot of good records coming out and after I’m done with this I’m going to get in about the new Pascal opus due on Novoton soon. Despite the ongoing gloom mongering about the “industry”, I think the positive aspect is that perhaps the element of measure isn’t taking into account the fact that ardent fans of the stuff maybe aren’t buying the treadmill crap that has a limited shelf life. Also, many of these artists end up appealing to the thieving types that have forgotten or never knew that maybe the people who make the music maybe need to get paid? That’s the line in the sand. The computer software exists to aid accounting certainly with regard to the gadgets that are aimed at those who are likely to be most likely to consume music.

It has done for a while. It should be easy for record companies, distributors or whoever to provide information to artists, labels and those that they represent. This isn’t the rule but rather the exception. Put yourself in the shoes of the person being shaken down. You wouldn’t like it.

So with ever decreasing outlets in terms of tangible media and an exponential increase in the places where you can be exposed to things you might like and may want to buy. The sheer volume of what you have to process is overwhelming. My position as trying to offer some kind of filter is limited. It’s also a privilege. The fact that people can easily hear what is “reviewed” to ultimately make up their own mind had rendered the hype merchants toothless. Most reviews these days don’t offer an opinion or anything other than to fill up space in a publication or screenspace. Hell, often they aren’t even reviews, just the press release presented as a text stream.

And then there’s all this “Hall of Fame” crap. Is that even good in terms of commerce anymore? Surely not. Recognition is one thing but this has become like everything else. Soon it’ll be the ultimate accolade not to win an award. Or not to feature in the Quoon’s Birthday Honours. Enough with the tinplate and/or glass doorstop shit already.

Where will it all end? Hornswaggled if I know. “Hornswaggled” sounds so much more polite than “fucked” right?

RIP - Pernell Roberts

Picking up from Lindsay's post about Dr Feelgood the other day, kids (young and old) in search of similar kicks should do themselves a favour and investigate King Salami & The Cumberland 3. These guys come across as the bastard offspring of the Feelgoods and Barrence Whitfield and the Savages. Hey, they even perform covers of "Mama Take The Hammer" and "Bloody Mary" so you know that the taste factor is not an issue here.

This international band of Stoke Newington habitués, comprising of two Frenchmen, a Jap, and a Welshman, have the greasy r'n'beat nailed down to perfection. Last Sunday night's freebie gig at The Stag's Head in London N1 was the stuff that heaven is be made of. Non-stop r'n'r action, a punchy-as-heck sound, great beer and plenty of good looking women dancing away.

Trust me, it will be just like this when we join Mick Green et al. Should this sound like your kind of deal then look out for hip swinging 45s by King Salami on Dirty Water Records and Soundflat Records. In the meantime, check out their MySpace page for a flavour of what they have to offer. Besides, how can you resist a band that invites you to "Do The Wurst"?

Winter doldrums got you down, dear friend? Take the hillbilly cure with Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. -- this week at tropical Otto's Shrunken Head Tiki Bar & Lounge!

THURSDAY, JANUARY 28th / And the last Thursday of every month! /OTTO'S SHRUNKEN HEAD /
538 East 14th Street (just west of Avenue B) in ol' Manhattan /Two temperate shows, from 8:00 sharp until 10:00 / With DJ "Son of Scratchy", salty snacks -- and no cover!

Comfortably yours,

Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co.
"Ballads, Boogies & Blues"

Monday, January 25, 2010


Kicksville's "Letters from Lesterville"

Of all the overtures I make about exploring new avenues of music of all types, I have to admit that I’m always happiest with loud fast rock’n’roll. The first round of this album took me back to Glasgow last autumn when Cj Ramone, Daniel Rey and Brant Bjork joyously laid the best Ramones set on us that the brudders never played. JP has captured that brand of energy and added a few of his own ingredients. A couple ounces of glam, a smidge of power pop and some hard rockin’ chops all simmered together in order to deliver a considerable sucker punch. Americans still use imperial measures so run with me on this alright?

Swinging in with the title track, I got to thinking that this should be available as a set of 45’s. Or for extra loudness in the cut a caseful of 12” singles. “On and On” reminds us that although Slade perhaps didn’t break America, they certainly marked their territory.

Abetted by Dean Rispler and CJ Sciosca, I can unequivocally recommend this to you NBT types because deep down I know you can’t get enough of this stuff either. JP prompted me to say that it’s the best thing I ever heard and that it could be a huge hit in the UK. I can tell you that it’s right up there and I don’t think I’ve heard a celebration of good ol’ new York rock like this in quite some time. I would feel a lot better about my country of origin if this could indeed be a hit here but there’s simply no such thing anymore. I like to think that I still know one when I hear it though and “Hand Grenade Heart” is reverberating around my noggin bigstyle. There’s more to JP than him just being the drummer with one of the greatest combos that ever was. Often a maligned species, this one has several strings to his bow, in addition to being a diamond geezer.

No lightning, no Galileo, no sodding Figaro just some very, very frighteningly good rock’n’roll. Magnifico!

There’s a great interview with the man by The Barman here that goes into some detail about what you can expect.

No Fun releases are available via Get Hip and ostensibly from the remaining good record stores that are peppered a cross the planet. However, if in doubt – go to the source.

“ROBERT BURNS”. When I see or hear the name, I recall the great Chris Gaffney enunciating it in his approximation of a Scottish brogue. In a coincidence, I heard Dave Alvin’s amazing version of Artesia from the tribute album this morning and that brought Chris to mind again. Yesterday morning, a presenter on BBC Radio Scotland’s “Greetings Programme” offered the info that Dave and the Guilty Men were his favourite act of all time. Not the kind of thing I’m used to hearing just prior to 8am on a Sabbath but quite an inspiring statement.

So that brings me to the Burns day hoopla. Scotland’s national bard and all that. In actual fact, my opinion of his work is somewhat akin to my non-appreciation of The Beatles. It was spotty at best. This isn’t helped by interpretations by people like Eddie Reeder. Recitations will be made all over the daftest wee country in the world and beyond today. Much haggis, neeps and the odd tattie will be consumed, all washed down with the singin’ ginger and then tomorrow it’ll be 364 days until the next such stramash.

In my opinion, both Chris and Dave are greater poets than the Rabster will ever be. You’re entitled to disagree but that won’t alter my worldview.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Via Ulf Ramone's facebook... for a minute I thought Joe had his NBT shirt on...

One thing you’ll notice with “Oil City Confidential” is the way that the music is cut into it. It’s twice as loud as the rest of the audio and I’m pretty sure that’s intentional, to punctuate the pounding that the band created. The final part of Julien Temple’s “music trilogy” goes back before the creation of his other two subjects. Both of which make brief appearances in the film to complete the weave.

Anyway, this is the best of the three and perhaps it’s the best music documentary since the finest example you’ll never see “A True Testimonial”. The reason is that the Feelgoods were a proper rock’n’roll band, completely wired and for real, maybe even dangerous.
As characters too, these weren’t just personas. They were the product of the Thames delta and a new word “canveycentric” was coined especially for this documentary.You’ll even see Bob Harris having a fly puff during “Keep It Out Of Sight”. Wilko does a great job of relating the story but the all out star for me is Lee’s mum. She refers to Wilko gently as “a troubled kind of person”. What a lovely woman.

So with the advent of the film opening in February, you need to grab tickets for the GFT screening on February 2nd. There are also screenings that day across the rest of the country. These will be all the more poignant following the recent passing of Mick Green of (Johnny Kidd and) The Pirates.

Hearing the sound fly out of a proper theatre sound system should be big fun but this isn’t just a story about a band. It’s about how something can grow in isolation and eventually sweep the world. Brilleaux’s widow recounts a line that her husband quipped, “I’m not fucking Shakespeare, I don’t write ‘em, I just sing ‘em”.

Don’t you wish the so-called acts of today would take a leaf out of that book. “Oil City Confidential” is an excellent film about a catalytic combo that kicked off a revolution in my lifetime when it really mattered.

By the time The Pistols and The Clash came along, it was about something else. There was love in their hopped up, cut and shut R&B and you’ll feel that when you watch this.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I told you folks a week ago ago how great this was, now you can hear/see it... The Legendary Tigerman and Rita Redshoes red hot take on "Lonesome Town"...

Another one from Tex...

RIP - Jean Simmons

Thanks to T Tex Edwards for the tip-off...

M E T A P H O R S - Chapter 9

Celebrating 365 days of "Grand"!...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday night and no place to go, that works for me. And If I did, I'd probably have found a way out of actually turning up by now. Not sure if it's a strain of agoraphobia or just the onset of another level on the antisocial ladder. Actually, I'm not entirely antisocial, it's just that me 'ate having to put up with putz and putzesses en route to hanging with folks that I dig to be around.

At this point, the usual proverbial high hopes of achievement for the unfolding weekend are marinating nicely. The end result will likely be altogether different but it's sometimes OK to harbour delusions, right?

Short and sweet tonight, nip over to Tim's place and take a look at "The A&R Guy".

Pretty funny.

Also on a non-music related note... Being There 2010

and Andy Kershaw on his experience of Haiti and the people there.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Life was much simpler when there was no e-mail and when the post office worked. Blue yonder has “upgraded” its service and as a result the “improvements” will take a bit of getting used to. When you add outlook to the fray then things get even more complicated. To the extent that all of a sudden everything reverts to 20th January and you can’t revert to the order that the mail was in prior to the FlashForward.

As a result, some stuff seems to have vanished so I need to make a concerted effort to sort the mess out. This is kind of the reason that I’m so apprehensive about doing anything with the blog template.

Following yesterday’s news about the Boner/JayZzzz hookup, the dreaded Simon Cowsarse is also threatening a “Haiti” single. What’s wrong with the sterling idea of if you bloody lot keep your traps shut then we’ll pay up? This is the inherent ugliness of publicity in full flow. They can’t stop themselves. “Stars” are lining up to associate themselves with causes, generally assuming that there’ll be a claw back on account of them lending “support”. Maybe I’m just being realistic, er, sorry – I mean cynical.

This is an insidious angle to an altogether more malignant form of greed. The parasitic nature of fame at all costs. Yes. People should give until it hurts but anonymously. Not to bask in the glow of having given. This manifests itself in every facet of the “charity” business these days. That’s what it is – a business. Quite sickening when considered alongside that a lot of individuals are up-ended on a regular basis to soothe the intended guilt trips.

The Cowell horrorshow is at the request of Gogs Broon, the man with his finger on the pulse. For god’s sake man, get a grip. Meanwhile, “back in the States”, some drongo with a truck out Massivechewsets way has upset the Presidential applecart.

“Oh New England”… as one JoJo Richman once remarked.

Bollocks to all that though, I have the Glasgow Film Festival programme to digest. I could think of worse places to be than the cinema if the apocalypse kicks in (old school) between February 18th and 28th.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

“It’s a no bray-nah”… that’s another of these statements that has crept into everyday use.

Like “ It’s not rocket science”. These are generally trotted out by individuals not troubled with ownership of the grey matter nor the certification the latter one-liner suggests. Tt’s to just plane arseholeism to be fair, I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with the script and have to deal with it on a regular frequency.

I also dislike pontification. Especially when it’s spouted by individual who have no redeeming qualities with regard to why they should be tolerated. This sub species hampers my existence all too often and the last couple of days have provided a concentrated blast of this, let’s call it bullshit for description purposes. And whilst we’re on that subject...

... can’t Boner and Jay Zzzzzz just give some of their wealth to Haiti and cut the world some slack from another bloated charity shouting match? And those banking bonuses? Straight into the rebuild pot surely.

Me, I’m staring down the barrel of the ironing to the soundtrack of this little pile of cds to my left. Dr H and I coined a new term today that we hope to see adopted by dictionaries and other such tomes in the future. It's "cyrony", the interwb strain of irony.

And you?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Super Rock snow boots at the ready, the confirmed schedule for the Fleshtones "Blast of Cold Air" tour in February shakes down as follows:

04.02 Raahuset, Copenhagen, Denmark
05.02 Blå Rock, Tromsø, Norway
06.02 Morten's House, Moss, Norway
08.02 Bergen, Norway (tbc)
10.02 John Dee, Oslo, Norway
12.02 Kägelbanan, Stockholm, Sweden
13.02 Kägelbanan, Stockholm, Sweden

Last time round at Morten's pad (or was it the time before) the boys decided to get naked although rumours are unconfirmed as to whether they led everyone out into the snow for a good roll around. The accompanying snap was taken before everything got out of hand. Hey, does anyone know where I can find one of those ingenious Norgwegian bottle holders?

The two shows in Stockholm are to be accompanied by a screening of the sixty minute documentary about the band "Pardon Us For Living But The Graveyard Is Full". The show on the 12th also features those Swedish Garage Rock Gods, the Nomads. There is also a rumour on Facebook that the 'Tones will be playing the whole of "Roman Gods".

It's always nice to start the day in an encounter with some freezing fog. It really sets you up. Especially when you're out of sorts anyway. Throw in a little black ice (not an AC/DC album ref) and well, the practice of hibernation is a very attractive proposition. I think I’m succumbing to the phobia that precludes a person from leaving the house. There are a litany of reasons that I use to convince myself not to cross the doorstep.

It’s probably an age thing.

There’s Haiti and signs that the UK economy is even more fucked than originally thought but the big news is that SuBo, despite being the biggest seller of the past year (er, few weeks) – has been snubbed by The Brits. As far as I can tell that’s not rhyming slang but go ahead and fill your boots if you can get a chuckle or three.

This sceptic isle is gripped by terminal idiocy and not the positive kind. I’m not in too great a mood tonight. Maybe you noticed that.

In the grand tradition of indecision, I can’t make up my mind whether or not to transfer this blogger template to the updated version or not. I’m a little (or actually, a lot) apprehensive about it not retaining certain aspects of order. I mean, nothing is actually broken and there’s no real need to change it. This version does what it does. If I had any semblance of patience or indeed faith then I’d maybe just take the leap but being low on both of these commodities means - a lot of humming and hawing takes place. Eventually settling for the agreeable “leave it as is”, is there really anything wrong with the way it is?

Time to let some music play.

RIP - Kate McGarrigle

In celebration of The Sonics return to the UK in April I thought that some of you might be interested in hearing what they sounded like last time around. Please note that the sound quality is closer to AM rather than FM radio but Mr Rosalie and Co still pack an almighty wallop whichever way you slice it. One thing is for sure, the audio sounds a hell of a lot better than the first night they played at The Forum. Grab the ZIP on MediaFire at:

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Rev. Martin Percival sent in this info on this year's Le Beat Bespoke .
There's a lot of hot tickets around kids. Which scene are you gonna make?
I can't make 'em all however much I wants to.

I think I’ve shaken off the lurghi now and hope that this little tussle will have built up my resistance to these bullshit germs for the remainder of “the 2010”.

There’s a lot of stuff to be dragged through the neighbourhood over the next wee whiley (lapsed into an approximation of the Doric there). Always seems like there’s all the time in the world during the course of the day but by the time night falls, I’m much less in the mood. That’s why I try to update this schlamozzle (sp?) in the morning more often than not. It’s a routine that’s been a bit stop-starty of late.

Still, don’t think that I’m pissing about doing nothing. There are activities and things going on despite it not being trumpeted on here. If I keep rehearsing that line then I’ll begin to believe it masel’.

Great to hear that you folks are digging The Legendary Tigerman. Watch out for a Munster vinyl edition of “Femina” coming soon. Sticking with serious talent from out Portugal way, I do believe that Ms Rita Redshoes is currently working on the follow up to the momentous “Golden Era”.

Hot off the proverbial shovel... For one real cool night onlyFriday March 5th 2010

A special Gearclub event to celebrate the release of A Real Cool Time Revisited.

An all-star garage rock revue will take place at Debaser Slussen in the fine city of Stockholm.

The shindig will include members of The Nomads, The Creeps, The Backdoor Men, The Wayward Souls, The BottleUps, Shoutless, The Stomachmouths, The Wylde Mammoths, Crimson Shadows, Maryland Cookies and The Slammers.

Who knows, with this scale of combustion – anything could happen?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

RIP - Carl Smith

(info courtesy of The Proprietress)

I got really pissed off dodging crusties and their flying beer at the Soul Shack last night so when I woke up this morning I decided it was about time I put together a long planned MP3 comp of early Graham Bond Organisation tracks. It runs for 30 minutes and includes material recorded between 1963-1966 for Parlophone, Decca, Columbia and Reaction. I was going to call it "Junk Bond" but "Gold Bond" is more respectful to the great man. Enjoy.

01 Wade In The Water - The Graham Bond Quartet
02 I Saw Her Standing There - Duffy Power with The Graham Bond Quartet
03 Long Tall Sally - The Graham Bond Organisation
04 High Heel Sneakers - The Graham Bond Organisation
05 Strut Around - The Graham Bond Organisation
06 Little Girl - The Graham Bond Organisation
07 Harmonica - The Graham Bond Organisation
08 Hoochie Coochie Man - The Graham Bond Organisation
09 St James Infirmary - The Graham Bond Organisation
10 Soul Tango - The Graham Bond Organisation
11 Waltz For A Pig - The Graham Bond Organisation

Tracks 1-2 (Parlophone); Tracks 3-8 (Decca); Tracks 9-10 (Columbia); Track 11 (Reaction).

Download "Gold Bond" from and then go sell your Cream records.

I second all of these emotions...

Saturday, January 16, 2010


The Bambi Molesters "As the Dark Wave Swells“ will be released by Dancing Bear in Croatia. Release date February 7th!

11 fabulous new songs ready to take you on another road trip.

The album, produced by Chris Eckman, was recorded during spring and autumn 2009 in Zagreb. Glitterhouse Records is releasing the album in Europe in spring 2010. Tracklist is:


I’m pretty sure that this guy needs no introduction but this project opens up the blues gash and pairs him up with various femme fatales. Imagine Mark Ronson if he had any sense of undulatory gratification. A sleaze noir concept that combines The Cramps stripped down sensibilities with a Rev/Vega/Stereo Total take on Nancy and Lee variations with a couple of shots of Porter Wagoner. The dark side of Dean and Britta.

The Legendary Tigerman is the alter ego of Paulo Furtado and “Femina” (Metronomo/Discos Tigre) is sophisticated minimalism. The visual aspect is captured on a companion dvd with super 8 clips punctuating the ooze and throb of the music. There’s a lot of smoking and I thought a lot about the juxtaposition of how David Lynch shoots cigarettes and how the remake of Gun Crazy carried a certification warning that it showed people smoking. The smoke itself seems to be some kind of metaphor for the way that the music threatens the convention of the typical “one-man band”.

The version of “Lonesome Town” with Rita Redshoes, another Portuguese artist is devastating in its simplicity. This could easily feature in Lynchland somewhere down the road. The streets may be filled with regret but this is really something. It’s like what you read that a Nick Cave record is like but never delivers. “Radio and TV Blues” is “TV Set” turned upside down and inside to be filtered though “Jukebox Babe”. Together with Asia Argento, he’s invented a new genre in argent(o)tronica. A virulent sonic mutant analog virus that should tickle any Nico heads out there.

Also conspiring with Paulo is Lisa K (Bellrays), Peaches, Phoebe Killdeer and Becky Lee plus other game ladies. “Femina” deserves to be bigger than that Moby record that was licensed every which way all over the world. It’s a modern sounding record that bonds the past, present and future of twisting the mainstream. And those accents, well those make it doubly exotic, especially Claudia Efe’s performance on “Light Me Up Twice”. Closing with a bizarro world George Formby uke twang take on Daniel J’s “True Love Will Find You In The End”. There’s a strange twinge of hope that’s akin to lighting a paper boat and sending it out.

Cave and Minogue this ain’t. Want to hear something that’s more fun than a whole case of White Stripe(s)? Get in touch with your “Femina” side. Spring for the deluxe edition.

Rita Redshoes is also a Portuguese artist. She started off in a band called Atomic Bees and her first solo album, Rita R fuses a Neko Case type urban country with Maia Hirasawa’s outré pop. The result is a very satisfying strain of skewed AOR. Much stranger than Kate Bush, in an oddly peculiar parlance. >It all comes down to great songs in the end and “Golden Era” has a strong set of those.

It’s all a touch Lynchian too with a spectral, filmic quality that suggests that there’s a real chance that this could creep across the whole world. “Dream On Girl” is an excellent example of this. If you heard it on the radio or in a store, I think you’d have to find out what it was. In our endless quest for new kinds of musical kicks, I’m seriously impressed with this and if it was still possible to be a true global star then I think this girl has a lot of the ingredients to take such a trajectory.

The world is just one big onion after all. Right?

The Del Lords are heading for Spain.

With a show in the best venue on earth when I'm in Stockholm.

A case of you cannae win 'em all.

RIP - The Tote

(Info via TJH)

Update @ 8am on 16/1/2010 from Bill Gibson's facebook...

"Hoss, Legends Of Motorsport, Drones, Dave Graney & The Lurid Yellow Mist, Dynamo, Deaf Wish, Guttersnipes, Kamikaze Trio, Dan Kelly's Dream Band, The Nation Blue, Onyas, Breadmakers, Spencer P Jones & The Escape Committee, Cosmic Psychos, Meanies, Dacios, Exotics, Kim Salmon, Beaches, Town Bikes, The Stabs, Johnny, Bombshells, Digger And The Pussycats....all sending The Tote off in style tomorrow from 2pm!" Maybe that means today? They are 10 hours ahead.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The download link for Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby's "Bobblehead Doll" and "Teflon Wok" tracks is active now. You can whap them on to your mp3 player or Ipod if you have such a beastie.

Of course, I urge you to grab a copy of the 45 so let's remind you of where you can score one of those babies.

Coming soon via the good offices of Amigo Records! More info soon...

A Real Cool Time Revisited
Swedish Punk, Pop and Garage Rock 1982-1989

CD 1


CD 2


w/ Very Special Guests The BLACKHEARTS

17th January 2010 8:00PM at Continental
25 Third Ave., NYC, New York 10003
Door: $10


My request wasn't granted...

RIP - Bobby Charles

Thursday, January 14, 2010

It was like the old star trek monitor thing this morning schlepping to work through the snow. It’s all getting a bit tiresome now. In addition, we’ve all pretty much accepted the fact that the local authorities and well, every alleged authority really, can’t cope with even less than extreme weather. The last few days have been a little fraught, I’m coming down with a cold and am determined to spend less time on the computer. Could there such a condition as blogger’s block? If there is then I’ve got a double dose of that too.

Getting with the 2010 program continues to be problematic. Here we are in the middle of January already. It’s like the holidays never happened. The road to heck is being paved with my good intentions as I tap away. Pretty much given up twitter and myspace. Facebook is do-able but I could do with not getting invitations to attend antics that are not within travelling distance or of no fucking interest whatsoever. I’m also not a fan of this “become a fan of” bullshit. Still I realise that some folks spend all day, every day pissing about with this nonsense and I thank whoever that I’ve not fallen that far. It was getting pretty close for a while maybe.

Constant bombardment with information about stuff has resulted in my being contrary about pretty much everything. Especially when being hailed from places and individuals that I have no traction with. Or ever will have. “Please take a listen to this band, singer/songwriter, blah, blah…” and let me know what you think? Sometimes it will be obvious that something is worth listening too or looking at, other times not so. Judgement calls have to be made and I’m getting to be pretty canny at wheedling out the chaff.

I sincerely hope I can turn this thing on tomorrow morning and find out that n-one has left the theatre but meanwhile...

RIP - Teddy Pendergrass

RIP - Dannie Flesher (Wax Trax)

Thanks to Ben for the info. I'm a little fried on all the RIPs too but we have to put the word out. So that people who don't know but might want to for one reason and another. So no whining about getting bummed out OK. Gracias.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Not able to come out to play right now. Mix of weary and an extreme lack of motivation but that's no reason for you not to get active. There's a new Eric show "on the air". He'll keep you amused for a half hour while I ponder where to start with everything that needs doing.

I'm not complaining, merely offering some modicum of reason for why it seems like there's nothing much going. That's not strictly true. Some of it's like kinda backstage and will reveal itself (maybe) in the fullness of that precious commodity known as time

I'm sorry to report that there's another man down. Thanks to Brian for the info...

RIP - Mick Green

Monday, January 11, 2010

Oil City Confidential
- UK/Ireland screenings

Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. puts the holidays behind and greets winter with a warm and toasty return to the Rodeo Bar! More beer and peanuts, please...

375 Third Avenue (at the corner of 27th Street) in ol' Manhattan / Two frost melting shows, from 10pm sharp until 12:30am / No cover!

Yours in the new year, Michael
Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co.
"Ballads, Boogies & Blues"

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm hoping that I've got the wrong end of the stick here, but I have reason to believe that Sébastien Favre passed away last night.

A little earlier, I was thinking that I should plug his show with The Zeros that is scheduled for Paris tonight. I've got a note out to Brother Patrick and will report back in due course.

Update @ 6pm

RIP - Sébastien Favre

I’m sad to report that this is indeed true. He had a heart attack whilst going down some stairs apparently. Terrible news. I never met him but enjoyed our correspondence, he was keen to arrange a Wreckless and Amy show. I looked forward to the day we could raise a glass together in Paris along with Brother Patrick who has this to say...

Tribute to a friend

All I can say is that Séb seemed to live the perfect rock’n’roll life and that he enjoyed every minute. A connoisseur of music, blessed with perfect taste. He spent his life globe-trotting, spinning records, he was one of the best dj’s in town, organising the best garage shows in Paris (including The Zeros tonight) .

People who love Séb can feel better, imagining him sharing a bottle of red wine with Lux, somewhere in heaven.

One of a kind and just a wonderful human being. Goodbye Séb.

- Patrick

As I haul poster tubes and large flat boxes down from the attic, Mr Percival has kindly supplied the following review of the Ian Dury biopic, "Sex and Drugs and Rock'n'Roll"...

"A good film - not a classic, but well worth viewing. It's almost as much the Baxter Dury story (Ian's son - the 6 year old child on the cover of New Boots and Panties) as it is Ian's with the young boy going off the rails whilst supposedly in the care of his father and his father's speed addicted minder.

The film is quite dark and it certainly doesn't make Ian out to be any kind of a hero - "a tricky customer" to use Dury's own words to describe himself. Andy Serkis is great as Ian Dury and Olivia Williams as his wife Betty and Namoie Harris as his girlfriend Denise are also excellent in their roles. Ray Winstone is the ideal choice to play the part of Ian's, rarely seen in every sense, father Billy.

The pressures of life on the road with the commercially unsuccessful Kilburn and the High Roads, combined with living with the after effects of polio, 2 children, a wife as well as a girlfriend with no real income from a music career that took many years before success came, all hit home. The story evolves from the young Ian spending time at specialist schools for the disabled to eventually releasing hit records.

The one potential flaw to the film is that to be able to follow the story line I suspect you do need to have an existing understanding of Ian Dury's life story as there is no attempt to present the events in a chronological sequence. The average film goer is not going to know this story and I'd be intrigued to hear what other people make of it. I suspect it could potentially be seen as a confused mess in the eyes of many. I enjoyed it though."

In recent times, I’ve been cleaning stuff out including years of correspondence. In amongst this material is all of the letters and Christmas cards from Stephen Patrick Morrissey and I’m thinking about selling them.

What do you reckon? There’s a lot of stuff that I wouldn’t part with too but I feel no real connection to this specific material anymore. Kind of promised myself that a start would be made on the zines and posters today too. Borrowed a camera to shoot the poster images when the good intentions were running rampant so I ought to get to it.

Look at it as weight loss, removing a dirty great albatross or whatever but it would seem that this kind of awakening is happening far and wide. There's no real clear indication of how I got to this point but there's a chink of light and I'm inclined to want to see more. CDs and records are not safe from this wave of enlightenment either let me tell you.

I already have given a pile of stuff away to decent homes. Places where they'll be enjoyed. Not stuck up in the attic in a box. I'm renouncing my status as a certified pack rat. No longer will I receive things just to save them from being thrown out. I mean it. Really.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

RIP - Art Clokey (Creator of Gumby)

(Info via Howie Pyro on Facebook)

The Master Plan are due Maximum Respect.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Slim pickings tonight. There's nothing much to report that can't wait. I just feel like kicking back, playing some records and well, not staring at a screen.

I also need to prepare some 78RPM records for their journey to their new home in Madrid. You can't just throw such artefacts in a box and hope that they get there.

Serious packing consideration needs to be applied. Rich Stim knows what I'm talkin' 'bout, right chief?

Just so you know I ain't twiddlin' my thumbs here.

RIP - Tony Clarke

Check out WFMU's Rock'n'Soul Ichiban blog and download Songs The A-Bones Taught Us.

A compilation that will put the KICKS into your weekend. Now where's the snow shovel?

Thursday, January 07, 2010

It’s just as well that tomorrow is Friday. I’ve been beset by a whole slew of annoying details and bullshit niggles. One hopes that this’ll pass. Twenty Ten has been bumpy thus far and the temperatures are set to head south before rising back above zero for the first time in more than 3 weeks. It’s all a bit balloon farm, innit?

Elvis would have been seventy five tomorrow if he was still around. There are all kinds of features in the press and media about whether he would still cut it or not. And more depressingly, would he be likely to get a place on “reality” TV. The equally sad answer is probably not.

Why the fuck would anyone with any semblance of talent get commissioned for that pish? But still, this type of feature is sent to try us. Or maybe just me.

Still, let us turn our attention to the guy in a positive light and the annual LA (as in Li’l Art) extravaganza that takes place every January 8th. Venue info here, visit the wonderful world of here.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Further information Right Here!

The south is getting the inclement weather now apparently but it’s still bleeding cold. I went out at lunchtime to clean the windscreen of the car and as soon as the water was applied it froze. Still it was good to be able to drive a hundred yards before the spray from other vehicles restricted my view again.

Managed to get into the driveway again too with only a little crunch courtesy of the the hard packed snow. I hope that's all it was anyway...

This was a picture taken out of the office window at about 10.20am this morning. There were no deer running across the field. You might think – wow – what a view. However, we (most of my colleagues and I) associate driving toward the hills with work. If you were to do so for rest and/or relaxation then yes - it’s pretty damn picturesque. On the low end of spectacular even, but those of us who are in there seldom get the chance to look up. Which of course is exactly why it’s called work and not “the place where you can gawp at the pretty countryside all day”. Incidentally it’s still dark at 9am, what’s up with that?

Now that there’s a little respite in this part of Scotchland, the bright blue skies pretend like it’s still light on the journey home. Aye the days are fair drawing oot….

Step this way and catch up with Super Rock activities in Harrisburg and Brooklyn over the New Year on Peter Zaremba's Busy Buddy blog.

His appreciation of Roky Erickson is most definitely worth your time.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

RIP - Willie Mitchell

(Info courtesy of Mr Sangster via facebook)

I woke up at 02.57AM this morning thanks to the "Back To Work" internal alarm clock. Subsequently I've been awake since then. First day back sucked but could have been worse.

Yes you read that right but this might just be because I was so tired. But the cold during much of the morning primed a modicum of alertness. I could use a snooze now but I have to do a bunch of chores that just can't be put off for no longer. Well, they could but I've convinced myself they won't be. So with that in mind, and to ease us into this as yet young year - check out JD's latest instalment.

If you're new to it then just go up to the sidebar on his site and pick off the chapters. If it was a book - and it should be - then it'd be the proverbial page turner!

M E T A P H O R S - Chapter 7

Monday, January 04, 2010

Not much chance of me getting there because of public transport problems but if you're anywhere around New Haven in Connecticut tomorrow (January 5th) then Andy Shernoff is in town...

.. 8 pm, Café Nine, 250 State St. $5. 203-789-8281,

I saw The Len Price 3 open for The Boonaraaas!!! once. Whilst not outright bad they were just taking up valuable time and I haven’t given them a second thought until now. They always made pretty decent records but the new one “Pictures” is leaps and bounds ahead of the others in terms of punch. You’ll be aware that I’m not a “Medway” fan. Whilst I appreciate the devotion to analog, a lot of those bands just don’t do it for me. It’s not them, it’s me. Obviously.

But irrespective of who’s to blame the new LP3 is a power-poppin’ miracle that is meaty, beat-y, big sounding and rambunctious to the point that it’s likely to have you bouncing in any and all directions. Talk about upping the game? Really concise nuggets of hit-parade worthy songs that owes as much to The Records or the Brinsley’s as it does to the ‘oo. The title track clocks in at just under two minutes rendering it virtually Ramone-like in terms of snappiness.

This is their first release for Wicked Cool, although Little Steven’s label has issued their 2nd album in the USA. That kind of storefront could really work to get the word out. Nobody is reinventing the wheel here but at this stage of the game where a gazillion acts are fighting for your attention, this is one example of something being familiar that need not breed contempt. On this showing, I’d definitely give them another chance live. If they’re half as good as these songs then it’ll be a result.

The downside is that there’s a possibility that some of it might appeal to O-arse-Is fans because there are a few shards of phoney Beatle-ness. I have to qualify this though as being more akin to a US garageband take on the British invasion. The LP3 also have a cheeky monkey sense of humour too. “Mr Grey” could easily be sneaked on to “Sounds Of The Sixties”.

I wonder if Brian Matthew would be up for such a jape?

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Just found this on the Hot Rods myspace...

"Hello people and a happy new year to one and all . Some of the shall we say older Hotrods fans will remember back in the late 1970's Eddie and the Hotrods toured with Squeeze and The Radio Stars as the support acts, now some 30 odd years later the Radio Stars are once again playing alongside the Hotrods at the 100 club in London on Friday January 22nd.

If all goes well a UK tour may well be booked.It will be great to see you all there for what looks like being a really good night".

And what with the Dr. Feelgood documentary opening on February 2nd then maybe we can expect some kind of music explosion to happen this coming Autumn? Prob'ly not though but it's sometimes good to display misguided hope, right?

So we’re what? A month away from a whole year since Lux departed the earth? Hard to fathom. And even more confusing if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on Trash Is Neat 4. A fan-made challenge that compiles clips in celebration of the band that altered the course of so many histories and an amazing time capsule with a 170 minute run time split across two discs.

When (or most likely if) - an actual documentary is ever made, it quite possibly won't hang together half as well. Watching this was an emotional rollercoaster. Assembled with the same mentality as I tried to bring to the LOTC all those moons ago, if the technology had been available, this would have beed a dvd edition of Rockin' Bones. The time, effort and spirit of the enclave responsible is as “tireless and passionate” as the big guy once said that the fan club was. I should drag that out and scan it one of these days. Is it just me or does that sound like a line from Ultra Twist?

It was odd seeing the later shows, the last one I ever saw was at The Paradiso in Amsterdam and it wasn't, in my opinion, great. Especially when sandwiched between two of my other favourite groups of all time, The Fleshtones and The Nomads. Of course, the reason was Slim Chance and Harry Drumdini. I wish I’d seen them with Bill Bateman, the only man who could actually follow Nick Knox and who is arguably much more practiced in the art.

The flame is well and truly burning here and if you want to try and score one of these beasties then I believe instructions to do just that will be available at the Staysick board later tonight. You need to be a member of this hallowed community and you should be warned right now that it’s a staunch church. Not populated by flakes like so many of these other “groups” you might have signed up for on the interweb.

TIN#4 is both celebration and tribute. Much of which I hadn’t seen – some that I had, but it’s been put together with a lot of love and understanding. Peace too maybe. Unless Ivy decides to commission and steer the definitive story then this is the closest you’re likely to come.

This will NEVER be commercially available for sale and it’s an enormous credit to all concerned. Nothing at all to do with yours truly before anybody asks. The staysick hardcore took up the baton and have come up with something that could only have been but together by true believers. To be enjoyed by those who understand that this band that gave the world far more than The Beatles, The Stones and Dylan combined.

Update @10.48am on Monday 4th January... they're all gone.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Yes, you've heard this one before but groundhog day has become groundhog year. I just spent some time on the phone trying to figure out what's up with the e-mail and the closest I came to a resove was that the guy told me that there are so many people sending information. That's probably what the problem is.

He somehow managed to send me a message that appeared right in the inbox. After I got off the phone I tried to send me a message from my hotmail (which is seemingly working and zero - zilch - nada). So bollocks to it. Perhaps it'll work out, or maybe not. At this point I give up. If you need to get a hold of me meantime, use facebook maybe. It seems to work more often than not.

Friday, January 01, 2010

I always get a bit antsy on days like today. It just seems like things need to fast forward now. Not that I haven’t liked being off or anything but let’s face it, another set of numbers is unlikely to change anything is it? However much we want it to. But we can help one another through the shit storm. There will be casualties but that’s life. It’s the greed that needs to be brought into check. I have no idea how that could be achieved because it’s those that are alleged to be running the show who are the worst offenders. The populace is so punch drunk (and presumably stupid) that they’d rather vote for some sub-karaoke bilge than an actual government. How do they engage the public to take an interest? They can’t because of their creepiness and greediness and general inability to do anything of value. But anyway, sometimes things do take an unexpected turn. But would or will anybody notice?

The first Lefsetz letter of 2010 – or was it the last one of 2009 (not sure because I turned in before “the bells”) – is full of his same old bullshit. Your reporter almost went off on one when he read it but then realised that the guy only services a scene that celebrates itself. Some of them might throw their toys out of the pram if he begins to get close but thems the breaks. His taste in music is closer to the great unwashed than he seems to perceive. I really should unsubscribe but actually enjoy the incessant whining. The same old mantra. The next revolution will sweep all of that away. It’s fermenting someplace. It has to be.

Meanwhile, there are things dotted on the horizon that will pepper this coming year with some relief. The first major happening being a trip to Stockholm for a very special event on March 5th, full details in due course. And there’s the Glasgow Film Festival in February which includes a Pere Ubu show at The Classic Grand on February 20th. In a film related subject, Ben brought to my attention that a major figure in horror fandom died the week before Christmas...

RIP – Chas Balun.

Kogar is serving up some Forbidden City Dog Food... Yum!

Stefan is taking time out from his non-stop celebrating of a new year to provide some internet radio company for you. This is good news from anti-social types such as myself. Bear in mind that this is between 6 and 8 UK time, I've no idea at this point how that equates to elsewhere further afield. It would be worth your while to find out.